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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 8, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: A rare and very subtle change to Wimbledon’s all-white dress code, double alternates in the CFL playoffs and the world’s largest curling stone.



  • The Colts logo on Frank Reich’s shirt was riding a bit high on Sunday. That’s also the last time we’ll see Reich on the sidelines in Indy, as he was fired yesterday. (From Derek Linn)
  • Looking ahead to Thursday, the Panthers will debut their new black helmets when they take on the Falcons, (From Phil)


  • Miami of Ohio will wear a very unattractive new uniform this week commemorating the 50th anniversary of the school’s partnership with the Miami tribe. (From Matthew Houk)







  • The Cavs have introduced a “Junkyard Dog” gold chain that the team gives to “players who demonstrate grittiness and scrappiness.” (From Mike Chamernik)
  • Here’s the Mavs’ new City court, which matches the uniform that leaked last month. (From Landon Tabor)
  • Pistons G Jaden Ivey wore his mom Niele Ivey’s Detroit Shock jersey when arriving at the arena for last night’s Pistons game. (From @spiralJ)
  • Speaking of the Pistons, C Jalen Duren lost his shoe, put it back on, received a pass, and converted a layup all in one possession last night. (From Mike Chamernik)


Auto Racing
  • Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel will add fans’ photos to the crash helmet he’ll wear in his final race on Nov. 20. Photo space will be auctioned off, with proceeds going toward environmental causes. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Porsche has unveiled the livery for next year’s Formula E car. (Also from Jamie)
  • Wimbledon is expected to slightly relax its all-white dress code and allow colored undergarments after pressure from female players like Billie Jean King. (From Jamie Rathjen and Phil)
Grab Bag
  • Ever found yourself wondering where the world’s largest curling stone is? Wonder no more — it can be found in Arborg, Manitoba, Canada. (From Andreas Papadopoulos and Scott Rogers)
  • Here’s a good look at some of the best and most obscure military patches. (From Shawn Hairston)
  • Landon Kells, the goalkeeper for the Las Vegas Desert Dogs of the National Lacrosse League, has a new mask design. (From Michael Sullivan)
Comments (22)

    Great. Black helmets, black uniforms (finally … for the first time this season) and a bleak outlook for the Carolina Panthers. Well … can’t have everything ..

    As excited as I am to see the Flyers’ Cooperalls, that has to be a real pain in the ass for the players. Pre-game warmups in the Cooperalls, and then they have to change to their regular hockey pants. Yikes…

    That curling stone, in 2005, beat out the longtime one now situated at Fort William Gardens in Thunder Bay, ON Canada.


    just an observation from watching NFL. Whey do they keep the illegible warning labels on the helmets. This is pro gear worn by professionals at the highest level. Do we really need the warning labels (in contrasting color) on every helmet? Seems as if this is valuable real estate and nobody really bats an eye ?!

    I’d rather the hard-to-read warning label occupy that space than having some advertiser come along one day and realize the value of that real estate with something easier to see/impossible to ignore.

    As a Miami alumnus — one who was told by a former AD we would never do unis that weren’t either red or white because “boosters would freak out” — I despise the use of gray on what is otherwise a pretty great looking alt uniform. Imagine how great it would look in red. Or even, god forbid, cream (with a matching helmet)

    RE: Adidas logo on RR jerseys

    When speaking about Adidas, “trefoil” usually refers to the old/originals/retro logo. Whether it’s accurate or not, I’ve never seen the modern logo referred to that way.

    As for why they’re doing that, Adidas has decided to drop the wordmark from their logo going forward.

    Normally I don’t like it when teams help themselves to historical leftovers when a franchise that preceded them skips town (i.e. Winnipeg Jets), but hats off to the Atlanta Gladiators for doing what the team now playing in Winnipeg has failed to do time and again.

    Love the simplicity of Temple’s new home set…white with just a touch of cherry, but not bland-looking.

    You had me excited for a second (even though I’ll probably buy a Pens RR anyway), but I believe that Adidas logo is called the “mountain” logo. The trefoil, also known as lotus flower, is used for the Originals line.

    Back in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Gonzaga some years would play at another Catholic college, NAIA school Carroll College in Helena, Mont. The Zags or Bulldogs then would wear Tee-shirt style jerseys instead of tank-top jerseys, in a blue color similar to those featured in their Nike N7 uniforms this year, with red and white trim.

    Re: the Frank Reich shirt. I noticed the same thing with the shirt LSU coach Brian kelly was wearing Saturday . Nike did a poor job. link

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