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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 6, 2022

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In today’s ticker we’ve got some awesome locally sourced, fan-created Philadelphia baseball t-shirts, a WFL(!) helmet buggy and much more!







  • “My exciting Friday night is going down a YouTube rabbit hole and finding WFL footage (July 1974, the summer before I started eighth grade),” writes Fran Fried. “There was some very well-preserved footage of the final minute of a Jacksonville Sharks-Chicago Fire game from early in the first season. Not only did the Fire have one of the best unis in the league … were there any other WFL teams that had a helmet buggy? Given the sad financial state of most of the teams, this came as a huge surprise to me.”


  • Here’s a fun photo of a jersey swap of sorts, between Ray Bourque and Larry Legend. (From Brandon Weir). He adds, “Sorry I don’t have any context or history on this one. Still, a neat looking uni-esque picture.” (Also posted in NBA)
  • The writer of this article talks a lot about the myriad jerseys/uniforms the Canucks have worn, usually without much on ice success.
  • The Seattle Kraken have release this year’s set of “Hockey Is For Everyone” warmup sweaters.
  • For those of you who care about such things, the NHL has added the Disney Mighty Ducks uniforms.
  • Check out Marc-Andre Fleury’s Reverse Retro pads/glove/blocker. (From Sam)
  • The Detroit Red Wings honored the 1996-7 & 1997-98 Stanley Cup Champs this weekend. Rob S “Noticed that Tomas Holmstrom has 15 for the 1997 celebration and 96 for the 1998 group. Homer, of course, vacated 15 for 96 to allow Dmitri Mironov to wear 15 when the latter was acquired late in the 1997-98 season.”
  • The Washington Capitals (who wore their RRs last night), redesigned their jumbotron to look like the original MCI center purple board. (From Brandon Weir)


  • Great powder blue uniforms for the St. John’s (Minnesota) hockey team. Great goalie gear too. (From Jimmy Lonetti)


  • Friday marked National Jersey Day, and the ECHL affiliate for the Arizona Coyotes, the Atlanta Gladiators, unveiled quite the new look to promote a new Nickelodeon film, “Blue’s Big City Adventure.”
  • Check out these GOTV jerseys from the SC Stingrays! (From Charleston Votes)



  • The Iowa Wolves will be hitting the floor today in custom Black Panther unis for Marvel Super Hero™ Day and giving out comic books to the first 3000 fans!


  • Scotland: As part of yesterday’s #ChristmasAppeal2022 launch, Celtic will be sported the Foundation CFC Appeal logo on their shirts. (From Ed Żelaski)
  • Japan: The Yokohama F Marinos (a Japanese professional football club based in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture) have announced their championship logo, a star with F and M in the design. (From Jeremy Brahm)
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    Going to nitpick the link – the numbers on the Capital One Arena scoreboard are still digital, in that they aren’t analog. It is just a retro digital design.

    Does anyone else find it ironic that the coyotes “new arena” seats about 1/2 of what their minor league affiliate does?

    “Great powder blue uniforms for the St. John’s (Minnesota) hockey team. Great goalie gear too. (From Jimmy Lonetti)”

    Yes…yes they are!

    Does anyone know why the Seahawks almost always wears gray at Arizona? As far as I can tell they’ve worn white twice there since getting the new unis 10 years ago and have worn gray 7 times

    Wisconsin is, by all measures, rather traditional with their uniforms. But that doesn’t mean their players wouldn’t be opposed to “blackout” unis.

    Please, no.
    I’ve rolled with the times enough to appreciate their white/red/red combo. Just stick with that and leave the black alone.

    Re: Fleury ReverseRetro: no link, and of course it’s Marc-Andre Fleury, unless Theo is making a comeback at at 54.

    Re: Fleury ReverseRetro: no link, and of course it’s Marc-Andre Fleury, unless Theo is making a comeback at at 54.

    The Canucks are between a rock and a hard place. The seeming consensus is the 1970-77 uniforms are the best, but it’s in the Flying-V, skate, and orca uniforms that they played in the Stanley Cup Finals. I’d lobby for the blue and green Flying-V’s that Wafflebored designed.

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