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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 5, 2022

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In today’s ticker, we’ve got a couple new Wisconsin basketball alternates, a new crest for Aston Villa, and more!



  • SkyDome will look a little different in 2023, with the park undergoing some renovations in the offseason. (From Andreas Papadopoulos)


  • What’s the point of having sleeve stripes if they’re going to be this truncated? (From Jeff Largo)
  • Georgia is adding a very nice jersey patch to honor the late Vince Dooley, who died at 90 last week. (From multiple readers)
  • Here are today’s uni combos for Pitt, Cal, Michigan, Louisville, and JMU. (Thanks to all who shared)


  • The official website for the Lightning has released an oral history about the team’s first “storm” jersey. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Sticking with Tampa, Lightning players had some…let’s say mixed reactions to their Reverse Retro jerseys. (Thanks, Phil)


  • Wisconsin men have launched some gorgeous new alternates. I think this all works together so well, I don’t even mind the BFBS. (From multiple readers)
  • Wisconsin women also launched their own BFBS alternates, but they’re much more plain. (From multiple readers)
  • New white unis for Virginia Tech men. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • Texas will retire all-time leading scorer Annette Smith-Knight’s No. 15 before their Nov. 27 game. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Is it just me or are Miami of Florida’s front uni numbers ridiculously huge?

G League



  • England: Aston Villa have revealed the finalists for their new crest. Both options use the same internally-designed lion motif and font. Season ticket holders have until November 9 to vote for their favorite. I’m rooting for Option 1, personally. (From @nallivdam)
  • Croatia: Dinamo Zagreb have released their third kits. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • England: Most of you know that soccer coaches often have their initials printed on their jackets and other training gear. But as Grimsby Town interim manager in 1996, John Cockerill had the largest initial printjob I’ve ever seen. (From Steve Kriske)
Auto Racing
  • New logo and name for IndyCar’s feeder series. Indy Lights will be known as Indy NXT starting next season. (From @texastrevor)
Comments (12)

    Guess I’m missing what’s so amazing about those Wisconsin alts. Just a cheap knockoff of what the Chicago Bulls did years ago. By the way, does anyone still buy UA stuff? Didn’t realize they were still around.

    As a Wisconsin alum and at times deeply guilty closet BFBS enjoyer I was psyched to click on that link, only to be left utterly baffled by how anyone, let alone Uni Watch, could describe those uniforms as “gorgeous”

    We’re not monolithic here at Uni Watch. Anthony crafted today’s ticker, and has expressed his opinion on the uniforms, and he’s certainly entitled to that opinion. While I agree with Paul on many things (it’s what attracted me to UW in the first place), we certainly don’t agree on everything, and I will often express opinions that differ from his. I honestly *don’t* love the new uniforms — and I wouldn’t describe them as gorgeous by any means — but Anthony is free to and has. YMMV.

    I had one of those Lighting storm jerseys in the 90’s, I thought I was the coolest kid in school
    I wish I still had it, or at least a photo of it.
    (note: I live in Oklahoma and I definitely wasn’t cool)

    As an Aston Villa fan but very much not a season ticket holder (a tad difficult to regularly get to games from western Wisconsin), I’d vote option 2 (or option 02 as the video puts it), though I’d be good either way.

    Credit to Aston Villa for really being thoughtful about the redesign—not a Villa fan but both are really sharp.

    A bit like the Guardians numbers, the first badge is actually the outline of a cube drawn in perspective. If you see it like that, then instead of the Lions being in a “rampant” pose, it looks like his feet are in the front two corners of the cube and he’s turned to the left and swatting away the star like it was an irritating fly!

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