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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 4, 2022

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In today’s ticker, we have stadium seats for sale, a captain’s “C” on a helmet, and more!



  • Phillies C Garrett Stubbs had a suit custom made with a lining containing the lyrics of the song “Dancing on My Own,” which has become a Phillies postseason anthem. (From Kurt Esposito)
  • Sticking in Philadelphia, The Sporting News has a good piece on the history of the Phils’ powder blues. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders is hosting a pair of get-out-the-vote rallies in Pennsylvania, one in Philly and one in Pittsburgh, and his graphics team has created Phillies- and Pirates-themed posters for each event. (From Stephen Langdon)


  • The Texans are evidently exploring a uni change in the near future. (Thanks, Phil)
  • The Ravens are wearing white over black in New Orleans. (From Andrew Cosentino)




  • The Canucks wore these patches last night to honor Kevin Bieksa’s career with the team. (From Wade Heidt)






Grab Bag
  • RFK Stadium seats are now on sale, starting at a cool $349. (From William F. Yurasko)
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    I thought the Texans Red/Red/White instantly became their best uniform combination. Too many teams wear navy blue helmets and not enough wear red. The Chiefs are the only team with red as the primary. The Falcons throwback and Texans red are lightyears better than their usual helmets.

    Sidenote to Houston. Please don’t use this as an invitation to go full blood clot. The white pants looked terrific with the red.

    I think I’d like the red helmets if they weren’t so darn shiny. Maybe.
    The Texans have such a nice traditonal uniform set, so I hope they don’t go changing all too much if they decide to switch things up…and resist any temptation to draw on the Oilers for a new look.

    agreed. the texans do have a great set. and it’s rare in the last 30 years or so for a new team (and i include move-and-rename situations, and complete rebrand/renames as well) to do something really nice with the unis the first time around. it’s also rare for a navy and red team (baseball is mostly to blame here) to do something interesting rather than generic or super safe.

    so i don’t know what to hope for here. more generic i guess would just mean “athletic” or “collegiate” font numbers and no more shoulder slashes, and more stylized is anything nike is willing to produce or dream up for them, and that’s the stuff of nightmares, potentially.

    whenever i think about a texans redesign, i often think about a two-tone helmet to mirror the logo, but then i think about how rough that would be on the quarterback, essentially having two different helmets to look for depending which side of the field a player is on or which way they are moving.

    I actually think going with the red helmet makes them too similar to the Chiefs. I’ve always thought the navy helmet paired with red jersey and white pants is their best look, and visually unique in the NFL. Navy/white/red works on the road. No need to change the actual design of the uniform, it is simple and effective. Maybe just put a red face mask on the navy helmet?
    Also that red helmet looked way to shiny.

    Agree that it’s a tad too shiny but I don’t see any resemblance to KC. The Chiefs red helmet might be one of the last of the original shell colors that were every available on a football helmet. I don’t think it’s ever really changed. There’s no metallic, flake, matte finish or any other additions to the pain to make it pop. It seems to be the exact red shell that you could buy from the Sears catalog.

    If it possible to dislike a colour, I dislike the Texans shade of red. The Texans have one of those 1990s colour schemes where they went red-white-blue (like the flag) but had to darken all the colours up for 1990s reasons. The dark red is … I don’t know, like an unpleasant minor key in music.

    If they went to a red, white, blue with similar colours to the flag it would be a huge improvement.

    Yeah, I’d like to see them drop the dark 90s shades and brighten it up a bit. At least with the red.

    I’d also like to see them continue the fine Texas tradition of “Are we a blue team or red team? Yes.”

    Blue helmet with white facemask, red jersey and white pants. Red helmet with blue facemask, blue jersey and white pants. On the road, either helmet with white over white. That would be nice.

    I’m going to be the contrarian and say that one of the things that appeals to me about the Texans design is the color of red. It’s tangibly different from the Niners & Chiefs and occupies a less-traveled section of the color wheel.

    100%. Bills red helmet is their signature look as far as I am concerned. In a league with only 32 teams no two teams’ standard helmet/jersey/pants combos be should be the same color combo. Colts are white/blue/white. Bills are red/blue/white.

    I know that “good” is subjective, but I expected more out of Sporting News’ piece on the Phillies powder blue unis.

    Was at WS game last night, a few uni related notes I observed:
    1. I’m a die hard white vs gray traditionalist, but there was definitely something visually pleasing about the powder blue vs orange last night.
    2. The ad in the WS logo seemed even more intrusive in person with it plastered all over the stadium. Additionally the special WS logo dugout covers sucked the personality out of the home stadium. The standard dugout tops just feel right.
    3. Never noticed this before at CBP, and not sure if they do it elsewhere, but on the scoreboard they had a pretty cool real time pie chart of balls/strikes thrown by Verlander. Can’t imagine I’m the only uni guy that also loves visualizing data in good chart/graph.
    4. Lastly, I guess this my first Thursday game since they started wearing powder blues, because first time seeing the Phanatic in them… not a good look, he belongs in home whites.

    I’m part of an Eagles message board and made the point in a discussion this week that I prefer the Phillies in maroon/white pinstripes and powder blues rather than their red white and royal blue sets now. I think royal blue is incredible tacky and just feels so high school.

    I would LOVE to see the Phillies return to maroon/white with the cursive P rather than the script P. Also think that a cream and maroon Sunday uniform would look incredible. Mississippi St. has a gorgeous rendition of marron and white creams.

    With that said, I love their baby blues.

    The 80s maroon and baby blue is a good look, but I am just much more fond their current set. Though I 100% agree maroon and baby blue is a great combo and some team should use it. I thought when Cleveland rebranded that was what they should have gone with, keeping a connection to their history, but changing up the shades of red and blue. And yeah, a cream primary home for a maroon team would be great, especially with baby blue accents. Again, that was a big missed opportunity for Cleveland to do something unique, instead they remain a non descript navy team with red trim.

    With you Greg on Orange v. powder. A nice change of pace. Should every game be that? Nah. But live a little.

    I’m still holding out for Phillis reverse-connect-earned-retro that reverses the Phanatic’s look. Bring on a huge dose of electric green, accented in maroon and white.

    Kinda crazy the Texans have had the same unis since joining the league in 2002. Maybe unpopular: I LOVE the Texans bull logo. It’s really strong.

    one of the few teams in recent DECADES (sadly) that got it right the first time.

    i’m also a fan of the logo. perhaps it’s because they didn’t debut until 2002 that they managed to come up with a logo that has a hint of that 90s dynamic-motion-angry-animal trend, but keeping it essentially a silhouette, splitting the colors, and adding the star dials back the 90’s-ness and adds that touch of double meaning with the flag reference, plus it makes it feel more like a LOGO rather than just a comic depiction of the mascot.

    it bothers me, however, that the alternate helmet rule has so many guidelines (not that many probably, but TOO many). it must use a logo or graphic that the team already has in their graphic package, and they can only be worn with some form of alternate jersey.

    granted, the team’s are also making coaches here, but the bears orange helmet would be much better with a navy uni. and the saints alternate helmet would look much better with a SAINTS or NOLA word mark on the side rather than the same fleur logo. i’d rather them allow the helmets to be worn with any uniform the team would like, and if they want to regulate the logo, then make it so they have to use a DIFFERENT logo than the primary helmet.

    I did not know about the Thursday powder blue tradition with the Phillies. The unis look really good, but odd to see an away uniform worn at home and blue looked much more vibrant than the original away unis. Last night was the first close look I’ve had. Regardless, the Phillies have an all-around great uni set. The cream set is my fave.

    I hadn’t watched any World Series games this year until last night. I honestly found the color combination almost nauseating.

    The Phillies’ powder blue and maroon.

    The cartoon-level gaudy orange of the Astros.

    The fans, 80+% of them wearing actual red.

    It was not very pleasing to the eyes in my opinion. Way too much.

    While I love the Phillies’ powder blues, I’d love them even more if they had the CORRECT vertically arched NOBs from that era. I would jump for joy to see a long name like Castellanos in that format.

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