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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 3, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got a backwards NFL TV number, a couple of Bobby Knight notes, and more.



  • In honor of the Rangers’ title, friend of the site Todd Radom posted some prototype Rangers designs he worked up for the team back in the 1990s.


  • The Portland Sea Dogs, Double-A affiliates of the Red Sox, will honor the victims of the Lewiston shooting on July 31 with these jerseys, inspired by the original Maine flag. The team has also released two new caps, one of which is planned to be worn with those jerseys on July 31.


  • Titans wideout Kyle Philips had some TV number issues last night — his right sleeve showed his number as 81 rather than 18. (From many readers)
  • The Ravens will go purple-over-white for this weekend’s game against the Seahawks. (From Andrew Cosentino)




  • After Bobby Knight’s acrimonious departure from Indiana and his arrival at Texas Tech, Knight’s overhaul of the Red Raiders’ program included “Indiana-fying” the team’s uniforms. “I was able to find a couple of allusions to this in press from over the years but nothing too comprehensive or visual,” says David Rahtz. Trying to find photos of pre-Knight Red Raiders basketball is a nightmare, at least using Google and Getty, but it appears that Tech went from these unis with red side panels and the front uni number in between “Texas” and “Tech” to these more simple uniforms, which are closer to what Indiana wore.
  • Looks like Dayton men will be bringing back their powder blue unis in December. (From Andy Bentley)
  • Wisconsin women have unveiled their 50th-season logo. (From @gjmarmet)
  • New court for San Jose State. Certainly a very, um, unique design. (From Paul Simpson)


  • England: The Rock dressed up as David Beckham for Halloween, but some fans criticized the costume for using an obviously fake Manchester United jersey. (From Kary Klismet)
Auto Racing
  • Lewis Hamilton is going with a one-off helmet design for this weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix.
  • The amount of work that’s gone into this artist’s miniature version of the Monaco Grand Prix is astonishing. The track is housed in Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland, and a 13-minute video on the track can be found here. (From Ted Arnold)
Grab Bag
  • A group of American Airlines flight attendants who blamed their uniforms for health issues have won a lawsuit against the uniforms’ manufacturer.
  • This article details the history of Southeast Missouri State University’s costumed mascots.
Comments (10)

    I’m a fan of the incredible Grand Prix of Monaco track done in miniature. I love to think about the logistical nightmare involved if anyone ever tried this in Manhattan.

    I would love to ask Todd Radom about the excessive length of the Texas flag when unfurled, or about the unusual blue patch/shadow. Also, I was never a fan of the “TR” monogram, much like I don’t like the “CR” monogram for the Rockies. The monogram should be city or state, without the nickname. That said, some of those TRs are beautiful.

    You’ve probably covered this, but the powder blue accessories on the Vols’ unis are a tribute to Pat Summitt (It is now officially known as Summitt Bule). The Lady Volunteers have that color available for their regular unis, but the men’s teams usually do not. link

    I couldn’t find any evidence readily available but I thought I remembered seeing something last season about the ‘microchip’ SJSU court design being delayed hence why they played on a court w/ no designs last season.

    I know you’ve covered this in the past but just for reference: San Jose State court design was one of 4 voted on in April 2022. (link)
    Link to the manufacturing video from SJSU: (link)

    San Jose (probably predictably) likes its “microchip” designs. This (link) is just two blocks away from the on-campus basketball arena

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