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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 23, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: An NFL stadium gets a new statue, the return of college football video games, and more.








  • The USFL’s video archives are currently stored on VHS tapes. There’s a GoFundMe campaign to have the footage converted to video before the VHS content deteriorates. (From Paul Reeths)





  • The Suns have commissioned a designer to make custom Jordan sneakers to match the team’s turquoise Indigenous-themed City uniform.
  • Reader Dylan Monaghan has created a uni-tracking spreadsheet for the Trail Blazers. He’ll continue to update it throughout the season.
  • Fairly rare situation in last night’s UMBC/UNC-Greensboro men’s game, as both teams had leftward-facing logos. (From Chase Blake)





  • Reader Dan Lee was watching the 1982 men’s World Cup game between West Germany and Algeria and noticed that the Algerians had two distinct jersey designs. Anyone know more about that?
  • Since Germany isn’t allowed to wear the “One Love” captain’s armband at the men’s World Cup, the starting lineup today posed for their prematch photo with their hands over their mouths to symbolize FIFA’s quashing of the armband. Also, Germany’s Federal Minister of the Interior and Community, Nancy Faeser, attended the game wearing the “One Love” armband. (Thanks, Jamie)
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    Horizon was really the regional airline for the northwest, which is owned by Alaska, but I don’t think flew to Alaska.

    Fully expect a retcon job of some degree on that Taylor statue…assuming it even includes a helmet.

    I’ve never contributed to a GoFundMe before, but if funds are truly going toward the preservation of the USFL’s video legacy may be worth it a donation.

    I don’t understand the flip coin auction – the description says “game used” but the certificate of authenticity says Limited Edition 5000. Does that mean there are 4999 other coins out there that are identical but this is the one that was used for the coin flip?

    The coin in the auction is the game used one, usually numbered 0000 or 0001, the other 4,999 are sold to the public.

    Not an auction I would step into for sure. C of A says nothing about “game used” and the coin itself is unnumbered. The only way I’d even give it a second look is if I KNEW the other 4,999 examples were not colorized. Wait until the winner tries to sell as “games used” based on this description.

    OH MY GOD that is effing hilarious!!!!! bahahahaha LOVE IT!!!!

    it took me a little while but I finally got it. That would be hilarious on a helmet. Well done sir!

    Those special Suns sneakers are really cool but the coolest thing today on the Ticker is the detailed story of the Michigan-OSU helmet decals. Very informative and very nicely designed by ESPN.

    I’m not a big fan of the new KIA logo (their FIRST logo is the best one – the one with the stylized K) but if anyone is seriously having trouble searching for a car company that starts with a ‘K’ then they need some serious help. There’s like ONE major car company/brand out of the top 20 that start with a ‘K’ and thats KIA. This nonsense of how lost people are searching for that slick new car online is all hyperbole and typical BS you read online.

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