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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 22, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: Hints of Colts throwbacks, issues with the Timberwolves’ alternate court, and a lot more.




  • Wake Forest QB Sam Hartman conducted a “jersey swap” with a fan who went viral for wearing a banana costume during Saturday’s game. (From James Gilbert)
  • BYU is going blue/white/blue this week. (From Phil)
  • Also from Phil: With Ohio State playing Michigan this week, the OSU equipment staff taped up the Buckeyes’ helmets to make them look like Michigan helmets during practice.


  • FIFA absurdity rose to a new level Monday, when they ordered Belgium to remove the word “Love” from the inside collar of their jerseys. (From our own Anthony Emerson)
  • A group of women in Qatar cheering for Wales say security confiscated their rainbow-patterned bucket hats. (From Andreas Papadopoulos)
  • Referees at the World Cup are going NOB, as evidenced by ref Wilton Pereira Sampaio’s shirt. (From Derek Linn)
  • This thread recaps some of the best-looking change kits that likely won’t be worn during the group stage of the World Cup. (From Trevor Williams)
  • The World Cup scorebug used by most broadcasters includes a diamond notch for each team that indicates their jersey color. Yesterday, Fox initially identified Netherlands as wearing maroon before correctly switching to orange. (From @davefarmaryoga)


  • The Timberwolves wore their City uniforms last night, but they did not use their matching alternate floor. That’s because the team found “imperfections” on the floor, so arena staff had to make a quick pivot to set up their primary hardwood. (From @minnysam32)

G League

  • Ben Shelton has signed an endorsement deal with clothing brand and shoe manufacturer On. He joins Roger Federer as part of a small group of tennis players to strike a deal with that brand. (From Mark A. Brieve)
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Comments (21)

    Gridiron Uniform Database has the Colts wearing their alternates Monday night. Better those than the Color Rash. Still not staying up for a game between 2 teams going nowhere fast.

    The ONLY correct answer! I’ve often wondered how many people have been bribed as … I mean “served as members of” both bodies.

    It’s FIFA by quite a bit. The IOC sucks and are pretty darn corrupt, but FIFA is on another level entirely when it comes to corruption

    Qatar is such a joke. This entire World Cup is such a joke. What it needs is a good boycott.

    Why don’t a bunch of teams just walk out. Go home. Basically tell Qatar and FIFA to go f*ck themselves.

    i don’t really follow soccer but im guessing fifa would threatened to ban them from the next world cup or something ridiculous

    I understand the sentiment, but for most of the players, even the ones on good teams, this will be their only chance to accomplish a lifelong goal.

    Good point. Those people sitting in the 33rd row are sure to be offended.

    I wonder if it said “Kill” if they’d make them remove it.

    So 2 days before the game, all indications (that I have seen) still show the Giants-Cowboys in blue v blue for Thanksgiving.
    That can’t possibly happen… can it??



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