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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 21, 2022

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Today in the Ticker: Uni Watch’s resident Hoo rounds up college sports’ UVa tributes, a new logo for the Patriots’ stadium, and a lot more.




  • This section is entirely UVa tributes from games this weekend that we haven’t yet covered on the site, starting with the entire Pac-12 painting the 1-, 15-, and 41-yard lines orange. (Some of the following are from Adam Santic)
  • LSU, Notre Dame, South Carolina, and Tennessee wore the V-Sabre helmet decal worn by ACC teams.
  • Ohio State and Maryland wore Virginia-shaped decals.
  • Florida, Georgia Southern, Marshall, and Vanderbilt wore an oval-shaped decal with the three players’ numbers.
  • Auburn, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State, Rutgers, Penn State, and Western Kentucky wore a circular decal.
  • Pitt and USC had “UVa Strong” T-shirts. OL Bobby Haskins transferred to USC from Virginia last year.
  • Wisconsin wore a decal specifically for WR Devin Chandler, who transferred to Virginia from Wisconsin.
  • Teams that had “UVa Strong” visible somewhere around the field included Louisville and Wake Forest.


  • If you’re unaware, the CFL lets players wear No. 00, and it was represented in yesterday’s Grey Cup by Blue Bombers LB Les Maruo. The team also has a No. 0, LB Malik Clements. (From L.J. Sparvero)




  • American’s women’s team, which played Virginia yesterday, wore black “End Gun Violence” T-shirts and orange ribbons, although they didn’t post any pictures.
  • Stanford’s women’s team played South Carolina in a No. 1 vs. No. 2 national-TV matchup and wore patches supporting Brittney Griner, who is still being held in Russia. (Thanks, Phil)


  • Virginia’s men’s team added the memorial patch worn by other sports.
  • A brewery in Sterling, Va., has a new beer with a label based on eight past USMNT shirts. (From William F. Yurasko)


  • England: The women’s national team released its list of cap numbers on Friday, the 50th anniversary of their first game. They’ll be worn starting next year. On the topic, with no high-level men’s club games for the next month, I’d encourage Uni Watch soccer people to watch their club’s women’s team if it has one.
  • England: The men’s national team’s NOB font at the World Cup appears to have a lowercase i.
  • Germany: A game between Bayern Munich’s men’s reserves and Türkgücü München in the men’s fourth tier was abandoned because Bayern’s Kurdish fan club brought a banner and wouldn’t let Türkgücü, who apparently considered it a provocation, take it down. (From my brother Nate Rathjen)
  • Japan: New shirt for the men’s J3 League’s Vanruare Hachinohe. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • Switzerland: New fourth shirt for FC Basel, worn by their women’s team in a cup match.
  • Here’s an interesting article on how to pronounce “Qatar.”
Grab Bag
  • Somebody on Virginia’s men’s swim and dive team, who were at a meet in Knoxville this weekend with the women’s team, had a Sharpied-on memorial on his chest. Both teams also brought black T-shirts with the numbers 1, 15, and 41 on them.
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    Old Gillette Stadium logo for comparison: link
    So they basically dropped the bridge element and further simplified the lighthouse element.

    Patriots are changing the logo because they are renovating the end of the stadium with the bridge and lighthouse. Bridge is being removed and lighthouse is being rebuilt. Logo reflects the new architecture.

    Neat looking helmets for that high school team in Idaho. Honestly didn’t know such a thing was legal but then read in the Twitter thread that apparently was a thing a handful of teams did. Is there anyone out there that can educate me/us on this? Is this something that is actually legal to do, say, at the college level, and just no one does it anymore?

    Rules existed in the past to accommodate the wearing of a different-colored helmet by eligible receivers. The Detroit Lions had a coach in the late ’40s who exploited the rule by having them wear red or black helmets. I know college teams have done this too.

    Just noticing now on the Senegal Netherlands match the ring of advertising around the pitch! Am I correct in noting this is the first time? Usually in recent years it’s simply been the World Cup logos repeated, with the regular ad stuff up out of tv sites during the action. What I’ve loved most about this tournament is the distinct lack of budweiser and mcdonald’s but here they are throughout play and I blame the host nation and fifa and it sets an ugly precedent.

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