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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 20, 2022

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In today’s ticker: All today’s NFL odd and alt uni action, a beautiful warm-up sweater for the Wild and more!



  • It may be the off-season now, but uni-philes will definitely be psyched for a new show on MLB-TV called Inside Stitch, which bills itself as “for the uniform obsessed baseball fan.” It goes on to say “if you’ve ever found yourself dreaming about the Astros’ tequila sunrise stripes, or having deep thoughts about how the Yankees jersey logo doesn’t match the ballcap (Tiffany — yes, the jewelry company — designed the uni logo, but it was too difficult to replicate on a hat), then this is the show for you.” If MLB hasn’t already reached out to Paul to appear, they need to pronto!
  • As you’re probably aware, MLB umpires have dumped cryptocurrency FTX as a jersey ad, and MLB Commish Rob Manfred has vowed not to repeat that mistake again. No, he doesn’t mean no jersey ads, just maybe not jumping on sketchy companies going forward.
  • ICYMI — This is great: Yankees catcher Jose Trevino showed up for Career Day at his son’s school in full uniform.
  • In the new straight-to-streaming “A Christmas Story Christmas,” Peter Billingsley rocks a 1972 White Sox road uniform shirsey. In the film, set in 1973, Ralphie and his family live on the south side of Chicago. (From Fusilli Jerry)





  • Wow, I just noticed today that the “Flying WV” on the Mountaineer Marching Band uniform is slightly different than the official logo.” says Rob Matuga.”I’m not complaining, I love the band unis and WVU Marching Band should not change a thing!”


  • Here’s a fascinating look at an end zone logo during the process of getting the field ready for the Grey Cup. (From Wade Heidt)


  • Check out this color vs. color in the Texas high school football playoffs. Lovejoy in red, defending state champ South Oak Cliff in black. (From Chris Mycoskie)


  • The Houston Rockets debuted their gorgeous San Diego Rockets throwback uniforms Friday night.
  • ICYMI: The Cleveland Cavaliers long-gone (but not forgotten) Coliseum floor is still in use today, 40 years later. (From Jerry Wolper)





Grab Bag
  • Here’s the Smithsonian’s take on Civil War uniforms. (From Max Weintraub)
  • The downfall of FTX cryptocurrency is having a domino effect across the sports advertising spectrum.
  • Sometimes a new logo is too clever by half. Case in point — the new KIA logo.
Comments (7)

    If MLB is going to keep slapping ads on umpires, then they have to go the safe route, like when the Astros went from an evil power company to nice and safe orange juice.

    The question is, what kind of company wants to associate themselves with umpires?

    How is it, with permission to go with throwback helmets this season, the Broncos are once again wearing their navy blue shell with the throwback “D” logo? Laziness? Cheapness? Lack of fashion sense?

    Probably because their color rash uniforms have navy trim and their traditional light royal blue helmets would look out of place with them.

    I don’t expect the Broncos to do anything until the new owners put their stamp on the uniforms, but if they’re just starting the process of contacting season ticket holders they may have missed getting a new set for 2024 and are stuck until 2025.

    The Bills will again go all-blue against the Browns, who are going orange/white/orange in their game

    By wording it this way, you’re saying the Bills wore blue helmets. But they didn’t.

    I hate to be the “well, actually” guy, but Ralphie lives in Hammond, Indiana, right over the Illinois state line, per the book. Not the southside of Chicago.

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