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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 18, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got a new look for the Maple Leafs, a City Connect confirmation for one prominent NL team, and more!



  • The Phillies will get a City Connect uni in 2024, though MLB’s new 4+1 rule should mean that one of their current unis will get nixed. (From Tim Kelly)
  • The Oakland municipal government sent a box of goodies to the 29 non-A’s MLB owners in an attempt to sway them against voting for relocation. (From John Cerone)


  • We saw the logos for Atlanta’s recently rebranded High-A affiliate, the Rome Emperors. Today we got their uniforms. (Thanks, Phil)


  • A blogger asks, how should a team as traditional as the Packers approach the “new era” of football uniforms? (Thanks, Phil)



  • The logo for the 111th Grey Cup has been unveiled. (From Wade Heidt)


  • The Arena Football League is back (again… this feels like the third iteration of the league at least). Reader Doug Brooks notes that no less than five teams have cowboy hats in their logos.


  • The Maple Leafs wore blue helmets with their white sweaters in Stockholm. I really like the look! (From multiple readers)
  • NHL GMs have passed a rule allowing teams to wear colored helmets with their white jerseys as long as they contrast with the other team’s helmets.


  • Northeastern and UNH men went color-on-color last night in Boston. (From Jack Sinclair)




  • The NBA is requiring Hornets PG LaMelo Ball to cover up a tattoo below his left ear due to a rule prohibiting corporate logos from being displayed on players’ bodies. (From @NY_Raider)


  • UNC men wore Carolina Blue at home because UC Riverside forgot to bring their road unis for their visit to Chapel Hill. (From James Gilbert and Nelson Royster)


  • Ireland: Top-tier side Bray Wanderers have a new crest. “It is roughly the billionth one in a roundel shape with the founding year on both sides and something in the middle,” says our own Jamie Rathjen. Old crest is here.
Comments (15)

    The irony is almost too much to stand. The NBA is cracking down on a player with a personal brand tattoo while selling advertising space on jerseys that have the personal brand of a player that, it could be argued, single handedly rescued the league from obscurity with that brand while he was playing.

    From the broadcast of the UNC game, UC Riverside didn’t forget their road uniforms they haven’t received them yet (If I understood correctly).

    And the NHL opens the flood gates. I’m not really a stickler when it comes to alt helmets and mix and match uniforms in football, but color helmets with white in hockey looks amateur af.

    Yeah, I am not a fan of this decision and hope we don’t see it much. When you hit the big-time NHL it should be a white helmet with a white jersey. Many teams would not want to take 2 sets of helmets on a road trip often one would think so maybe we won’t see it much.

    Didn’t know this was a rule though. Hurricanes have been doing it. The Penguins wore yellow helmets with white jerseys during a period in the 1980s. The Islanders and Canucks have both worn their dark uniform helmets with their home uniforms in games in the 1980s before.

    I’d be suprised if it happens frequently with the primary white jerseys. NHL has had white helmets with white jerseys for years, and of all the leagues, it seems to be the one that values tradition the most. Probably will see a few teams do it (Carolina), but would be surprised to see other teams do it frequently

    As a Penguins fan as a kid in the mid-80s I loved that the Pens were “different” because they wore gold helmets with their home white jerseys. When they switched to white helmets in ’89, I believe, I was originally disappointed. I’d hate to see every team have colored helmets with white, but I think it would still work if Pittsburgh went back to gold at home (although they were terrible in those days).

    Guessing the Phillies will drop the red jerseys. The cream-colored alts have been in the rotation for a while and the powder blue throwbacks sell like hotcakes. You don’t see people wearing the red softball tops like you see people wearing the other jerseys.
    It goes unmentioned that the choice would be to not have a CC uniform in the first place but Nike’s gonna Nike.

    HOPING the Phillies dropping the red jeresys!
    I always say the creams should get elevated to primary and the pins should be shown the door-but that’s never going to happen.
    As far as a potential CC idea, I could support a Philly street sign design:

    That 2024 Grey Cup logo is the same as this year, they just changed the city/number/background. They’ve gone the way of the Super Bowl template.

    Simple answer for the blogger asking about classic uniforms. Don’t change them. There’s nothing wrong with keeping things classic.

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