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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 17, 2022

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Today in the Ticker: More UVa tributes, the tragedy of the Bills’ default uni option, and more.



  • The Cubs and Cardinals will play two games next year in London.
  • Construction is under way at the Mets’ and Phillies’ ballparks, both of which are getting larger scoreboards next year. (From Phil and Michael Hochman, respectively)


  • The Single-A Columbia Fireflies and Double-A Frisco RoughRiders are the latest minor league teams to go with a Marvel Comics-inspired look. (From David Staples and Chris Mycoskie, respectively)


  • Sigh: The Bills will once again go blue over blue this week. That will mark the sixth time in 11 games that they’ve they’ve worn that combo this season (four times at home, twice on the road), after wearing it only once in 2021. I guess we’d have to call it their primary look now. Such a shame, because their blue/white combo is one of the best in the league.
  • Very odd facemask positioning for early-1970s Cardinals LB Pete Barnes. (From John Turney)
  • Today is the 60th anniversary of the Steelers adopting the Steelmark as their team logo. (Thanks, Jerry)











  • Here’s a ranking of men’s World Cup kits.
  • Netherlands: World Cup men’s coach Louis van Gaal says he assigned the team’s uni numbers based on the players’ ages. (Thanks, Anthony)
  • Scotland: Scottish teams will wear their second or third kits at home to support homelessness charities. “It’s for Scottish Women’s Premier League games on Dec. 4 and for games in the men’s top four tiers on Dec. 23-24,” says our own Jamie Rathjen. As you may recall, there was talk of English Premier League teams doing something similar last year for Boxing Day, but it didn’t pan out.
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Comments (22)

    With the blizzard predicted for Buffalo this weekend, Blue on Blue might be a good choice just to be sure and see the players. Any chance for color on color with the browns wearing orange?

    Supposedly, they don’t have and will never again have orange jerseys. JW Johnson gets that question frequently and always shoots it down (even thought there were orange retail jerseys for Mayfield and Chubb that sold like hotcakes here).

    Regardless of weather conditions, I prefer road teams to wear white-over-white…for teams that own white pants of course…, but I guess the Browns could pack their orange pants for this game.
    I’m thankful they can’t go mono-brown (right?).

    That Mets scoreboard looks like something 8-year-old me would make on Minecraft when I had no idea what to put in my stadium’s outfield and my giant Home Run Gatorade bucket wasn’t big enough.

    How red is St Louis City CITY Red? The pictures make it look more like a dark pink but the St Louis city flag is more a cardinal red and the jersey seems to match the flag.

    Seeing them in person last night it was not as pink as some photos look online. It’s not fire engine red, I was concerned about the pink tone too but I like the kit a lot.

    The Bills’ choice to wear blue-on-blue is almost certainly based on superstition. They’ve worn blue-over-white, their best-looking combo, twice this year (Dolphins and Vikings) and lost both of those games. Their second-best looking combo (white-over-blue) hasn’t been worn since their frustrating loss last year to Jaguars in week 9. The previous time they wore white-over-blue was 2021 week 6 loss against the Titans on MNF. Unfortunately I fear the white-over-blue might be mothballed, because there’s the perception that they always lose while wearing them.

    For the Canada in the USA section conundrum for the soccer item, why not treat the section going forward like you do other sports, and change the heading from “USA” to “MLS”?

    Presumably because MLS isn’t the only North American soccer league that features on UW. We regularly see updates about NWSL, USL and CPL teams.

    Exactly my thought, especially today, when all the USA items are MLS. Alternately, North America is a widely recognized way to designate things that include the USA and Canada (and sometimes Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America, depending on context).

    “Today in the Ticker: More UVa tributes, the tragedy of the Bills’ default uni option, and more.”

    Referencing the UVa shooting, then calling the Bills’ uni option a “tragedy” sounds… odd to me. Maybe “the unfortunate Bills’ default uni option” would be more fitting. Sorry, not trying to sound overly sensitive here, just leapt out at me when I read it.

    That new Citi Field scoreboard looks like a monstrosity to me. Reminds me of Mt. Davis. Bring back the old view of Queens from Shea! Serval Zippers!

    Sooo… with all of the thousands of possible combinations, both the Ducks and Utes will wear white helmets and white pants, the only difference being green jerseys for UO and white for UU. ha ha what’s it gonna look like from the bottom of the pile …

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