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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 16, 2022

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Today in the Ticker: Lots of college football tributes to the Virginia shooting victims, and a lot more.




  • South Carolina and Louisville will wear memorial helmet decals this weekend for the three Virginia players who were shot and killed this week. (From multiple readers)
  • Other UVa gestures, from last night’s MAC games: Ohio coaches wore orange ribbons, Toledo players and coaches stood and locked arms, and Texas Tech put the Virginia’s V-sabre logo on its scoreboard’s video screen. (All from proud UVa alum Jamie Rathjen)
  • Meanwhile, UVa has canceled its final home football game of the season.
  • Orange helmets for Tennessee this week. It’s the Vols’ first orange lid since the early 1940s. (From multiple readers)
  • Ball State wore black helmets with red numbers on one side last night. Their previous black helmets had their cardinal logo on both sides. (Form Blaise D’Sylva)
  • Also from Blaise: SMU has switched up some decals to debut new helmets tomorrow.


  • Following up on our previous reporting: Here’s a fuller look at the Blues’ Reverse Retro uniforms. (From Mike Wice)
  • Panthers G Sergei Bobrovsky wore a lavender mask last night in support of the league’s Hockey Fights Cancer initiative. (From Noah Berger)
  • Speaking of Hockey Fights Cancer: Penguins players are able to choose what color ribbon they can wear to support the program. (From our own Phil Hecken)




  • Virginia women’s will wear warmups saying “UVA Strong” tonight in memory of the Virginia students who were shot and killed earlier this week. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • FIU men’s wore some hard-to-read black-on-black uniforms last night. (From Hayden Parker)


  • The No. 8 on Weston McKennie’s shirt in this promo photo is off-center. (From Scott Gration)


  • England: Following up on an item from yesterday, England’s men’s team got their squad numbers for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. Each player was also presented with a box detailing every English player to wear that number at the men’s World Cup. Also: bonus photo-op with the Prince of Wales. (From John Flory)
  • England: Bristol City’s women’s team is changing its home shorts from white to red to alleviate concerns from menstruating players. (From Jeremy Brahm and Ed Zelaski)
  • England: Virgin Atlantic, which has a gender-neutral uniform policy and allows the crew to choose their own uniform, disallowed uniform choices for the crew that flew with the England men’s national team to Qatar for the men’s World Cup.
  • Netherlands: The men’s national team will auction off their World Cup shirts. They’ll donate the proceeds to migrant workers who built Qatar’s World Cup stadiums. (Form our own Phil Hecken)
  • Germany: Borussia Dortmund of the Bundesliga, which like most teams these days uses digital ticketing, will allow fans to print a souvenir ticket at their stadium. (From Joseph Pitirri)
  • Germany: New kit manufacturer for Augsburg of the Bundesliga. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • Soccer reporter Grant Wahl got access to some training slideshows shown to security at the men’s World Cup, telling them among other things telling not to bother people carrying pride flags. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Polish commentator Dariusz Szpakowski has amassed an impressive press pass collection while working every men’s World Cup since 1978. (From Ed Zelaski)
Auto Racing
  • Joe Gibbs Racing will stop using No. 18 and will instead use No. 54. (From Christopher Hickey)
Grab Bag
  • A billboard advertising SDSU athletics’ official vodka has garnered criticism from residents in the wake of alleged criminal incidents at college parties.
  • An Indigenous airman has received a religious waiver from the U.S. Air Force to grow his hair long. Previously, he was forced to cut his braids when he entered the Air Force. (From Timmy Donahue)
  • Ukrainian women fighting in the war against Russia are having trouble finding uniforms that fit. A Ukrainian couple is crowdsourcing better-fitting gear to help.
  • Some German soldiers were inadvertently given uniforms with “SS” labels on them. The initials “SS” are associated with the Nazis’ notorious Schutzstaffel.
  • Audi has debuted a new 2-D logo, and some car people aren’t fans of it.
  • New Gaelic games jersey for Dublin GAA. (From Phil)
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    UVA has not cancelled their last game of the season, just the final home game. The fate of the Virginia Tech game is still undecided.

    I’m bolstered by the presence of explicit trainings on the need to protect diverse displays in Qatar but I’m struck by the explicit defense of those wearing clothes that are “imitating Qatari national clothing.” Seems like something well within the rights of Qatar (and any host nation) of regulating.

    Would like to see the Blues wear the yellow RR as the light uniform and have the opponent come in wearing their darks. If they put some thought into making those arrangements that would be fantastic.

    This should definitely be one of their standard unis. Their standard logo is so awful compared to this one. Even the trumpet logo is significantly better than their current “flying knife wing music note” thing.

    I’m guessing they decided that, since they were presenting the players their jerseys in gift-style boxes, they decided to use the real estate on the inside box lid for this.

    I have to say that Vols helmet is way better than their white one.

    Interesting part about the NFL international games and certain teams having rights to certain markets. With France having no team with rights I hereby nominate Detroit and New Orleans for said honor. It should be noted also that the Bulls and Pistons are playing in France this season (February?) but of course basketball is much more popular there.

    A correction to the JGR Racing ticker item. They’re giving Ty Gibbs association with 54 and “… intends to utilise the No. 18 in the NASCAR Cup Series in future years.”

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