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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 15, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: At least one NFL QB thinks mono-black is “sexy,” a strange MLB Photoshop job, and more.



  • The Diamondbacks are apparently making some changes to their color scheme and logos. (From multiple readers)
  • The Mets apparently Photoshopped P Trevor May’s face onto teammate Seth Lugo’s body for a stadium banner. (From Mark Owen and Jim Brunetti)


  • New alternate logo for the Kenosha Kingfish of the summer collegiate Northwoods League. (From Geoff Poole)


  • The league has been putting sensors in player equipment such as mouthguards and shoulder pads to analyze player safety. (From our own Phil Hecken)
  • The Texans will wear their red alternate helmets this week and are going with their Color Rash unis. (From multiple readers)
  • Ravens QB Lamar Jackson thinks the team’s mono-black look is “sexy.” (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • Left over from the weekend: Patriots CB Jack Jones was missing the NFL shield on his jersey.
  • Reader Brad Eenhuis was watching an NFL Network show when they showed some highlights of former Browns QB Frank Ryan. The team had its name painted in the end zone rather haphazardly.


  • Helmet expert Blaise D’Sylva has the lid news this week for TCU.


  • The Sabres wore patches and stick tape last night commemorating F Kyle Okposo’s 1,000th career game. (From Dimitrios Kokkins)
  • The Stanley Cup champion Vegas Golden Knights visited the White House on Monday, where they gave President Biden a jersey with his name and the number 46 on it. (From Kary Klismet)


  • New court for Marquette. (From Kary Klismet)

G League


  • The Papua New Guinea 3×3 national teams got new uniforms ahead of their appearances at the upcoming Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands. (From our own Phil Hecken)


Auto Racing
  • Williams Racing has unveiled its livery for the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix. (From our own Anthony Emerson)
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    Diamondbacks are one of those teams that seem to struggle with holding firm on an identity. This change could be worse. I’d be interested in seeing turquoise road unis as a stand in for powder blue. May look good, may look horrible. But that would be interesting to see.

    I suspect this change was sparked by the D-Backs adherence to the 4+1 rule for the 2023 season. They were forced to drop a jersey, seemingly at the last minute, so they ditched the home white and redesignated the turquoise trimmed alt as the home (they probably moved a lot of turquoise trimmed merch and jerseys). That left them with a home uni with a different color scheme than the rest (red, sand, black). This looks to me like an attempt to have a single color palette across all their uniforms (red, turquoise, black) while keeping the city connect unique (sand).

    Agreed. You could ask the average baseball fan “What are the Diamondbacks’ colors?” and get several answers.

    They have included, in their visual identity, two of my least favorite uni elements in sports: Color gradient (just not for me) and a dark gray (but then I also don’t get wanting to wear a gray uniform if you’re not a baseball team on the road).

    I detest almost every mono-look there is, with the exception of white and black (for *some* teams).

    But for some reason, the Ravens mono-black look is GREAT. And they should be the only ones in the pros to go solid black. I wouldn’t necessarily call the look “sexy,” but it is a good look for them.

    Slightly better than Baltimore in head/toe black is Jacksonville.
    Wish the Cardinals, Falcons, Panthers, Jets, Steelers and Commanders would abandon that look like the Eagles wisely did(but why did they have to keep the black pants as an option?!).
    I do regard the Bengals mono-black as very good as far as ‘light’ helmet/black uni-tards go…not O/B/B/O good, but fine on occasion.

    PS – While I detest them as a franchise, I don’t hate the red hat/CR the Texans are going with versus one of my road-uniform favorites.

    Something has been happening to the NFL Shields on the Patriots jerseys this year
    Jack Jones had his shield in the Week 9 game against the Commanders however, Matthew Slater Brenden Schooler and a 3rd player (cant see his number) were all missing their shields in that same game.




    The Browns were probably limited to what they could do for field decorations, as they shared the facility with the Indians. For a few weeks each year their seasons overlapped.

    I’ve never liked any iteration of the DBacks on-field identity. I don’t even like their name.

    I always thought, when the franchise expansion was announced, that “Arizona Gilas” would’ve been an awesome identity. -C.

    During baseball season, “BROWNS” was strategically (not haphazardly) placed at an angle on both sides of the end zone where the infield dirt was.
    When the league moved the goalposts back to the end line, the Browns had a special straight-up goalpost there, because it was right on the pitching mound.

    How many times does a team overhaul their unis the year after a World Series appearance? It seems counterintuitive. The ‘85 Padres are the only one off the top of my head.

    It would’ve been cool if those teams made it back to the WS in those uniforms. Like waving a red flag in the face of their opponents.

    In the case of the Padres, my understanding was that the change was well underway by the time they made the WS. Meh, maybe they started early because no one expected them to beat the Cubs in the NLCS?

    That was the standard look for the Browns’ end zone in much of the 60’s. I have seen it in many of the highlight films.

    Small things:
    Texans pants- red stripe with white outline.
    Texans uniform numbers- red stripe with white outline.
    Texans jersey – all red stripe.

    Teams do understand what the word continuity means, right?

    There is nothing generally offensive with American Indian nicknames. Redskins and cartoons depecting stereotypical images is on thing, but most names and images it’s not that big adeal. As someone who taught at the Isleta Pueblo and Ohkay Owingeh Reservations, sports names are the least of their worries. High alcholism, low college graduates, and a high percentage of unwed mothers are just some of the issues they face and not being addressed by this country. Believe me, most American Indians do not care about sports aestics, they just want their teams to win. So really, when changing a name, whose benefit is it? The tribes of this country or is it to ease the guilt of people so they can feel better about themselves and feel they are making some kind of meaningful change.

    Wow, what arrogance. (BTW: American Indian is a perfectly acceptable term – they use it so it’s really not a great offensive.)

    The Diamondbacks are the Canucks of baseball. Incoherent visual identity, from colors to logos. They could make Sedona red and turquoise their own if they would stop tinkering. Wouldn’t hurt to choose a single cap logo; I would vote the “A” o

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