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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 14, 2022

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Today in the Ticker: The Bruins and Canucks both show up wearing white, a uni-based Movember promotion, and more.




  • Left over from Saturday: Texas A&M WR Moose Muhammad III said he was benched for wearing arm sleeves. Twitter-er @MikeFSUAFC tells us that coach Jimbo Fisher also banned the sleeves at Florida State on the grounds that they made receivers more likely to drop passes. (From Phil and Mike Chamernik)
  • The FCS’s Tennessee State, whose colors are blue and white, wore all-red, apparently for the first time since the mid-’80s. (From @MikeT304)
  • The FCS’s Idaho wore a memorial helmet decal for former player Collin Sather on what would have been his senior day. (From Blaise D’Sylva)


  • The Argonauts wore mono-dark blue with light blue socks for the East final. (From Wade Heidt)




  • The Bruins and Canucks both emerged for pregame warm-ups yesterday wearing white, because the Bruins were wearing their RR jerseys on a day they weren’t scheduled to. As the home team, Boston switched to black. (From multiple readers)
  • The Flames are auctioning off their Hockey Fights Cancer warm-up jerseys. (Thanks, Phil)
  • The Kings are apparently the first NHL team ever to wear three different white jerseys in one season. (From @KingsUniHistory)
  • “What is with the larger spacing between the collar and the top of the Blue Note on the RR Jon Hamm wore last night compared with what Robert Thomas was photographed wearing?” asks Jeff Brand about the Blues’ RR jerseys.


  • Hofstra’s men’s club team has new jerseys. (From John Muir)


  • Reader Jim McCormack sent us a piece on the Hartford Braillers, a coed blind hockey team with a very clever jersey design.



  • England/Scotland/Wales: Scottish men’s teams wore poppies this weekend. The England and Wales women’s teams wore armbands.
  • France’s version of the poppy, the bleuet, appeared on men’s club teams’ shirts this weekend. The women’s national team also wore armbands.
  • Germany: 1. FC Nürnberg released a one-off white shirt with “Mensch” (“person”) on the front and everything else around it whited out. Their men’s team wore it in the 2. Bundesliga on Saturday. The marketingspeak attached to the shirt does not say it is related to the men’s World Cup while calling Nürnberg a city of peace and human rights, but obviously the timing is relevant and interesting.
  • Scotland: The Queen’s Park men’s team is to return to the national stadium, Hampden Park, for two games in December because of scheduling conflicts. The club owned the stadium until 2020 and is building a smaller one outside.
  • Here’s an interesting thread on the simplification of European team crests. (From Joseph Pitirri)
  • Here’s an overview of the shirts being worn for Australia’s Women’s Big Bash League’s ongoing First Nations round.
  • England’s men’s rugby union team added NOBs, which they and Scotland’s men’s team are doing for some games this fall.
  • France’s men’s rugby union team supported Movember on Saturday by turning the logo of its ad upside down so it looked like a mustache.
  • North Carolina held a dual against Michigan yesterday at its baseball stadium. (From James Gilbert)
Comments (26)

    The Argos mono navy look wasn’t bad at all. The stripes on the pants and light blue socks provided sufficient contrast to make it a fairly pleasing look.

    Looks good. I prefer either the white or Cambridge (light) blue pants but not bad. BC Lions made a good decision in Western Final bringing their orange pants and black socks.

    Hoping Winnipeg doesn’t decide to wear white as the “home” team in Grey Cup because they have won the last 2 Grey Cups wearing white. Blue Bombers need to go into Regina wearing the usual home blue home uniforms. Would be a jab at the Riders fans that they are in Mosaic Stadium wearing the home blue. Argos in the white and Cambridge blue pants as the road team. That would be one good-looking Grey Cup.

    Yes! Of course, the Toronto Argonauts started as a rowing club in 1873 before taking up football. From Wikipedia:

    “In the 19th century, the most renowned rowing teams in the world were from the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge in England. The Toronto rowers, many of whom had associations with the English schools, adopted uniforms incorporating the light blue of Cambridge and the dark blue of Oxford.[13] In turn, the footballers adopted the colours and the phrase “double blue” became synonymous with the team”

    I think the nfl would do well to learn that lesson: contrast matters.

    The “mono” look isn’t so bad if they aren’t SO committed to the single color. Jersey and pants – or even helmet, jersey, and pants – can all be the same base color and still look good if the socks aren’t the same, or the uniforms accents (stripes etc) are a different color. Even the patriots standard blue over blue with blue socks looks ok to me because the striping is so bold and the helmet is silver.

    Ol’ Jimbo really has his priorities straight. You know what really prevents a WR from catching the ball? Not being on the field.

    I don’t disagree with you at all. No matter how arbitrary the rule seems, it’s a team rule. My only point is Fisher has clearly lost this team so he should really choose his battles wisely. I don’t think going to the mat over sleeves is worth it.

    Blues RR jersey could be a matter of authentic vs replica? Or different sizing between the 2 guys in question wearing them? The difference isn’t that noticeable to me, TBH.

    You should clarify this:

    Virginia Tech’s men’s team wore new orange uniforms and raised their ACC TOURNAMENT championship banner. The new orange design were a shout-out to the orange unis the team wore during

    In the ACC, winning the regular season typically means a lot more than the tournament, which is usually just icing on the cake if the same team wins both. Duke won the regular season, UNC was the runner-up.

    I don’t think that is true. The ACC was the first (or one of the first) to adopt a conference tournament, dating back to the genesis of the conference in the ’50s. I understand and agree with the traditional importance of being the “outright winner” in the Big Ten, or any conference for that matter, but if you refer to a team as winning the “ACC Championship,” that refers to the tournament.

    The ACC says the winner of the MBB/WBB tournaments is the conference champion for that season. Honestly, that annoys me, but it’s true. That’s why the banner says “champion” unqualified and not “tournament champion.”

    Also, the regular season champion gets the same trophy as division winners do in sports with divisions and the tournament champion gets the same trophy as other conference champions.

    One from an International Rugby match yesterday, Scotland v. New Zealand. Both teams with poppies, and Scotland wearing their alternate lavender shirts.


    Also note the Scotland kit had almost unreadable numbers.

    So, not only is the reverse retro program forced on teams to begin with, but then when & where they can wear them is also dictated?


    Actually this is the opposite. The Bruins were NOT scheduled to wear their RRs, and as a result, the visiting team brought their white sweaters with them (as they would normally do). Now, it just so happens the Bruins RR is white, so in order to avoid a white v. white sweater game, it was incumbent upon them to change to their dark sweaters, as they were scheduled to. If the Bruins had communicated to the Canucks their intention to wear non-scheduled RR unis, the Canucks would have been able to bring along their dark sweaters. This one seems to be on the Broons.

    Bruins dropped the ball on this. Not sure who is making the decision on this but was not logical. Vancouver has been on a long eastern road trip so they are not going to want to pack the blue uniforms. If the Bruins want to arrange a different date to wear their white RR, they should make plans with a team that is closer and on a one-game road trip to Boston.

    “The Bruins were NOT scheduled to wear their RRs” doesn’t indicate the opposite, since the question had to do with them being on a schedule or not. Apparently there *is* a schedule.


    Yes, of COURSE there is a schedule for special uniforms. That doesn’t mean they’re *TOLD* when they have to wear them. That’s up to the individual teams. See Wade’s reply to my earlier statement on how the Broons dropped the ball.

    You were implying (really stating) the Bruins are being told when and where they can wear their RRs. While I’m not 100% certain, I am 99% certain it’s up to the Bruins to declare where and when they are wearing them, so other teams can adjust their wardrobe accordingly. You seem to think the Bruins should be allowed to just willy-nilly change up their uniform protocol, when in reality, they need to give visiting teams advanced notice, so the opposing teams can make appropriate wardrobe decisions. It’s not like the Bruins keep a full set of Canucks gear in their visitor’s locker room. They would have had to bring those colored jerseys on the road (where everywhere else they were wearing white), and since the Bruins didn’t give them any advanced notice, the Canucks had no other sweater options.

    “Dictated” implies the league set the schedule. If that were the case, I don’t think the Hurricanes would be getting away with wearing their RR unis only twice this year.

    Call me crazy, but I believe Jon Hamm is wearing a ladies cut jersey in regards to the gap between the note and collar

    Interesting thread about simplification of European football crests, but the writer forgot to mention that apart from taste or trying to look more corporate clubs simplify their badges for merchandising (less details to fuss over while reproducing the crest) and social media avatars (also less details to deal with). It is true, pro teams are companies and see themselves as such as well so they go along in the general trend of simplifying corporate logos. As for taste, there is a move towards less ornamental crests as well, but what Juventus and Inter did is unforgivable. Horrible logos.

    Shouldn’t be difficult to make The Broncos look great. Orange and blue should not be hard to get right. That div already has three of the best looking sets in the league. All traditional classics. No brainer to join them. Merge the older styles – and stay away from that brown mess..

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