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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 13, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: Items from the NWSL championship, a young ice hockey player is really into the sport’s haircuts, and more.



  • Time for the Uni Watch hive mind: Reader Cameron Zoellick is wondering for what games the Brewers wore 1997-99 jerseys as throwbacks, not a very similar design originally worn from 1994-96 that was a throwback in 2016. According to Bill Henderson’s Game Worn Guide to MLB Jerseys, the 1997-99 design was worn once as a throwback July 23, 2010, but I’m not sure of any other instances.


  • LSU got championship rings for winning last season’s Division I baseball championship. (From Kary Klismet)



  • You might not know that Bengals QB Joe Burrow’s dad Jim was a DB for three teams in the CFL, including the Alouettes for the longest. The Alouettes’ Grey Cup appearance means that Burrow showed up wearing his dad’s old jersey yesterday. (From multiple readers)


  • There’s a tool shop/flea market in Texas that has a logo very similar to the Sharks’, but without quite poaching it. (From Kary Klismet)


  • In a WHL game between the Saskatoon Blades and Swift Current Broncos on Friday, both teams wore alternates for a green vs. yellow matchup. (From Wade Heidt)


  • The Athletic tagged along with a 9-year-old youth player near St. Louis who wears his helmet when getting haircuts so he can always have a mullet that sticks out of his helmet. (From John Flory)


  • LSU’s women’s team revealed their rings and banner for winning the 2023 Division I championship. Meanwhile, Pac-12 tournament champions Washington State revealed the same two items for that title. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Reader Gabe Cornwall says of the Connecticut/NC State women’s game yesterday: “It’s interesting that the Adidas maker’s mark on NCSU’s unis still has the word under the three stripes logo. Coach Wes Moore’s gear doesn’t have the ‘adidas’ on his sideline gear. It appears that, based on the file photos of the men’s basketball team, [they] also have ‘adidas’ under the maker’s mark. None of the football gear has the word under the logo.” The explanation for that as far as I know is that anything Adidas has released this year doesn’t have the wordmark, which is probably most noticeable on soccer shirts. High-profile college sports teams’ sideline gear is new for each season, but obviously uniforms aren’t.
  • Division II Gannon University’s men’s team has new uniforms this season. It seems like they show clear influences from last season’s Division II men’s champion Nova Southeastern, where new Gannon coach Jordan Fee was an assistant. (From Jim Roddy)

G League

  • The G League Ignite, a developmental team that plays in Henderson, Nevada, has a new mascot. (From Kary Klismet)


  • The NWSL championship weekend featured a small skills competition on Friday like the ones you see at all-star games. 10 players, including three goalies, formed “East” and “West” teams. One of the goalies, the Washington Spirit’s Aubrey Kingsbury, wore a goalie shirt for a penalty shootout but switched into a white outfield shirt with her nickname “Aubs” as the NOB for the other activities.
  • Championship game patches went on the bottoms of the teams’ shirts, which is where the NWSL tends to put patches. They also had commemorative captain’s armbands.
  • Gotham FC goalie Mandy Haught was sent off for handling outside the box towards the end of the game, and with no subs left midfielder Nealy Martin was the stand-in goalie. She wore a blank goalie shirt instead of taking Haught’s shirt as is more usual. (From Rex Henry)
  • As champions, Gotham have already added their first star to their crest, but it’s actually not their first championship. They won Women’s Professional Soccer in 2009 as Sky Blue FC and used to wear a star for that title well into the NWSL’s existence until switching to the Gotham FC name.


Auto Racing
  • It seems special liveries are becoming more common in Formula One, and now Ferrari has one for next week’s bizarrely-starting-at-10 p.m.-local Las Vegas Grand Prix. (From Kary Klismet)
Grab Bag
  • During the Division I field hockey tournament’s first round on Friday, I noticed that Old Dominion’s inserter on penalty corners, Frederique Zandbergen, had her own mask to wear along with opponent Maryland’s defenders. Corner defenders are obviously highly encouraged to wear masks because the ball is coming at them at high speed, but I’ve never seen an attacker wearing one. The inserter stands on the back line and feeds the ball to their teammates, often then drifting to the side of the net, so I could imagine that they might want to also wear one.
  • I think we’ve had this list of weirdest mascots before because I remember the comparison of Scottish soccer club Partick Thistle’s intentionally bizarre sun Kingsley to the angry sun in Super Mario Bros. 3 — and truly, no list of weird mascots is complete without him — but it’s apparently been updated somehow. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Also from Kary: The Dunkirk, New York, historical museum borrowed a collection of US Army uniforms dating back to World War I from a local veteran.
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    RE Brewer throwbacks: There were plans for the 2020 50th anniversary season to wear them as their decade weekends promotion.

    Re: the field keeper item: this was actually Nealy Martin’s second match as an emergency keeper this season — both, oddly, in San Diego (the first a league match against the Wave when the starting goalkeeper went out with injury and Gotham were out of subs). At this point that blank shirt might just be reserved for her for such emergencies more than as a blood shirt

    Cubs new manager Craig Counsell was introduced this morning, in a Cub home uniform WITHOUT the “walking bear” patch on the sleeve.

    A sign of an ad patch coming next year, perhaps?

    10 am Pacific is 6pm in England and 7pm Central Europe. F1 looking for ratings across the pond because this is an inaugural event.

    It’s 10 p.m. (22:00) on Saturday. So 1 a.m. Eastern, 6 a.m. GMT, etc. Qualifying and one practice session start at midnight local, which sounds insane even typing that for something that’s not an endurance race.

    Yeah sorry I misread. Revising my argument, for those F1 fans in England/Europe who don’t go to church on Sunday mornings, this is ideal for them. It’s also well before the Sunday Soccer matches, so no interference there.

    From a marketing perspective, you get a race for them under the “Vegas Lights”, a definite tourism draw.

    More interesting to me is the weather. Predictions are in the high to mid 40s at the time of the race. Will be interesting to see the effects of a very cold track on tire grip.

    Always love Daytona 24 hour race…can check in here and there until the end…
    when I saw the start-time for Vegas here I assumed it was an endurance race, myself…
    I kinda agree with you, this race is not aimed at an American audience…DVR time

    Kinda feel sorry for Indy/F1 teams when it comes to livery designs, at least compared to Nascar “paintschemes”…
    Not only do the higher speeds make it harder to get good sponsor TV shots, there is the issue of a much smaller area for adspace…
    ( …even though F1 sponsorships can run much higher than Nascar)

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