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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 13, 2022

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In today’s ticker: did the new Minnesota Twins logo and wordmark leak?, KC’s football founder, Lamar Hunt sure loved patches and much more!



  • Check this time-lapse video: the Astros World Series Championship inspired a Houston man to hire artist Austin Sepulveda to create a special mural for his man cave. (From Ignacio Salazar)
  • The Minnesota Twins will be unveiling their new logos/uniforms on Friday, but did we just get a sneak peek on these pennants at the team’s store? (From Chris Hanel, Josh Krueger and Jimmy Lonetti)


  • NFL Unis Today:
  • Cleveland will go orange/brown/white at Miami, who will go mono-white at home.
  • Denver will reprise its awful blue/white/blue (with mismatched side panels) look vs. Tennessee. The Titans will counter with navy/navy/powder. This should be one of the days worst-looking matchups.
  • Jacksonville will wear black/white/black (with white socks) in Kansas City.
  • New Orleans will be donning gold/white/black (with black socks) in Pittsburgh.
  • Buffalo will wear its nicest combo, white/blue/white, against Minnesota. Of the six previous games this year when the team wore blue tops, they wore blue pants with them five times.
  • Bist du bereit für etwas Fußball? The NFL plays in Munich this morning, with Tampa Bay going pewter/red/pewter against Seattle, who will wear blue/white/blue.
  • The Los Angeles Rams will wear the (now rare) combination of blue/blue/dishwater versus Arizona.
  • And unlike the past few weeks, the late games should all be pretty good looking: Indy v. Las Vegas, Green Bay v. Dallas, and the LA Chargers v. San Francisco should all be treats for the eye. (Of those matchups, Indy — who I’d expect in white — and LA — hoping for gold — haven’t confirmed pants as of 1:00 am last night.)
  • _____
  • Check out this awesome 1963 NFL football guide. (From Ben Whitehead)
  • Here’s a video with the SF 49ers Drake Jackson showing off his helmet options in the locker room.
  • Kansas City’s team founder Lamar Hunt believed in the sanctity of his team’s colors and logo and consequently the Kansas City uniform has undergone little change since the franchise relocated from Dallas, Texas in 1963. But he did love his patches!
  • Based on that football guide from above: “The Lions are rumored to introduce new uniforms for next season, though not confirmed,” says Matt Schilling. “If they do, and they plan to design a new logo to with them, I hope they go with a modernized version of that lion head shown in the picture, perhaps with some Honolulu blue in there!”





  • The AHL’s Texas Stars sported Red Poppy sweaters for military appreciation weekend. (From Byron)



  • The Gonzaga men’s basketball team wore camouflage jerseys and shorts in their 64-63 win over Michigan State on Friday.
  • “It’s hard to see but Emoni Bates is wearing the Nike Kyrie 4 vs Michigan, but it’s weird considering EMU is an Adidas affiliated program. Is there something I’m missing?” asks SGA Burner.
  • Interesting: Kerr Kriisa (Arizona MBB) has his first name, not surname, as his NOB. (From Juan)
  • The Dayton Flyers broke out their sweet powder blue uniforms.
Auto Racing
  • The camo singlets were for the match at the US Army base and the pinstripe singlets are for this match at UNC’s baseball stadium. (From James Gilbert)
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Comments (9)

    It should be noted (maybe I missed you did already) that those Kings pants are historically inaccurate. The 80-88 uniform they are retro-ing had a solid yellow stripe, these have two thin ones and are a carry over from last years RR

    The Twin Cities pennant makes me wonder if the two pennants could be more of a City Connect leak than a brand makeover one. Hmm.

    I for one like that Titans’ combo – but Denver really shouldn’t wear anything but white-over-white on the road…totally ruined the look of today’s matchup (ditto for Detroit – silver britches only, Lions!)

    I like the twins wordmarks, and I would have no problem with them putting the “twin cities” mark on the road jersey. “Minnesota” just looks so forced and cumbersome when rendered in the script font they use and so crowded in the dynamic block font they have used in the past. Oddly, “twin cities” has more characters than “Minnesota” but looks less cramped.

    I don’t like the cap mark. While I like the use of twin cities, I never liked the TC mark and this one isn’t any better.

    As for the lakers retiring lebron’s jersey? Sure, if they want to celebrate a guy that helped mire the organization in mediocrity for most of his tenure because of his own selfish desire to live in LA, be closer to his media side hustle, add a stories franchise to his résumé, and beat the scoring record at all costs regardless of whether the team needs his focus elsewhere. Yeah go ahead, put his number in the rafters.

    Minnesota Turins? Apparently someone needs some third grade cursive lessons. Absolutely horrible, not that they had much to live up to with that wordmark they have used forever. Look back at the unis worn in the first year of the dome, a much better design!

    The potential new Twins script is a huge sigh of relief from me if it’s real. Not nearly as good as the updated 1987 script, but vastly better than the 1961 script I feared the team would be re-adopting. And while I don’t love a TC cap logo, I do regard the new TC as a huge improvement. If these pennants point to real jersey and cap logos, then the new uniforms might actually be upgrades for one of the worst-dressed teams in baseball. Not huge upgrades – like D-minus to low C – but the preview hype video the team posted seemed to me to be pointing to a downgrade. As a lifelong Twins fan, I’ll take a slight upgrade over anything that keeps the team in the Marlins zone of ugliness.

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