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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 12, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got a little bit of everything!



  • Here’s a neat Jackie Robinson “baseball” card, featuring him wearing a 372nd Infantry uniform. (From Gary Cieradkowski) And here’s one for Stan Musial.
  • There is a local grocery store in Arizona selling balloons with a Dbacks word mark that hasn’t been seen/used for 8 years. (Good spot by Steve Sher)


  • Check out this absolutely gorgeous Negro League Baseball1945 KC Monarchs road uniform which was auctioned off yesterday. (From HowBoutThosePanthers)


  • Should actually be a pretty good looking game today in Baltimore, with the Ravens going black/purple/white agains the Browns in their orange pants.
  • Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the Vikings/Saints, where New Orleans has chosen to go with black yoga pants.
  • Check out this sorta-psychadelic NFL artwork from the 1970s. (From John Turney)
  • Cool move by the Vikings, who dedicated their equipment room to former equipment manager Dennis Ryan. He’ll also serve as an honorary captain in today’s game. (From Lee Wilds)
  • Here’s a look at the 2023 Pro Football Hall of Fame Veteran Day pin. (From Bill Walker)


  • Did you know there is a Nittany Lion weathervane at Beaver Stadium? Now you do. (From L. J. Sparvero)
  • Pitt and Syracuse played in Yankee Stadium yesterday, and a really fantastic logo was created, but apparently didn’t appear anywhere. (From Ryan McNaughton) What could have been. (From Jimmer Vilk)
  • Here’s an interesting look at a Colorado State University jersey featuring Kanji characters. Google translate says, “For the rest of the season, Hidetora Hanada’s nameplate will have his name written in kanji. We want him to remember home! He is a great addition to our team!” (From Aaryck)





  • On Friday night, the ECHL’s Utah Grizzlies wore Pride sweaters during warmups. (From Wade Heidt)
  • Last night there was a completely grayscale matchup in the ECHL, between the Wheeling Nailers and the Idaho Steelheads. (From Jim Estep)


  • If you don’t like the relaxed look of today’s NBA coaches, don’t forget there were once some pretty sharp dressers. (From our own Anthony Emerson)
  • “Just wanted to share my take on an Anthony Edwards brand logo.  It incorporates an A, E and number 5 in the shape of an ant,” says Dan Bodurtha.


  • Sue Bird (of WNBA fame) requested and received a Frankenjersey at the Gotham FC/Reign game yesterday, since she had duel rooting interests.
  • The new Brooklyn FC club, scheduled to begin play in the USL in 2025, has unveiled its club identity. (From Craig Maki)


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Comments (10)

    “Did you know there is a Nittany Lion weathervane at Beaver Stadium?”

    – Shouldn’t the weathervane be of a beaver instead?

    “Pitt and Syracuse played in Yankee Stadium yesterday, and a really fantastic logo was created”

    – I’m curious if New Yorkers/Yankees fans find celebrating a 100th anniversary of a new stadium as ridiculous as I do?

    “If you don’t like the relaxed look of today’s NBA coaches”

    – “Relaxed” is being way too kind. “Lazy” and “unprofessional” are way more appropriate. Baseball and football are played outside, so I’m much more forgiving. Why has the NBA allowed this to continue from the bubble games during Covid?

    The Montreal Alouettes will be the home team in the Grey Cup as the game is in an East Division city (Hamilton). It has been sometime since a team has worn an alternate jersey in a Grey Cup game. Curious to see if the league will give them the green light to wear the red alternates.

    The Penn State weather vane was donated by the founder of Accuweather, a Penn State alumnus and former Board of Trustees member.

    I see still Washington Football Team balloons in my Alexandria, Va. grocery store – probably because they have been waiting since 2020 for somebody to buy them. That mylar seals pretty tight and there hasn’t been a lot of enthusiasm for the local NFL team for much longer. It’s picking up though, now that Dan Snyder is gone. I see some new gear when I’m out and about.

    Yeah those Grizzly unis are actually pretty freakin cool…
    …not sure why cancer awareness would be controversial in today’s NHL, tho…..

    Brooklyn is joining USL League One.

    And I believe those snooker uniforms are a new development. Snooker players have traditionally worn dress shirts and waistcoats; like tennis, it’s been a sport of narrowly constrained personal dress.

    Was there any explanation for the no soccer shirts rule at the concert? My guess would be fear of hooligan-style fighting…

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