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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 11, 2022

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Small ticker today, but we’ve got controversy coming out of Qatar due to Denmark’s desire to protest, lots of military appreciation stuff, and a new state flag.








  • AHL: The Grand Rapids Griffins have unveiled their military appreciation jerseys, to be worn this evening and tomorrow. (From Brandon Weir)


  • According to the Bucks’ chief media officer, the team is no longer allowed to have cream-colored unis, despite their desire to retain them. (From Lucas Stoller)


  • Dayton men are bringing back their “chapel blue” unis. (From Mary Lynn Delfino)
  • TAMU men have new BFBS unis, to be worn for the first time today. (Thanks, Phil)


  • England: Aston Villa fans have selected the club’s new crest, to be introduced after this season. A major upgrade, though I don’t like the addition of another circular crest in a league that already has six of their 20 clubs with some variation of a circle. (From multiple readers)
  • Pathetic: FIFA will not allow Denmark’s men’s to train in jerseys that read “Human Rights for All.” Though no official reason was given, the German media is reporting that FIFA deemed the jerseys to be a political statement. As if choosing to host their premier event in a country with a chilling human rights record isn’t also a political statement. (Thanks, Jamie and Phil)
  • England: The English men’s national team is debating whether or not to continue kneeling before kickoff in solidarity with racial justice activists. The team has done so for every match since the murder of George Floyd, but the Premier League captains jointly decided to stop the practice before every match. (Thanks, Jamie)
Grab Bag
  • The Kansas Board of Education has voted to recommend that all Native American school mascots be phased out by 2024. (From Gregg Pesos)
  • Utah officially adopted their new state flag yesterday. (From Jason Criss)
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    Utah’s new flag isn’t official *yet*. The linked flag is the state task force’s reccomendation—the state legislature will have the final say in adopting it—though I gotta say I’m a big fan of the new design. It’s much more representative of Utah as a state than our current flag.

    Utah’s new flag is a major upgrade. One of the rules of flag design is that it should be easy to draw. Too many states have a state seal on a (usually blue) sheet. At first I thought Utah’s use of Red, White and blue might be a cop out to true design, but when explained it makes perfect sense. A good state flag should be able to be identified from the interstate at 65 mph. Nice flag (and definitely better than the last redesign (Mississippi).

    I think if someone had described it to me, I would have cringed, but these grew on me really quickly after being announced:


    Today the Denver Broncos sent out a survey to their season ticket holders requesting feedback on uniform changes. So it seems like us fans will finally get our wish, although not until 2024 or 2025.

    Enron Field was bad, but the FTX debacle makes the MLB umpire uniform advertising decision even worse. Let’s hope that contract is fully expired before the start of 2023. That would be more embarrassing for MLB.

    When is Ole Miss going to get over the “powder blue” crap. I live just north of Oxford and am surrounded by Ole Miss Alum. They get mad when I ask what their “school colors” actually are. I really dislike staying with the solid white pants as well. Their classic gray pants are great paired with the red or dark blue jerseys. And when I ask a LOT of the younger fans if they know the history of the “powder blue helmets”, they have no idea it was a mistake by the manufacturer…….

    I’m ok with throwing the powder blue helmets in the mix every now and then. When I was younger they were still sporting them. But this obsession the past few years needs to go……

    “Human Rights for All” – that is not a political statement, that is quite literally a human rights statement. WTF

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