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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 1, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: Throwback attire in the Monday Night Football broadcast booth, great attention to detail in a minor league baseball giveaway, and more.



  • I watched Rookie of the Year many times as a child, but I never noticed the fan in the stands at Wrigley Field — in the middle of a Mets/Cubs playoff game, no less — wearing a Texas Rangers jersey. (From Daniel Shumate)
  • The NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers all wore Phillies gear during yesterday’s road trip. (From Michael Hochman)


  • Great attention to detail by the High-A Wisconsin Timber Rattlers: The Brewers’ affiliate is planning a bobblehead giveaway of P Brandon Woodruff, who made one start for the team in 2022 as part of a rehab assignment. The bobblehead even includes Woodruff wearing the mismatched cream-colored Brewers pants that he wore with the rest of his Timber Rattlers uniform. (From Jeff Ash)




  • Monday Night Football broadcasters Joe Buck and Troy Aikman wore old-school ABC network blazers last night in Cleveland. (From Bradley Phillips)
  • Raiders captains took the field wearing “C” patches on their jerseys in New Orleans Sunday — the first time they wore captaincy patches this season Even stranger is that they were using a white captaincy patch — the same design they wore on their throwbacks last year. Last year, the Raiders wore a black captaincy patch on their standard white jerseys. (From Rudy Gutierrez)
  • Eagles WR A.J. Brown told The Philadelphia Inquirer that for every 100 receiving yards he gains throughout the season, he withdraws a $100 bill and tapes it to his shoulder pads on game day. This Sunday, he’ll take the field with six Benjamins taped to his gear. (From Timmy Donahue and Michael Hochman)
  • Patriots team president Jonathan Kraft says it’s unlikely that the team will bring back the ’90s-era jerseys with “Flying Elvis” shoulders any time soon. (From @sergeantscruffy)
  • The Texans will debut their new red lids and pair them with red jerseys and white pants this Thursday against the Eagles.




  • spoke with Mike Mikan, the son of Laker great George Mikan, following the retirement of his No. 99 jersey prior to Sunday’s game.
  • Speaking of the Lakers, they wore their throwback jerseys on Sunday to celebrate Mikan’s jersey retirement. However, several Lakers players wore purple-striped socks, which clashed with the powder blue and white uniforms. (From Antonio Cee)


  • Wisconsin men’s has a new commemorative logo to celebrate its upcoming 125th season. It’s currently unclear whether the logo will be worn as a patch and/or appear Badgers’ floor, but so far the team is promising to use it on “social media, web, promotional materials, and more.” (From Brian Kerhin)






  • The Football Association of Wales is considering considering changing the name of the Welsh national teams to Cymru — the Welsh name for the country of Wales — following the 2022 World Cup. (From our own Anthony Emerson)
  • Several teams in the Scottish Premiership wore “Show Racism the Red Card” patches over the weekend, but several players for Celtic seemed to have problems keeping their patches on. (From Ed Zelaski)
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    I thought I had read their stadium store was selling replicas of the flying Elvis jerseys or merchandise with that logo and some fans were wondering if that meant those jerseys were returning

    In regards to the fan in the Rangers jersey from the Rookie of the Year movie, I actually like that detail. Nearly every time I watch a professional sporting event there always seems to be that one person who is wearing a jersey that has nothing to do with either team playing. I find it amusing. Sometimes I even look for the person when a fan shot is shown.

    I’ve been that guy. Wore Mets gear to a Braves-Dodgers playoff game in 2018. Dodger Fans wanted me to root for their team; Braves fans wanted me to root “for the division” team.

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