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Uni Watch News Ticker for May 9, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: The Browns have unveiled finalists for their new Dawg Pound logo, the Reds have moved up their City Connect unveiling date, and we have a great history of winged helmets in early football.



  • The Reds originally planned to unveil their City Connect uniforms on May 15. However, the team announced yesterday that they’ll now unveil the design on Saturday, May 13 — aka, 5-1-3 day (the city’s most prominent area code). The move came a day after local beat writer C. Trent Rosecrans shared a reported leak of the design on Twitter. (From Phil and Kyle Shaner)
  • The Red Sox are allowing fans to vote on the outfield mowing pattern for the team’s next homestand. (From our own Anthony Emerson)
  • The Angels have taken to trolling players on opposing teams with their scoreboard bios this season. Rangers C Jonah Heim was the target of one of those messages over the weekend. (From John Flory)
  • Here’s an update on how the D-Backs have performed in each of their uniform combinations this season. Of note: They have yet to wear their red jersey at home. (From @DbacksStatsInfo)
  • Reader Jude Noel was digging through some articles about seminal Japanese manga artist/illustrator Hisashi Eguchi and found this cool spread of then-contemporary MLB uniforms he did for his 1977-1980 baseball comic series Susume!! Pirates.
  • Tyler Welsh found a bag of Phillies-themed potato chips, with the word “Ripples” styled like the team’s jersey script.


  • New light blue jerseys for the Kane County Cougars of the independent American Association.


  • Tabor College already wears the Twins’ cap insignia. But when they wear their powder blue uniforms, they look a bit like the Blue Jays. (From Tim Huber)



  • Penn State’s board of trustees has approved the use of $70 million towards the renovation of Beaver Stadium. Among the upgrades will be the ability to winterize the facility, which would allow the stadium to host postseason college football games or outdoor hockey games. (From William F. Yurasko)
  • Auburn guru Clint Richardson shares the fascinating story behind Auburn’s 1958 helmet design and its connection to highway signage.
  • Practice photos have Michigan fans wondering if the Wolverines will wear a blue-over-white combo at some point in the upcoming season. (From Kary Klismet)


  • The league has passed a new rule that will allow teams to assign either No. 0 or No. 00, but not both at the same time. (From @HelmetAddict)
  • The Stampeders will honor past team greats by assigning their retired numbers during training camp and preseason games (but not during the regular season). Current players wearing the retired numbers will also wear patches saluting the original players for whom the numbers were retired. (From Wade Heidt)


  • This is a great look at the history of winged helmets and how they came about in the early years of the sport. (From @FoFStrife)


  • The Oilers have added a memorial decal to honor Petr Klima, a former player who died last week at the age of 58. (From Roy Ellingsen)
  • This blog recalls some classic NHL jerseys “that need to make a comeback.” (From Phil)


  • Otto Graham is best known for his gridiron prowess with the Cleveland Browns. But when he was recruited to Northwestern in college, he was recruited as a basketball player — and he looked the part. (From Max Weintraub)
  • Arkansas men’s coach Eric Musselman attended a Los Angeles Angels game last night. The Angels welcomed him with a scoreboard message that included a long-outdated Arkansas logo. (From @seanfoulsean)


  • East High School in Des Moines, Iowa, has renamed its court after a former coach, the first time in city history a school has named its court after a Black coach. (From Kary Klismet)


Grab Bag
  • The Water Valley Independent School District in Texas incorporates West Virginia University’s WV logo into its own logo. (From Chris Mycoskie)
  • Massena High School (New York) has unveiled a new team name and logo after dropping Native imagery. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Here’s a feature about Oklahoma City’s Taft Stadium and its part in local sports lore. (From Kary Klismet)
  • “Bootwatch” is back — a look at this year’s footwear in Australia’s National Rugby League. (From @LeagueEyeTest)
  • New Indigenous guernsey for Aussie rules football club Carlton FC. (From Jeremy Brahm)
Comments (39)

    The Browns’ logo contest only features one fan designed logo. Three of the others are designed by local artists and one was done by the team. The fan contest winner is the middle one in the linked picture.

    I think they’re all pretty bad and of course they already come with the “local storytelling” tropes.


    I’m not a Browns fan but I am an English bulldog owner and I’ll seconded that these logos are all bad.

    Another basketball-NFL connection with the Browns is John Havilchek is the only person who was a teammate of Jim Brown and Bill Russell, having attended Browns training camp as a wide receiver before focusing on playing in the NBA.

    With the NFL bringing back 0, they should do the same and allow 00 the same way the CFL does.

    Correction: Massena doesn’t have a new logo. They just dropped “Red” from their “Red Raiders” team name because of the new New York law. They dropped their Native imagery in 2004, but the name’s historical association with the Native imagery still necessitated the change.

    Seconded! My favorite thing is how Hisashi Eguchi seems to have chosen the coolest uniform each team was then wearing, and the Twins-uniformed character has his entire body obscured, showing only the batting-helmet-style cap. A perfect, and true, representation of the quality of that era’s Twins uniforms.

    The Texans wholly unnecessary redo…my apologies to the dead horse:
    When did this apparent/latent inferiority complex develop?
    I’m overstating/reacting, but I almost wish LA had their act together a couple of decades ago when it came time to expand the NFL: No team in Houston cryin’ the ‘Luv Ya’ blues today (much to the delight of the Cowboys and Saints?) , StL would maybe still have the Rams, and perhaps the Chargers would still be in San Diego. Wishful thinking on my part.
    Fortunately, the Titans own “everything having to do with the Oilers, including the colors…”, but that may not stop the McNair’s from adopting reasonable facsimilies that appear to be the same.

    The Angels’ mockery of opposing players is just as childish as can be. Good gosh, it’s supposed to be administrative information, not editorial content. Shame on them.

    Aaww. Come on, man. That isn’t mockery. I’ll bet even Heim got a chuckle from that. Maybe lighten up, it’s a baseball game.

    I agree, it’s just lighthearted fun and undoubtedly better than whatever administrative information is.

    Otto Graham played ten seasons of professional football and played in ten league championship games as the starting quarterback, winning seven. He also played a season of professional basketball and won the league championship as the starting point guard.

    I’ll bet you the Diamondbacks would win the World Series if they bring back their early 00s set permanently…

    Should an Atlanta Thrashers jersey return (in Winnipeg, of course!)?
    Yes…but probably won’t. They’re fixated on that old Jets legacy…not their southern roots.
    Should NHL hockey return to Atlanta?
    No…but probably will. Lure the Flames out of Calgary…the old A flame uniforms come back too.

    The Thrashers original navy and white unis were their best. The light blue looks ridiculous to me because of the piping down one arm.

    Do we always have to call them the D-Backs? It’s such an unattractive and forced nickname, especially when Diamondbacks is a perfectly acceptable and likable team name. It’s not like we’re saving space in a headline. I doubt they will really be going the way of the Metropolitans and the Knickerbockers – Diamondbacks is only 3 syllables, like the Orioles and others.

    Same here, which is why I always call them the Diamondbacks.

    You want to shorten it, call them the Snakes.

    I’d make an important addition to this note: The Red Sox are allowing fans to vote on the outfield mowing pattern for the team’s next homestand… as part of a promotion for Pennington grass seed.

    “Akansas men’s coach Eric Musselman attended a Los Angeles Angels game last night. The Angels welcomed him with a scoreboard message that included a long-outdated Arkansas logo.”

    – The logo must be really outdated. I never realized that the Razorbacks were from Akansas.

    According to the graphic, the Diamondbacks apparently have quietly dropped this hat: link which was previously worn with the red alternate.

    A Dolphins blog is calling on the team to bring back orange alternate jerseys.


    Instead, I am all in favor of bringing back orange undersleeves, as they had back in the early 70s.

    Agreed! I think orange is my purple. Not a fan when the Bears do it. Don’t like the Broncos orange, and never liked it when the Dolphins used to do it. I truly hope they don’t bring it back.

    Don’t know why the Angels are picking on that guy for not naming his daughter Ana Heim, they won’t even name their team Anaheim.

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