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Uni Watch News Ticker for May 8, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: Some items around Charles III’s coronation, a men’s college basketball coach gets his own banner, and more.



  • Brewers OF Joey Wiemer tore a hole in his pants yesterday. (From Jeff Ash)
  • A Reddit user made a mashup of the longest and shortest MLB outfield fences. (From Ron Ruelle)
  • Is your life missing a ranking of all the MLB home run celebrations? It’s your lucky day. (Thanks, Phil)
  • “Sunday’s Ticker item about the Cubs Build-a-Bear reminded me about my wife’s bear,” says William F. Yurasko. “Back in 2006 or so, I got a Nationals uniform which had stirrups. I don’t know why the sanitaries are missing, though.”
  • Mets alumni get jerseys with an “Alumni” sleeve patch when they come back for team events, as Bartolo Colón did yesterday. (From multiple readers)


  • Sirius XM’s NFL channel came up with another “creative usage” of the apostrophe, at least in reader Jim Vilk’s car.



  • Here are the masks for the US goalies playing in the upcoming men’s world championship. (From Wade Heidt)


  • Virginia held a memorial service for former men’s coach and athletic director Terry Holland on Saturday. At the end of the service, they gave him his own banner in the rafters.



  • England: The fifth-tier women’s team Colney Heath arrived at the club’s facilities for yesterday’s game only to find out that they were being displaced by a bouncy castle on the pitch for something else the club was organizing, which is a sentence I can’t believe I’m typing in the year 2023.
  • Scotland: Rangers men’s captain James Tavernier, but nobody else on his team, wore a small crown on his shirt to mark this weekend’s coronation.
  • The National Museum of Wales has an exhibit on the BBC’s 100th anniversary. It includes a Radio Times clipping with a picture of the Wembley Stadium pitch divided into numbered squares for the 1927 men’s FA Cup final. The idea was for the commentators to use the numbers to describe where the ball was. I’ve seen this practice cited as one possible origin of the phrase “back to square one,” as in when the ball goes back to the goalie at that end. (From Jim Ellwanger)
Auto Racing
  • Inside the Miami Dolphins’ locker room for yesterday’s Formula One Miami Grand Prix, which uses a track around the team’s stadium, was a helmet with an outline of the track and a No. 3 jersey that looks like it’s for Fernando Alonso. He uses No. 14, so perhaps the number was because he finished third yesterday. Earlier in the weekend there were some non-Dolphins generic jerseys with the three jerseys visible there showing the drivers’ actual numbers. (From @hvhtim)
  • The Jaguar Formula E team added “HM King Charles III & Queen Camilla” to the inside of their halos for the coronation this weekend.
Grab Bag
  • Here’s a roundup of what other sports primarily in England did to mark the coronation. Chelsea striker Sam Kerr actually participated in the ceremony as a flag bearer for Australia.
  • The UK’s Netball Super League has a long-form piece focusing on the Manchester Thunder’s name 10 years on from its name change from “Northern Thunder.” Interestingly, it mentions that one reason for the change was that they found people didn’t know where the team was based. The occasion for the piece is that the Thunder unsuccessfully attempted to break the NSL home game attendance record this weekend.
  • Meanwhile, I counted at least five teams in Australia’s Super Netball that wore rainbow or rainbow-accented position bibs for the league’s new inclusion round.
  • Uni Watch meets anime: Reader Tom Bierbaum noticed a character in an episode of the anime One Piece wearing an orange and white checkered kimono very reminiscent of Tennessee’s distinctive pattern.
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    I like the contradiction of a race car driver with the last name of “Stroll.”

    CFL news rule change: CFL teams cannot have players wearing both 0 and 00. Only one player will be allowed to wear either 0 or 00.

    Don’t think it would affect anyone. There were players last year wearing 0. Can’t think of any wearing 00. No teams had both a 0 and a 00 I believe?

    Now, just imagine if the NHL would make finally things right, and have the home team suit up in their white uniforms, so it didn’t make the Winnipeg Whiteout look like it was in support of the visitors – who are clad in white, while the Jets are in blue! Such a simple fix, NHL – Get on it!

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