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Uni Watch News Ticker for May 6, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got a nicotine warning on a race car, new threads for the newest member of the NCAA hockey family, and more!



  • The league has denied the Phillies’ request for extra time to allow Bryce Harper to adjust his arm brace when he reaches base. (From Mike Chamernik)


  • The Pirates’ Triple-A affiliate in Indianapolis has unveiled some very nice “Young Bucs” alternates. (From multiple readers)


  • The Lexington County Blowfish of the Coastal Plain League have unveiled farmer-themed jerseys, a nod to Lexington County, S.C.’s farming heritage. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Paterson, N.J.’s historic Hinchliffe Stadium’s reopening will not happen tomorrow, citing delays in installing the turf due to inclement weather. (From John Cerone)
  • The Wei Chuan Dragons of Taiwan’s CPBL have unveiled their “Berserk Dragons” jerseys, which they will wear for every home game in May. (From Jeremy Brahm)


  • New Eagles RB D’Andre Swift will wear No. 0, the first wearer in team history.
  • LB Roquan Smith will switch to No. 0 for the Ravens. He briefly wore #18 last season when he was first acquired by Baltimore, but it was a midseason trade. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • Sticking in Baltimore, here are the uni number assignments for the Ravens’ rookies. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • Here’s a cool behind-the-scenes look at the Cardinals’ photoshoot for their new unis. (From multiple readers)


  • New helmets for the Toronto Argonauts. “The Argos last wore Cambridge Blue helmets in the 1960s,” writes reader Wade Heidt.


  • Here are the inaugural unis for Augustana University’s new men’s hockey program. (From @artofscorebug)


  • New NCAA basketball rule proposals include allowing players to wear any number between 0 and 99, and eliminating the requirement for a waiver to allow players to wear religious headgear on the court. (From James Gilbert)


  • New USL W League expansion team Stockton Cargo SC have unveiled their inaugural kits. (From Rudy Gutierrez)


  • England: Liverpool have unveiled their new home shirt. Notably, none of the models or players in the launch video are wearing the full kit, so I suppose we’ll wait to see what the rest of it looks like. (From multiple readers)
  • Ireland: New third kit for Dundalk FC of the Irish first tier. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • Belarus: New kits for BATE Borisov. (From Ed Zelaski)
Auto Racing
  • Due to US law, McLaren will be forced to carry a nicotine warning on their sidepod vape advertisement for this weekend’s Miami Grand Prix.
  • Staying in Miami, here’s a look at every special helmet being worn by F1 drivers this weekend.
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Comments (11)

    i always love when a minor league team references their parent club. brewers have had teams that played as the brewskis, and te micro brews, yankees have a team that played as the baby bombers, as noted here, the pirates and the young bucs.

    side note, can the alaska democrats be like a hockey or baseball team? those logos are on point!

    Dave, I particularly agree with you on the great Brewers tie-ins. I very strongly prefer minor teams to have independent identities. But since the minors do so many uni promotions, I love when they use one or two such dates to do tie-in unis like the Microbrews.

    As to AK Dems, what’s interesting to me is how the colors and typestyles represent such a stark break from the sans-serif light & medium blue that dominated state Democratic Party identities after the 2008 Obama campaign with exactly that visual branding. If anything, the new AK Dems visual identity looks like a cross between a craft cheese shop and the 2020 Buttigieg campaign. I’m curious to see whether the 2024 Biden campaign adopts more of the post-Obama look that the AK Dems identity represents. The main logo for the Biden-Harris campaign is plainly speaking in the Obama visual language, but so is the Trump campaign (albeit with a different color scheme), so there might be incentive to differentiate more.

    It has been an interesting uniform unveiling process for the Toronto Argonauts. Earlier this week they have made hints on social media that new uniforms may be unveiled May 23. Then unexpectedly, they unveil a new helmet yesterday and no uniform yet.

    The current, primary Football with Sails (or Boat) logo pops better on the Cambridge blue helmet. The Oxford blue football in the logo got visually lost from a distance on the Oxford helmet.

    The Argos have been silent on details. So is this the new primary helmet or is the Oxford blue helmet still sticking around too? Though NFL dropped one shell rule, CFL has not so far. The 2 other teams that have done full new uniform unveilings have only one colour helmet, including the Stampeders still wearing red helmets with the black over black third uni.

    Hope the new uniforms with this new helmet feature Oxford blue jersey and white pants combo. Would look amazing and a nod to early 1960s look. Of course, we have all complained about the lack of stripes or anything on the sleeves of the Argos jerseys, so expect that to be fixed with the new uniforms.

    I’m getting a bit of a ’72 Houston Oilers vibe here. The Argos might be my new favorite CFL team!

    Consider how many NFL teams mess up their revamps (Falcons, Titans, lookin’ at you) and the Args every now and then whip out a classic time after time.

    Also, nicotine warnings on race cars is weird and now I want a model of that car.

    Liverpool said the kit will be all-red in the press release, so I am guessing they’ll have plain red shorts to match the shirt.

    All of that behind the scenes work for the Cardinals new uniforms and we STILL have yet to see any player wearing the uniform with the helmet. They are more like costumes to me at this point.

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