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Uni Watch News Ticker for May 31, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: Lots of soccer news, NBA and Stanley Cup Final(s) news, and more.



  • Back when Buck Showalter was managing the Orioles, Chris Bruno compiled this fascinating rundown of all the outdated and modified windbreakers that Showalter wore.
  • The Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler wore a St. Louis Browns cap at a press conference on Monday. (From Todd Radom)
  • Newly acquired Padres C Gary Sanchez, who was just claimed off of waivers, wore dark-blue catcher’s gear last night, instead of team-colored brown gear. (From Patrick Finley)
  • The Guardians’ Hot Dogs, the sausage-looking mascots that race around the warning track at Guardians games, hid a Backstreet Boys-related message in 232 of their tweets dating back to November. Spoiler: The message is the lyrics to the Backstreet Boys 1999 hit, “I Want It That Way.” (From John Flory)
  • OF Aaron Hicks will wear No. 34 with the Orioles. (From Andrew Cosentino)


  • Following up on Monday’s lede: Here are more examples of ballplayers taking off their uniforms to prove that they’d been hit by a pitch. (From Jerry Wolper)
  • The Lehigh Valley IronPigs, affiliate of the Phillies, will wear strawberry pie-themed uniforms as the Lehigh Valley Strawberry Pie on July 1. (From multiple readers)
  • This distance from home plate to center field at Werner Park, home of the Omaha Storm Chasers (affiliate of the Royals), is 402 feet. 402 is also Omaha’s area code. (From Chris Bisbee)





  • New numbers for Penn State’s latest recruiting class.




  • Here’s a tour of the NHL’s Manhattan headquarters. As you’d expect, there’s a lot of memorabilia on the walls.
  • Here’s what the Stanley Cup patch will look like on the Panthers’ home sweaters. As you can probably guess, the patch is awkwardly placed there to make room for an ad. More details here. (From multiple readers)


  • Here’s a first look at what the NBA Finals patch looks like on the Nuggets’ jerseys. (From Dave Farmar)
  • Here’s a video in which Uni Watch pal Todd Radom takes a look at Nuggets jerseys through the years. (From Phil)
  • In 1996, the Pistons changed their uniforms. Former Pistons head coach Chuck Daly, who was then an analyst at TBS and TNT, didn’t like the new look at all. (From Mike Chamernik)
  • Cross-listed from the baseball section: Heat SF Jimmy Butler wore a St. Louis Browns cap at Monday’s postgame press conference. (From Todd Radom)


Auto Racing
  • Fashion brand Loro Piana has unveiled the uniforms Team Europe will wear for the upcoming Ryder Cup. (From our own Phil Hecken)
Grab Bag
  • The U.S. Air Force has painted a F-16C Fighting Falcon in the colors of the Colorado state flag to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Colorado Air National Guard’s 120th Fighter Squadron. The aircraft in the background of the photo is an Air Force F35-A. Both aircraft are flying over Leadville, Colorado. (From Mark Johnson)
Comments (22)

    NHL graphic of Western Conference Champs since ’93 “used period-appropriate logos — except for the Kings (1993) and Canucks (1994)”.

    The following teams are also NOT period-appropriate:
    Dallas (99 and 2000 – should be their STARS logo, the “A” being a star)
    Calgary (2004 – should have a black outline)
    Edmonton (2006 – Navy and copper era)
    Anaheim (2007 – Should be full wordmark)
    Vancouver (20011 – Should include arched “VANCOUVER” over orca)

    Every time I see the tiny X-shaped laces detail under the collar on the Florida Panthers’ jerseys, it initially looks to me like the decorative bow often found below the waistband on women’s underwear

    Re: The Omaha Storm Chasers…in regards to repping the city’s area code, the Charlotte Knights designate the start of their night games as 7:04, instead of 7:05, as 704 is the Charlotte area code. I’m sure their are other teams that rep their area code in creative ways.

    Where the Giants play in San Francisco, right-center field is displayed as 415, which is also the area code for the city.


    Back in the 2000s, the White Sox moved their evening start time to 7:11 as part of an advertising deal with 7-Eleven, the store.

    I saw that NHL Western Conf champion graphic yesterday and thought to myself, “oh, they just used the updated logos for everything” not really paying 100% attention. Now that you mention they used the period appropriate logos (except for the two mentioned), I got super confused. Is that new Dallas Stars logo really over 20 years old already? It seems so recent that they changed to that.

    Always nice to see that huge field of competitors in the College World Series. This year I will be pulling for Campbell. Go Humps!

    Since I live a quarter mile from their stadium and can hear games from my balcony… Go UNCW Seahawks!

    Having 2 teams in the CFL with a “gun metal” alternate uniform is strange. BC should ditch theirs, especially now that they’ve introduced “fog grey” as their road uniform set. BC’s alternate should be a predominantly orange set, as that colour has been reduced in their new home/away sets.

    Edmonton’s unis are solid, as always.

    Nice to see Calgary rid their home/away sets of black. that was a silly era.

    BC is perfectly set to go with a 1970s throwback whenever they want. The new grey road pants are basically identical to the team’s pants in the 70s.

    I almost immediately stopped reading the CFL unform rankings item when I saw what was selected for last place.
    I wonder if the Elks would have scored such high marks had they not shed the helmet antlers…I would have put them high anyway…a re-brand gone (mostly) right.
    The Al’s aways and Hamilton’s homes deserve much better grades.

    i personally think the white and black bundesliga ball is going to look stunning and just ‘pop’ in a classic appearance. i’m guessing its been 40-50 years since a professional major or minor league has gone to a traditional looking ball.

    Chuck Daly said that BEFORE the new Pistons uniforms were unveiled. I can’t imagine his opinion of them improved.

    The Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ alternate deserves the last place ranking. It’s a nice hockey sweater but it’s an absolutely terrible football jersey. Their road whites are good but they would be improved by removing the blue shoulders and going solid white as they were from the 60’s to the 90’s.

    Not my favorite, but it’s a lot better than a bottom-dweller.
    ColorRush-meets-fauxback; terrific striping…and it’s not ‘grey’.
    All 3 RedBlacks sets should occupy the low-end of the CFL uni-spectrum. They own the Rough Riders legacy, right? Dress like them.

    When it comes to CFL uniforms, send me back to the future. Send me back to 1985 specifically and I will be happy. A pinnacle year in CFL uniform greatness!

    Jimmy Butler had similarly old time style hat after Game 6, but it was on backwards, so couldn’t see if it was team or a brand. The crown was white or off-white, with green piping on the seams, 6 panels.

    Did anyone catch a glimpse of the front?

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