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Uni Watch News Ticker for May 28, 2023

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In today’s modest Ticker, we’ve got highlighter green baseball unis, mismatched Vikings purples and more!



  • Here’s a ranking of all the Pittsburgh Pirates uniforms, from worst to first. Kinda surprised they did this before the team’s CC unis are introduced.
  • Here’s a video of how the Seattle Mariners CC unis came together.
  • The Chicago Cubs gave away a Billy Williams bobblehead last night. Tweeter Tim Shriver points out “here (sic) wore number 26, not 1.”
  • Tim Kelly thinks Atlanta’s City Connect uniforms look like a knock-off that would be sold by an unlicensed vendor outside of the stadium when compared to the originals.
  • The Cleveland Guardians’ slugger Josh Naylor had his jersey give-away yesterday. Turns out, jerseys are one of Naylor’s passions. He has a wide assortment of pro jerseys from throwbacks to alternate colorways to current players in the NBA, NFL and NHL. (From Marty Stevenson)





  • We’ve seen the Minnesota Vikings wearing mis-matched shades of purple in their earlier years, but wow — check out this team photo with about a 50/50 split of light and darks. (From John Turney)
  • The above of course prompted a look at Vikings jerseys with two shades of purple on a single jersey. (From Tony Barnack)






  • The President and First Lady celebrated the LSU women’s and UConn men’s champion basketball teams at the White House, and of course, received “POTUS” and “FLOTUS” jerseys.


  • Remember when Justin Bieber designed jerseys for the Toronto Maple Leafs?
  • We’ve seen these before, but here’s what the Quebec Nordiques’ uniforms would have been, had they not relocated. (From Y.T. Mets)





  • The players of Luton Town, who are back in England’s top flight since 1992, hold the shirt of captain Tom Lockyer who collapsed early in the EFL Championship Playoff Final. (From James Beattie)
  • In an all-UNC NCAA women’s doubles final, the scorebug showed one team as UNC and the other as N CA. (From James Gilbert)
Comments (13)

    I’m in my late 40s and grew up a tremendous Star Wars fan during the original trilogy years. I have loved sports since I first laid eyes on these games. Yet, the marriage of Star Wars themed uniforms with sporting events has always completely baffled me.

    I keep expecting those theme jerseys to approximate the look of what the characters wore, and not be just a jersey with a bunch of pictures or characters on it.

    Thanks for not copy editing my autocorrect “here” typo in the Cubs bobble head post. Bigger thanks to fellow Uni Watch reader David for actually taking the photos!

    Is it my imagination or can the two shades of purple on the Vikes’ jersey be explained by part of the shirt being in light and the other in shadow?

    No, that’s just two different types of material… one of which fades in the laundry.

    I can definitely see both the A and the R in the Arlington Renegades logo. That said, I can also see the D (phrasing) that others are mentioning in the replies.

    Keith Millard in 1985. It looks like the game at Philadelphia on December 1st. Eagles led 23-0 entering the 4th quarter and blew it; final was 28-23 Vikings. Marion Campbell was dead man walking after that game.

    re: the top-selling MLS jersey bullet point, shouldn’t all bullet points or articles or the entire uni-watch website be prefaced with “for those of you who care about such things”?

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