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Uni Watch News Ticker for May 24, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: An NFL head coach’s decision on his team’s uniforms, the story behind passport colors, and more.



  • Following up on yesterday’s lede: Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol again wore his full uniform — something he rarely does — last night against the Reds to honor a fallen sportswriter. (From @MU_UK_Fan)
  • Marlins P Eury Perez has worn every one of his team’s uniforms except for the home whites in his first five starts. That’s four different uniforms.
  • Here’s one writer’s ranking for the Giants’ current uniforms. (From our own Phil Hecken)
  • One more from Phil: Here’s what Orioles players think of their City Connect uniforms.
  • In a related item, Andrew Cosentino ran an unscientific Instagram poll to gauge fan reactions to the Orioles’ CC design.
  • Cubs SS Christopher Morel, who’s been on a home run tear lately, has been wearing his eye-black in a whiskers-y style.
  • Former Philadelphia Eagles S Brian Dawkins was seen wearing a No. 20 Phillies jersey with both his NOB and that of former Phillies 3B Mike Schmidt. Both men wore No. 20 in their careers. (From @Kurzy17)
  • Red Sox P Kenley Jansen recorded his 400th save on May 10, becoming only the seventh major league player to do so. He received a custom pair of Air Jordan I sneakers for his accomplishment. (From our own Anthony Emerson)







  • During a US Open Cup match yesterday, the New York Red Bulls brought on backup goalie Carlos Coronel as an outfield (non-goalie) sub at the end of extra time. The equipment manager made him a shirt in the team shop during the game. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)


  • France: New home shirts for Olympic Lyonnais. The striping on the women’s shirt is…interesting. (From multiple readers)
Auto Racing
  • McLaren’s Formula One team has a new livery for this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix. It’s both for their 60th anniversary and because they’re the only team to win the motorsports Triple Crown, which in this case means Monaco, the Indy 500, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The victories didn’t come all at once: the three victories were from 1974 to 1995. (From multiple readers)
  • An accident earlier this week knocked driver Stefan Wilson out of this weekend’s Indianapolis 500. His replacement, fellow driver Graham Rahal, had to jump through some manufacturer and advertiser hoops to confirm his space. (From Jerry Wolper)
  • Driver Tyler Reddick will wear a UNC/Jumpman-themed car at this weekend’s Coca-Cola 600. (From James Gilbert)
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    One of my favorite NFL off-season things to do is to browse every team website to see what players who have switched teams look like in their new gear as well as what players switch helmets/facemasks and such. One thing that constantly sticks out to me regarding the SpeedFlex, and maybe why I don’t like it, is the fit of the helmet makes every player look like they have extremely chubby cheeks. Very apparent in the picture of DeShaun Watson.

    A lot of players use OTA’s to try out new helmet styles. Kirk Cousins was wearing the Riddell Axiom on day 1 of OTA’s (link 1), but was back in his regular helmet on day 2 of OTA’s (link 2)



    I can’t wait to see how many buttons the Orioles’ players leave undone to show off the interior design of the new uniforms they obviously seem very disappointed in. Leaving the top three or four buttons undone is always a great look for big leaguers.

    Dawkins has had that jersey for a while, wore it up to the Phillies TV booth a year or two ago and I believe that’s when Schmidt signed it.

    Assuming we’re all in agreement that the Falcons “throwbacks,” should just be the main set, right? Like just go back to that era’s uniforms, maybe with a red alt to complete the set. Red helmet and black helmet?

    Those are ok but ’76-’77 is my all-time Falcons favorite, so I’d like for those to return and the black helmets to be retired.

    Thank you for posting my very Baltimore biased poll! I’m sure that you would get very different results if the Uni Watch community was canvased, but I still found it interesting. As I noted in the email, my Instagram page is very Baltimore heavy.

    Logan Webb did not wear the same uniform as Willie Mays; the Giants’ road greys of recent vintage have a superfluous black headspoon which interferes with the legibility of the staccato “SAN FRANCISCO” letters. Remove the spoon!

    As a life-long Orioles fan, a bit if a uni fanatic, a Baltimore City resident, AND a graphic designer, I was quite disappointed when I saw the Baltimore City Connect leak and even more disappointed when it it turned out to be accurate. After responding with a sad face emoji to every Facebook post regarding it for the past couple of days, I have to admit that now it’s starting to grow on me.

    The Eury Perez item was not accurately transcribed into the Ticker. He’s only started twice, with his third start being tonight; the item was about how after his fifth start, he *will have* worn all of the Marlins unis except the home white, because of the schedule (and that, assuming his schedule holds, his first game in white for the Marlins would in fact be his *eighth* start).

    Have you ever written an article on outfield players wearing #1 in soccer? I know it has happened, I know it’s extremely rare, but I haven’t ever researched it deeply. Asking as a massive soccer fan…

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