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Uni Watch News Ticker for May 23, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: MacKenzie Gore discusses his journey to becoming a single-digit pitcher, NOAA goes long on their department uniforms, and more.



  • Nationals P MacKenzie Gore is the rare pitcher who wears No. 1, but there wasn’t much thought that went into it. “I was the smallest guy on the team and got No. 1 and kept on wearing it. I was kind of superstitious. We won state my freshman year and so I kept it. That’s really all I got,” he said. (From William F. Yurasko and Wolfie Browender)
  • Ever wonder what every team’s logo would look like with the Rays’ gradient? Wonder no more. (From Zac Blobner)
  • A Yankees fan jokes that the team won’t do much with their City Connect uniforms, but will go heavy on the marketing. (From @MDMambo)
  • TV Guide got the Reds mixed up with the Red Sox. (From Josh Claywell)



  • New blue uniforms for the Oahe Zap, a summer collegiate baseball team based in Pierre, S.D. (From @viceforever88)
  • The DeNA Baystars yesterday unveiled their “2023 Star Night” uniforms


  • This blog advocates for 11 1990s-era uniforms that should return to the field. (From Phil)


  • This schedule shows the primary helmet design for all Pac-12 teams and their opponents for the upcoming season. (From Phil)


  • New uniforms for the Argonauts.
  • Relatedly, in a presentation to his team, Argonauts GM Mike “Pinball” Clemons explained that the team wears two shades of blue because of the club’s roots as a rowing club. (From Wade Heidt)


  • This article about former NBA player Kevin Martin putting two of his homes on the market includes photos of his huge shoe closet and on-site basketball court. (From Jason Hillyer)


  • Germany: Heading into the last week of the season, two teams can still clinch the Bundesliga title — first place Borussia Dortmund and second-place Bayern Munich. Officials have announced that the trophy will be at Borussia Dortmud’s match this weekend, but a replica trophy will be in Köln in case Bayern Munich clinches the title. (From our own Jamie Rahtjen)
  • Scotland: The Scottish Professional Football League (top four men’s tiers) and the Scottish Women’s Premier League (top two women’s tiers) are switching ball manufacturers from Mitre to Puma next season. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • More trophy travels: The Scottish Women’s Premier League trophy was on its way to Celtic Park on Saturday but had to be rerouted to Glasgow City at the last second after the club scored a late tie-breaking goal. (Also from Jamie Rathjen)
Grab Bag
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has published a story about the uniforms worn by the department’s commissioned officer corps. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Four schools that will be joining the National Junior College Athletic Association this fall have unveiled their team logos. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Longtime reader William F. Yurasko blogged about how Washington, D.C.’s sports teams and local government have embraced the city’s cherry blossoms as a branding element.
  • Fanatics’ footprint continues to expand, as the company is now moving into the memorabilia auction space.
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    This blog advocates for 11 190s-era uniforms that should return to the field.
    This should read: 1990’s-era…

    Ha! I figured the article would get posted here. So I listen to the that show “Zolak and Bertrand” just about everyday. The thing with that station is the management are pushing their on-air personalities to publish articles on the website to drive up traffic numbers, so the quality of articles isn’t exactly high and I think they make no secret of it since it’s a dumb mandate. But both Scott Zolak (former backup QB and also does the radio call of the game) and Marc Bertrand definitely enjoy analyzing uniforms and would probably enjoy Uni-Watch content. Might be worth reaching out to them to chat!

    Can’t really argue with anything on that list except for the Pats.
    A couple on the list (Bills, Bengals) had what I consider ‘Champion’ numbers, and other teams through the 80s and 90s also had them at times – Saints, Falcons, Colts, Giants, Jets (on some but not others – link), but that style disappeared when Champion stopped providing jerseys. I wonder if they had a trademark on that number style since no teams carried it forward with other makers, or if teams just didn’t consider number style changes that important back then.

    I agree with bringing back the Falcons, Seahawks, Lions, Bills, Eagles and Dolphins. The Patriots? Not so much.

    Loved that Patriots uni.

    Couldn’t stand that Falcons uni…or anything they’ve worn since they ditched the red helmets. Thanks for nothing, Glanville.

    The Eagles wore kelly green way before 1985. And I would bring back all of those designs, except maybe the Patriots. Pat Patriot > Flying Elvis.

    They did, but the uniform set prior to 1985 was the darker green jersey with 7,000 sleeve stripes and massive mesh holes, and that might be what the author was referring to.

    I think the ’90’s Pats uniform set has flipped around to being so bad it’s good. Almost a time capsule to how the 90’s were in the NFL

    Still difficult to beat these:


    The 1980s were the pinnacle for CFL uniforms.

    Re: That ‘90s NFL uniform revival list:
    Bengals – Sure. The pants problem with their here-and-now uniforms goes away.
    ‘Phins – Nah. Keep the perfect season option for occasional use, but not these. I’m probably the lone fan of their current look.
    Lions – Yes, no commentary needed.
    Falcons – Nope. Red helmets and no silver is so much more to my liking.
    Broncos – These are good enough for a retry, but give the crazy horses another go instead.
    ‘Hawks – I’ve moved from tolerating their uniforms to almost liking them…but the silver domes/blue masks/birdy sleeves are superior.
    Bucs – Pass. Break out Bucco for a few, but that’s it.
    Giants – No desire to see these more often.
    Eagles – They have better Kelly green option than the Randall era uniforms. But whatever.
    Bills – Absolutely! But show me the superior ‘86 set once in a while. Pop on the blue masks…it’s easy to do.
    Patriots – No.

    i love the 90s pats jersey, I had a bledsoe replica I wore when he came in to the AFC championship game against the Steelers in 02, fun times! I also like the 94 “denim” us soccer kit, so maybe I’m the weirdo lol

    Anybody know the history of the colour the Argos use as Cambridge blue?

    The actual colour used by Cambridge University is more of a duck-egg colour & is actually more green than blue.
    so its a long way from the baby blue that the Argos are calling Cambridge blue.

    Presumably the Argos would originally had the duck-egg colour and at over time they changed the colour gradually either because the baby blue was easier to obtain or they just forgot that Cambridge blue wasn’t exactly blue?

    Their unis have a great story, but it irks me that it doesn’t stack up as neatly in reality!

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