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Uni Watch News Ticker for May 21, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got more ugly olive caps clashing with MLB unis, different golden domes for ND, and did MLB’s Father’s Day caps leak?



  • The Baltimore Orioles will unveil their City Connect uniforms tomorrow. They will debut them next Friday against Texas. More info here.
  • Unconfirmed: MLB Father’s Day caps spotted in the Interweb wild. (From Tony Eckman)
  • I discussed the camo (olive) Armed Forces Day (weekend) caps teams have been forced to wear the past two days, and how they create some gadawful looks when teams pair them with CC or alternate/throwbacks. Mismatched shades of green look particularly brutal on the Mariners. (From Harry Higgins)
  • The olive caps look even worse on the Atlanta CC unis. (From Chris)
  • The Toronto Blue Jays’ Daulton Varsho used a helmet with the face guard removed. (From Beau Parsons)
  • Here’s a ranking of all the Miami Marlins’ current uniforms. (From Kary Klismet)


  • Another day, another Hinchliffe Stadium restoration story! This one has plenty of good photos showing the changes before and after its renovation. (From Kary Klismet)
  • The D-backs’ Triple-A team, the Reno Aces, wore Peanuts-inspired uniforms yesterday.


  • Reader Matthew Glidden writes, “(I) visited the UCLA athletics HOF (Fri)day and it includes this Skip Rowland baseball jersey from the late 1940s. The arm emblem appears to be a composite of UCLA, LA, and CA logos, and perhaps it includes something specific to the era that’s hard to identify today. Checked the site and failed to find a match. Recognize it yourself?”
  • Former MLBer Mark Teixeira had his jersey retired by the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.
  • We don’t often talk about Notre Dame baseball unis, but check out the golden domes the golden domers wear. (From Jacob Farrar)
  • Here’s something you don’t see everyday: a pitcher wearing a wristwatch. (From Andy Bentley)


  • Here are uniform numbers for the Carolina Panthers’ latest signings.
  • Nike on Friday released the latest edition of the Vapor Edge Pro 360 2 cleats in honor of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray. Oh, and they’re pink.
  • Yesterday was the annual rookie photo shoot, and it looks like at least a few of the new players were sporting the Nike FUSE chassis. (From Jason Greenberg). Here’s another look.
  • The best team uniforms in the NFL have been ranked by ChatGPT. However, not all fans are in agreement with the computer-generated rankings.
  • Should Green Bay unveil a green alternate helmet under the NFL’s new two-shell rule? This Packers blog thinks so, and they link to a design concept to support their position. (From Kary Klismet)


  • USFL: L.J. Sparvero thought yesterday’s game between the Memphis Showboats and Pittsburgh Maulers “looked like an intersquad game. The Maulers wore black helmets with side logos and yellow center stripes, black shoulder tops, white jerseys and light grey pants. The Showboats had dark navy helmets with side logos and yellow pointed center stripes, dark navy jerseys with yellow shoulder tops and white pants. It really looked like home vs away uniforms from the same team.”
  • USFL: Maulers Nose Tackle No. 8 Boogie Roberts had a torn jersey collar against the Showboats on Saturday. “I don’t know if this occured during the game” adds L.J. Sparvero.
  • USFL: In that same game, several Maulers and Showboats players had nameplates extending beyond their jersey shoulders. (One more from L.J. Sparvero).


  • Connecticut lost its beloved Hartford Whalers in 1997, when the team relocated to Raleigh as the Hurricanes. Now, Governor Ned Lamont believes there may be an opportunity to bring an NHL team back to the Nutmeg State, thanks to the precarious situation involving the Coyotes.
  • The girls’ basketball team at LaGrange Academy in Leighton, Ala., has received its rings for winning the state championship this past season. (From Kary Klismet)


  • New community kit for the Charlotte Independence. (from Ed Żelaski)
  • North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper was sporting some NC Courage gear yesterday. (From James Gilbert)
  • Here’s a rundown of planned and rumored future MLS stadiums. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Here’s an interesting news clip on the renovation of Joe Davis Stadium in Huntsville, Ala., the former ballpark for the Huntsville Stars minor league baseball team that is now the home pitch for Huntsville City FC of MLS Next Pro. (Also from Kary)


  • New blue shirts for FC Isloch. (From Ed Żelaski)
  • Fulham (and Serbia) star forward Aleksandar Mitrović caught an elbow early in Fulham’s game v Crystal Palace on Saturday, bloodying his nose. He played the rest of the half in a blood jersey with no name and number on the back. (From Cameron Norris)
  • At yesterday’s rainy PGA Championship, Rory McIlroy wore his cap backwards. (He was one of a few players to do this). Submitter Gabe Cornwall adds, “Of course, we don’t know if he’s doing it because the moisture dripping off the bill was bothering him, or if the bill down the back keeps more water from going down his neck.”
Auto Racing
  • Looks like North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper was gearing up for this weekend’s race. (From James Gilbert). Here’s how he dressed in 2022.
Grab Bag
  • Here’s a New York Times article that explores whether “dress sneakers” are appropriate attire for the White House. (From Tom Turner)
  • Wake County (N.C.) officials have proposed a plan to provide firefighters with a second set of duty uniforms to help reduce exposure to cancer-causing contaminants that collect on the uniforms during use. (From Kary Klismet)
Comments (22)

    Here’s something you don’t see everyday: a pitcher wearing a wristwatch. (From Andy Bentley)…. I believe thats not a watch but how the catcher/coach signals the pitch call….most college team use them now.

    Yes we miss the Whalers and good for Lamont to have a positive attitude towards having hockey back in his state but we need to concentrate on reality. Don’t see any arena plans. The Coyotes will need to move in time for 24-25 season. Many locations in US and 1 in Canada that have a suitable arena already built.

    As much as Hartford’s fans didn’t deserve what Peter Karmanos did to them, Karmanos pulled up stakes early – the Carolina Hurricanes played two years in an arena an hour away from Raleigh while their facility was being completed – because he was tired of the Whalers sharing a building with a mall.

    To the best of my knowledge – Hartford fans, please confirm or deny – no new arena has been built and is ready. Thinking the frontrunners for any possible move by the Coyotes are Houston and Quebec.

    As much as we in Canada would love to see a team back in Quebec City, there’s no chance a team from the West would be re-located to the East now that there’s finally a balance in the conferences.

    I’ve seen 2 rumors floating around.
    1. The pitch is for them to play in Bridgeport’s AHL arena for 2 seasons while the Civic Center is completely rebuilt. Not as in a renovation, torn down, and a new arena built on the exact same site. While for geographic and historical reasons Springfield’s AHL arena would be preferable, I completely get why Bridgeport would make more sense. Fairfield County, which is well within the NYC metro area (mostly NYC bedroom towns), firmly Rangers territory, and also where the bulk of CT’s wealth is located, would be critical to sustaining the team. It makes sense if they do this to park the new Whalers down there for 2 seasons to get folks in that area hooked, and choosing to drive an hour up to Hartford rather than 40-50 minutes down to NYC.

    2. The second rumor is that Robert Kraft is the billionaire who’d be interested in buying the Yotes and moving them. While to the outsider, this makes perfect sense (he’s a New England guy, owns multiple teams in the region and no connection to the Bruins), to anyone in Connecticut it’s immediately apparent why this is (almost certainly) a sick joke.

    Interesting to hear these rumours. Something also comes up in the PC team name world we live in currently that we haven’t thought about a lot. What a whaler does and is. Is the name appropriate anymore?

    I gotta say, I think that blogger’s ranking of Marlins uniforms is spot on. With their current standard uniform set (including their black alternate jerseys) occupying the bottom three spots and their CC unis and ’90s throwbacks the top two spots, it’s a pretty strong indictment from a representative of the fanbase that Miami needs to scrap its regular look.

    Absolutely agree. The Marlins’ original set was peak 90s, but will always be the definitive look for the club. And their City Connect is highly underrated.

    If you could just alter that sky blue alternate to old Marlins teal, and make those the road powder blues.

    Then, white throwback at home (because it has team name).
    And red City Connect as the alternate.

    “I discussed the camo (olive) Armed Forces Day (weekend) caps teams have been forced to wear the past two days, and how they create some gadawful looks when teams pair them with CC or alternate/throwbacks. Mismatched shades of green look particularly brutal on the Mariners.”

    Wow! And I thought mismatched purples were bad!

    Someone who knows way more about NHL than me said Yotes, if they move, will go to another western city to keep the current east/west balance going.

    Logically, I know the Whalers probably aren’t coming back. The one valid reason I saw for why the NHL may be for Hartford is that they don’t want to take a viable expansion city (and thus, the huge fee) off the table my moving the Yotes to somewhere they’d actually want to expand later on. That’s the only economic case I’ve seen that makes sense.

    The rest of it is pure hopes and dreams. Again, I know this, fully, and I realize it, I could list the reasons that Hartford makes absolutely no sense. Yet, I’m ready to get hurt again.

    I had my hopes up for the Peanuts’ uniforms to be yellow with a zigzag black stripe around the waist.

    I don’t believe we’ve been mislead with a serious red herring of a City Correct leak, so I assume the O’s jersey will be based on an anti-drug campaign. No Charm City. No Mo Gabba
    . No Birdland. No Land of Pleasant Living. No Domino Sugar sign or Mr. Boh. No Old Bay, John Waters, or the Wire.

    I have come around to the CC idea but only if the product and, perhaps more importantly, the (gag) narrative work. DC cherry blossoms. South Florida’s Cuban community. The CC jersey should stand on its own, be easy to identify with the neighborhood/city/region/state and not borrow from the regular jerseys…save exceptions for the Yankees, Tigers, and other clubs where the logo or insignia has come to represent the place.

    If the reasons the NHL left Hartford and Québec haven’t been addressed, the Coyotes will be moving to Houston.

    Fertitta’s underfunded attempt to buy the Commanders fell thru – you DC fans don’t know it but you dodged a (small-caliber) bullet. It’s not clear that he has enough money to even properly handle an NBA contender’s payroll.

    But it is long tradition in Houston that he who owns the arena gets first dibs on an NHL franchise. Which is what wrecked the last NHL go-around in the ’90s when the Rockets’ owner and the arena owner blocked each other. Now the Rockets’ owner controls the arena. And I’m guessing he’s not handing over all his money to pay an expansion fee and get empty jerseys. He wants to get an actual team from that.

    Regarding the top 10 NFL uniforms, I can’t argue with eight of those picks (Patriots?), but anyone — or thing — that rates those Seattle clown costumes as anything other than embarrassing has ze-ro credibility.


    FC Cincinnati and Columbus Crew wore their secondary kits at yesterday’s MLS game. Their reserves wore them tonight in MLS Next Pro.

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