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Uni Watch News Ticker for May 20, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got some great coverage of the Australian Football League’s Indigenous round, the Giants have unveiled legacy uniform dates, and more!



  • This blog has ranked every current Marlins uni.


  • The Giants will wear their throwbacks (which should really be their primary look) on October 22 against the Commies and December 11 against the Packers.


  • Scotland: Aberdeen don’t have a full-time esports team like some other soccer clubs, but they’re participating in the first eScottish Football Cup FIFA tournament this weekend. Their two participants get to wear the first-ever Aberdeen esports shirt.
Auto Racing
  • It appears Michael Jordan’s NASCAR team is teasing a UNC-themed paint scheme for Charlotte. (From James Gilbert)
Grab Bag
  • Reader Mike Lindquist writes in: “The first match of the Australian Football League’s Indigenous round had the teams Port Adelaide Power and Melbourne Demons in special jumpers designed by Aborigine artists — even the match umpires.  The uniforms were stunning — although ruined by the sponsorships still on the uniforms. Also, the teams were referenced by the indigenous names of Port Adelaide (Yartapuulti) and Melbourne (Narrm) in the broadcast, websites, news reports, etc.  It was pretty cool to observe. … The rest of the weekend has special uniforms and some solid stories.”
  • The Washington Metro has a tradition of handing out pennants for the opening day of new stations. Here’s the one for the new Potomac Yard station. (Thanks, Jamie)
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    Egad, no! The Giants’ 1980s-1990s look should *not* be their primary look! That goofy helmet script? Get outta here with that.

    The Giants did the right thing by going back to their classic uniform design, and they should stay with that design for all time. The Giants’ look, like the looks of the Bears and the Packers, is untouchable.

    The team that should go back to its 1980s look is the Jets. That wordmark is short enough that it looks very good on the helmet. And the simple green-and-white scheme is far superior to the mess that the team wears today.

    I think they should put the wordmark back on the helmets full-time, but the NY logo should remain the primary mark and should still be on the front of the uniforms.

    I agree with this!

    Indeed, the 1975 square NY logo was introduced with the intent that it be the logo going forward. Only later did the team learn that the NJ Sports and Exposition Authority, which ran the Meadowlands, objected to that logo. So the Giants substituted the wordmark, which looked terribly awkward on the helmet.

    When the Giants move back to New York, then I’d love to see the ’75 helmet. Not until.

    If it were my team, they would wear the 1980s uniforms with the GIANTS wordmark stitched below the peak of the collar, and the 2023 helmets b/c I can’t stand the navy blue ones.

    As the biggest New York chauvinist going, I understand that the act if considering the surrounding areas as part of New York rather than as separate places in their own right only affirms the superiority of our great City.

    I agree on the NY Giants helmets, I love the 1960s “ny” logo, really harkens back to a great era for the team. But I never cared much for the 1980s “GIANTS” wordmark. Just seems generic.

    Life long Giant fan: As much as I love the current 50’s style away jersey (and we won 2 SB’s in them) I would be happy with 80’s home and away jerseys and pants with current ny helmet. The colors just pop better.

    Giants helmet is just fine with either name or NY. Totally agree with you about the Jets. I was watching a taped game from that era and the unis are clean. What they have now is a mess.

    I wish I could post a photo, but I watched some of the Western Bulldogs-Adelaide Crows AFL match overnight, and yes, the Indigenous guernseys are fantastic. But I’m glad we don’t have black-and-white TV anymore. It was a blue-on-blue contest — Bulldogs in medium blue, Adelaide in navy.

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