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Uni Watch News Ticker for May 18, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got a stunning soccer kit from Northern New England, a never-before-seen Penguins prototype, and more!



  • A’s P Luis Medina was missing his elephant logo patch during yesterday’s game against the D-backs. (From John English)
  • Mets P Kodai Senga’s cap once again featured a white maker’s mark rather than an orange one last night. (From George Noriega)


  • Lots of great pics of the refurbished Hinchliffe Stadium — one of only two Negro League ballparks still standing — in this article. (From John Cerone)


  • Reader Brandon Weir came across this post in a jersey collectors’ Facebook group, purportedly of a 1994 prototype Penguins jersey. I know the 90s were crazy in the NHL, but come on — they expected Mario Lemieux to wear this? Is this even legit? Does anyone have any more info?
  • Despite the dashing of hopes of a new arena, it appears the Coyotes will remain in Arizona for at least the next season.


  • USL League 2 side Vermont Green FC have unveiled their new shirts for this season, and I think they’re absolutely stunning. Really, really impressed. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • When USLW team Oakland Soul launched their home kits, they came with some snazzy colored numbers. However, those appear to have been nixed by the powers that be, as they wear plain white numbers on the pitch. (From @viceforever88)


  • Germany: Bayern Munich have unveiled next season’s home kit. I usually like Bayern and their willingness to play with their identity while still keeping the club’s colors at the forefront, but I don’t really like this kit — it looks like a training top. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Italy: Udinese will wear these rainbow-accented kits for Sunday’s match against Lazio as part of Serie A’s “A+love” campaign against homophobia and transphobia in the league.
Grab Bag
  • Oscar Mayer is rebranding the famous Wienermobile as the “Frankmobile” to reflect a new marketing strategy. (From multiple readers)
  • An Illinois state legislator has introduced a bill to create a commission to replace the state flag.
  • Not uni-related, but a really nice story about a sports memorabilia dealer who uses the profits from his sales to give to those in need. (From Trevor Williams)
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    I consider myself a part-time vexillologist, and I wasn’t aware that over half the state flags had the name of the state on the flag in some way, including in the state seal and as initials.

    As a fellow part-time vexillologist, I have to say that most state flags are suuuuuuper lame.

    Absolutely great! (And yes, my state flag is great, even though it is so overused in apparel and other places lol)

    I think Mario was already being paid with part ownership of the Penguins at that point so I’m sure he would have worn it, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he was the one who caused it to be cancelled.

    Here’s the old Icethetics post on the Penguins’ unused third jersey concepts: link
    And this video from Icethetics touches upon the Pens’ consideration of blue in their 90s thirds at about the 8:10 mark: link

    Mario was never paid with part ownership, he deferred a huge chunk of his salary making him the teams largest creditor. When they went bankrupt he converted his debt into equity.

    (he also made sure all the other creditors got paid off 100c on the dollar, which nobody ever does in bankruptcy. Total standup guy)

    That Penguins jersey was on ebay for $275. I was curious about it, and was tempted to “buy it now” – I never saw an actual real example before. It would have been inventive for someone to custom make a jersey then. The CCM Center Ice jerseys haven’t been made since the 1990s.

    llinois bill SB1818 has passed both chambers of the legislature and is headed to Gov. J.B. Pritzker for his signature. The current “eagle holding a strip of bacon on a bedsheet” flag had “Illinois” placed on it in the 1960s at the request of G.I.s serving in Viet Nam, who couldn’t pick the flag out to salute.

    Hallelujah! Our state flag here in the Land of Lincoln is so uninspiring. The white banner is almost like a flag of surrender. I’d love to see something that captures the spirit of the northern, central, and southern regions of the state, as long as it fits into the Roman Mars Ted Talk specifications for good flag design.

    If the last two license plate designs are any indication, though, I’m a little wary. I hope the hard core vexillologists have their say and we get a wonderful banner, free of any text or image.

    RE: The Penguins jersey, The Athletic did a story on the 90s era logo a few years ago (link) and that jersey is included as one they considered. The photo is down towards the end of the article.

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