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Uni Watch News Ticker for May 17, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: More purple news, a major troll effort from a minor league team, and more.



  • Some Orioles players swapped jerseys with Baltimore Ravens players. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • The video board at the Mets’ ballpark momentarily went out during last night’s game against the Rays. When it turned back on, it showed a massive Rays logo. (From Trevor Williams)
  • The Bowie Baysox, affiliate of the Orioles, are celebrating Dan Snyder’s sale of the NFL’s Washington Commanders to billionaire Josh Harris with a few promotions. Any person named “Josh” or “Harris” will receive a free ticket to tomorrow’s home game. Any fan wearing a jersey of former Los Angeles Laker Magic Johnson, who is also part of the new ownership group, will also receive a free ticket. Every fan who wears Commanders merch will receive a box seat for $10. One of the lucky Joshes, a lucky Harris, and a lucky Johnson jersey-wearer will throw out the first pitch. Naturally, a going-away cake will be served as part of the festivities. (From Tom Turner)



  • In an effort to get in on the Purp Walk festivities, the Chinese Professional Baseball League’s Rakuten Monkeys released purple-themed uniforms yesterday. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • Here are the longest and shortest fence distance combinations of Rhode Island high school baseball fields. No Green Monster needed with those distances. (From David Hrusovsky)
  • Here’s more news about renovations at Hinchliffe Stadium, a former Negro League stadium in New Jersey. (From John Cerone)







  • Voters in Tempe, Ariz., have rejected plans for a new Coyotes arena, putting the team’s future in doubt. “With all due respect to the fan base in the area, the best thing might be to move this organization,” says Gabe Cornwall.


  • We might have covered this before, but once more won’t hurt: The officials in the Western Hockey League have NOBs. (From Harry F. Higgins)




  • New 10th-anniversary shirt for Sacramento Republic of the USL Championship.
  • Here are the home shirts that Huntsville City will wear for its debut season in MLS Next Pro. (From @Wilds_Lee)


  • Following up on an item from earlier this week: France Ligue 1’s Toulouse sat several players this week who didn’t participate in the club’s International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia ceremonies and refused to wear rainbow-themed gear. (From our own Phil Hecken)
  • Here’s what the volunteers at this summer’s FIFA Women’s World Cup will wear. Australia and New Zealand will be cohosts. (Also from Phil)
  • Saracens and Sale Sharks of the Premiership will both wear away kits in the Premiership final to help colorblind fans. (From @Stumpy7780)
  • Here’s every NRL team’s Indigenous Round jersey. (From multiple readers)
Grab Bag
  • The University of Cincinnati has struck a deal with Jordan Brand to outfit some of its sports. It currently has a deal with Under Armour. The deal is expected to begin in time for the 2023-24 athletic season.
  • East High School in Pueblo, Colorado, is opening a new school building, which includes a new gym and basketball court. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Purple Amnesty Day extended to Jeopardylast night too. Last night’s episode of the Jeopardy! Masters tournament featured contestant Mattea Roach wearing a purple shirt. Host Ken Jennings meanwhile wore a purple tie with his purple shirt. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Even the Empire State Building got into the purple action! The skyscraper was lit up in the colors of NYU in honor of its graduating class. (From Lee Wilds)
  • Ads are nothing new in video games, but they’re still pathetic. Some ad creep has taken place in the video game Destiny 2 in an in-game item called a Ghost Shell. (From Jeff Wilk)
  • The town of Skokie, Ill., will be getting a new seal without Native American imagery. (From David Firestone)
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    No idea yet but I would bet the alternate jersey for the Alouettes is red. A team colour, they have a history of red as a primary jersey, and it is being unveiled on Canada Day.

    Hope that is FSU’s primary uni-set. That thing they have been wearing for the past decade was a horrible decision. Those uniforms ARE Florida State!

    “Here’s yet another (PAYWALLED) USFL uniform ranking”…Grrrr!

    The Coyotes/NHL should give Houston a shot rather than retry the Atlanta, Quebec or KC markets. As ‘wrong’ as this sounds, and is, : Rebrand as the Aeros – a team which really should have been included in the WHA merger anyway, resurrect their legacy (where are those Avco Cups/rafter banners anyway?), ship the Jets history up to Winnipeg…I’m pretty sure they’d love to have it back…and forget all the NHL presence in AZ – lay that branding to rest next to the unmarked plots containing the Atlanta Thrashers and Cleveland Barons.

    The Aeros are why I started watching hockey. The Rockets owner however has never seemed warm to buying a hockey team.

    After looking at the Florida State jersey closer, that template looks a LOT different than the new Nike template the NFL is going to use. Anyone have any info?

    Think it’s photoshopped from a game last year. Brushed out the sleeve yokes to make them look like the 2023 version.

    And no ACC patch

    The NHL’s statement about the vote in Tempe doesn’t even contain a line about “we’re committed to trying to stay in Arizona.” Sounds like this is the end for the Yotes.

    It’s absolutely the end. As far as Arizona goes, they’re like Richard Gere now, they’ve got nowhere else to go. Suns don’t want to share an arena in Phoenix, they can’t stay in the college arena, can’t go back to Glendale for the same reasons they left. They’re moving to Houston, only question now is do they play as the Houston Coyotes (which works just fine) or do they bring back the Houston Aeros brand?

    Some would argue team names, logos, histories, colors, must remain in the city-in this case, state- being abandoned, in the hope that another pro squad takes up residence…someday.
    The Coyotes branding is good, though not great, enough to carry on elsewhere, but here I’d say it’s best to leave that all behind regardess of its’ translatability, adopt/lay claim to something Houston-y (aka-the Aeros legacy…its’ worthy of reviving and celebrating) if that’s where they wind up, and forget about the time they lanquis…err, spent in AZ.
    Besides we wouldn’t want the franchise to ever…in say, 2 decades…throwback to the Phoenix/Glendale/Tempe eras, would we?
    That would troll/hurt the feelings of their fan ; )

    Yes, it can depend on circumstances team to team. Under these circumstances, don’t think the Coyotes name and identity should go to Houston if this does happen. We need the rebirth of the Houston Aeros. Get them out there in the royal blue uniforms trimmed in light blue.

    Interesting how time changes perspectives too. When I first saw the new Phoenix Coyotes uniforms in 1996, I was appalled. They were daring and gaudy for the time. The Winnipeg Jets are moving, giving up their great unis, and are going to look like that? These days, I was happy to see the uniform return for the Arizona Coyotes as I like them better than the old brick Coyotes uniforms.

    I’d be more inclined to believe the Chargers were bringing back a navy alternate if it was a contemporary model. The one in the photo looks like one of LT’s old ones on display in the equipment room where they were fitting the rookies.

    These are not mine, found via Google, but to get out ahead, there are some very, very nice Houston Aeros concepts floating around out there.


    For the record, yes, I absolutely want to Yotes to move to Quebec City. No doubt. But I know Gary Betman, I know how currency value works, and I know how market share and individual purchasing power all works, and they aren’t moving to Canada. They’re move to Houston.

    Sadly, Canada has a better chance of losing the Senators than they do of bringing back the Nordiques.

    Sad but true. Quebec City has been selling out its over 18,000-seat arena for QMJHL playoff games this year. Really deserve a team. Sometimes the economics of pro sports today just simply is not fair and not for the best.

    The Chargers navy helmet would be great if it were paired with a Fouts era or LT era throwback. Simply sticking it with that stupid navy costume they wear now? No thanks.

    Welcome to our world Yotes. From a Northern California A’s fan. Your vote was 56% against the Tempe plan. Thinking if the A’s Oakland Howard Terminal plan had ever gone to a public vote we’d likely get similar numbers.

    The ads on that Destiny 2 item are for fictional companies from the game world. It’s a gag item, more or less.

    Was thinking about Montreal losing the Expos with all this Coyotes talk. Maybe it’s worse for Oakland since they are the last team in town.

    I’m in the minority, but I think the Chargers’ navy helmet is garbage. If they have to do an alternate, do the dark royal Fouts era helmet and uniform.

    Hinchliffe Stadium and North Wilkesboro Speedway both re-open on the same weekend!
    I never thought either was possible.

    Late to the party – but Josh Harris (the buyer of the Commanders) ought to show up to the Baysox game.

    Also – there’s a little cognitive dissonance with the farm team of the major league franchise owned by Peter Angelos putting on this promotion…

    Why would the scoreboard going out at Citi Field cause the game to be delayed? Can’t fans just continue watching the actual game, or is it not existential without video confirmation?

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