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Uni Watch News Ticker for May 14, 2023

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In today’s modest Ticker, we’ve got a custom crotch gusset, a hoops player in a hockey helmet and more!



  • “Here is a good look at the Bird Bath section at Camden Yards.  It’s just a guy spraying people with a hose, but the fans are loving it!” says Andrew Cosentino.
  • Colin Bimbles writes, “Guardians C Cam Gallagher appears to have his pants tailored with a custom crotch gusset. I wonder how many others do this?”
  • The “Casserole Cassanova” is upset the orange on Adley Rutschman’s chest protector is a different shade of orange from the jersey (and swoosh).


  • The Buffalo Bisons have stenciled the initials of the Tops shooting victims on the dirt at Sahlen Field as we head to today’s commemorations of the events of a year ago. (From Mr. Michael)





  • If Notre Dame doesn’t re-up with Under Armour, there are some options out there.




  • I think we’ve seen this before, but just in case: Check out the Houston Rockets’ Calvin Murphy wearing a hockey helmet. (From Lee S)
  • The Houston Rockets’ Jabari Smith will be switching uni numbers for the 2023-24 season.


  • Barnsley midfielder Luca Connel changed out his right boot just after half time in yesterday’s League One playoff match against Bolton, leaving home wearing two different colors. (From Max Weintraub)
  • The 2023-24 Man City home kit is for sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Lexington, Ky. Only one problem: the kit hasn’t actually been released yet! (From Josh Hinton)
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Comments (10)

    I don’t think the Falcons look better with red helmets.

    My rule of thumb for football uniforms is that between the jerseys, pants, and helmets there should be no more than two colors.

    A white alternative helmet for the Falcons might be cool.

    Hmmm, not sure I agree. Off the top of my head, the Steelers black/white/gold and the Rams blue/white/gold (setting aside all the problems with their current template) are good looks

    Colts’ white/blue/gray from the early 80s was a stellar look.

    So is Wyoming’s white/brown/yellow.

    And I really miss the Fouts-era Chargers in royal/white/gold.

    I could go on, but that’ll do for now.

    The “San Diego Super Chargers” era definitely played up the resemblance to the Rams, in the Air Coryell period.

    I can live with a black helmet; what I *can’t* live with is the overdone robo-falcon insignia *on* the helmet, which looks neither like a bird nor letter “F”.

    I can’t live with the black helmet… especially because it was Glanville’s idea. But also because it’s too stealth regardless of whose idea it was.

    I’d gladly take the current bird logo on a red helmet, but yes, the old falcon logo is better.

    That “custom crotch gusset” is a standard feature of the MLB baseball pants when Majestic first introduced the “Flex Base” uniform system and is still included in the uniforms bearing the Nike makers mark.

    “Is there anyone who doesn’t think the Atlanta Falcons don’t look better with a red helmet? (From Helmet Archeology)”

    I prefer the black helmet. Preferably the one from the 90’s.

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