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Uni Watch News Ticker for May 13, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got an MLB/soccer crossover, an embarrassing misspelling on a promotional jersey, and more!



  • This Cleveland Plain Dealer piece features the Guardians’ four Gold Glovers discussing their favorite gloves. (From Jason Hillyer)
  • Also posted in the soccer section: The Orioles are giving away a team-inspired soccer jersey to fans on July 15. (From Andrew Cosentino and Stephen Murphy)


  • WKU’s white jerseys are practically illegible due to the white-on-white numbers and letters. (From Chris Mycoskie)


  • A longtime junior college coach in New Jersey has resigned after the discovery of illegal communication devices in his team’s helmets. (From Timmy Donahue and our own Phil Hecken)


  • The Hornets held an event at the Charlotte Museum of History, and presented an MNOB jersey — that’s Museum Name on Back — that misspelled the word “Museum.” Yikes. (From @ViceForever88)


  • Cross-posted from the baseball section: The Orioles are giving away a team-inspired soccer jersey to fans on July 15. (From Andrew Cosentino and Stephen Murphy)


  • Italy: Juventus revealed their new kits, and they are atrocious. That gold looks closer to cat-piss yellow and the stripe design makes the entire thing too busy.
Grab Bag
  • Dayton men’s lacrosse players were wearing two different shorts designs during their most recent game. (From Jared Buccola)
  • Another Australian Football League Indigenous design, as Fremantle have unveiled theirs. During all men’s and women’s Indigenous rounds starting with this one they’ll also rename themselves with the Indigenous name “Walyalup.” This effort includes a new logo. The three clubs that are renaming themselves happen to be playing each other during this year’s men’s Indigenous round, resulting in two matchups: Yartapuulti/Narrm (or Port Adelaide/Melbourne) and Narrm/Walyalup (or Melbourne/Fremantle). (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
Comments (9)

    Chris Mycoskie was a real trooper for calling that WKU softball game.

    If I were the official scorer, I would have gotten up and left. Those jerseys (where the only clearly visible thing is the stupid swoosh) should never have been allowed on the field.

    If I were the ump, I would have handed the team captain a Sharpie and said “I’m not saying Play Ball until you fill in those numbers.”

    Well I mean I’m surprised no one here is talking about striped stirrups over (navy?) sannies. I would think the crowd here would be so nuts over that they’d let the numbers slide.

    I’m not the sock nut that Paul and Phil are, so while I noticed them, they were overshadowed by the awful jersey.

    What’s worse than charlotte misspelling museum, is that it’s the less noticeable problem on the back of the jersey. Second to Nike’s template knocking the pinstripes out of alignment at the shoulders. Way to mess up a great design.

    The advertisement on the Orioles’ soccer shirt is bad enough. Compounding the problem is that it uses the outdated Pepsi logo rather than the current one.


    I’m shocked it’s not on this site, but the Reds’ “City Connect” uniform is terrible.

    Had to get it out there. Thanks.

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