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Uni Watch News Ticker for May 11, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: An unusual new promotion at Camden Yards, the story behind NBA base-layer shirts, and more.



  • The A’s, who had reportedly been looking at a particular stadium site in Las Vegas, are now looking at a different Vegas site.
  • Here’s a video on every MLB team’s logo history. (From Mike Chamernik)
  • You’ve heard of the Cardinals’ birds on the bat? Check out the birds on the swab. (From Ted Taylor)
  • The Orioles have designated a section of their ballpark as the “Bird Bath.” Fans will be sprayed with water whenever a Baltimore player gets an extra-base hit. In a world where fans spend most of the game glued to their electronic devices, what could go wrong? (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • The Rockies, like many teams, use matte batting helmets. But OF Jurickson Profar’s helmet appears to be glossy in the front and matte in the back. Here’s another view from a different game. Not sure if that’s pine tar or what. (From @natergator97)
  • The Twins’ broadcast booth has a weird version of the team’s “TC” logo, with the T passing through the C instead of in front of it. (From Patrick Lenertz)


  • If you scroll down a bit on this page, you’ll see all of the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons’ Star Wars jerseys since 2010, including this year’s, which will be worn on June 3. (From Eric Mrugacz)
  • New Irish rainbow-trimmed jerseys for the Dublin Leprechauns of the independent Pecos League. (From Michael Baldwin)


  • The Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp — a collegiate summer wood-bat team — will wear flag-desecration jerseys next month. (Blame Phil)


  • New uni number assignments for the Falcons and Titans.
  • The Jets will host the Dolphins in the league’s first-ever Black Friday game. I’m assuming the Jets will wear their black alternates for that one. The full NFL schedule will be released tonight.
  • In a related item, the Commies will be styling their schedule to look like a DC Metro map. (From Corey Burnett)









  • The Lubbock Matadors and West Texas FC, who both play in the fourth-tier NPSL, have a new rivalry trophy: the Golden Tumbleweed. (From R. Scott Rogers)


Auto Racing
  • Is it harder to vinyl-wrap a funny car or a top fuel dragster? Let’s find out. (From David Firestone)
  • The Madrid Open became mired in controversy due to sexualized ball girl uniforms. (Thanks, Phil)
  • The University of Texas lit up the UT Tower in burnt orange on Tuesday night to celebrate the men’s and women’s teams’ Big 12 championships:
Grab Bag
  • New passport design for Canada. (Thanks to all who shared)
  • More Australian Football League men’s Indigenous designs, from our own Jamie Rathjen: “St. Kilda changed the white on their design to yellow, which of course matches the Aboriginal flag but also — and I didn’t know this — they wore those colors from 1915-22 as a tribute to (if I’m reading the article right) St. Kilda players serving in Belgium in WWI. A clash version of this design is to be worn by the women’s team. Geelong also have two designs — home and clash.”
  • Tuscola High and Waynesville Middle Schools in North Carolina have a new logo after being forced to abandon their old one because it was too similar to Appalachian State University’s. (From Matthew Moss)
  • Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania has announced that “Shippo the Hippo,” introduced as an April Fool’s day joke earlier this year, is now an official school mascot. (From Kary Klismet, as are the rest of the items in this section)
  • Fresno State University has released several renderings for a proposed modernization project of the school’s athletics facilities.
  • Jacksonville College of Texas has unveiled new logos (replacing, among others, an old Jacksonville Jaguars logo they had been poaching).
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    The Commies’ Metro map schedule excludes the Silver Line which, along with the Blue Line, services the nearest stop to the stadium. Blue and Silver Metro lines serving the Commies stadium is amusing, though the current Metro blue is closer to the Lions than the Cowboys.

    The Rockies helmet looks like it was polished in the front. Pine tar would leve a brownish stain.

    The A’s went from agreeing to a roughly 50 acre site to a 9 acre site. That seems very odd considering they were wanting extra land to develop along with a new stadium. The Giants’ stadium is shoe-horned into an 11 acre site, so what are the A’s going to do with 9 acres?

    Auto polish will shine matte finishes quite easily. I’ve done it hundreds of times. Matte/flat paints are easier to spray and provide a smoother finish than gloss ones. Once the paint is dry, it can be polished to a glossy finish.

    Not only are “birds on a swab” as a nod to the St. Louis Cardinals, but it also looks like a G.I. Joe “nod” in the product’s name.

    Why cant the base layers match the color of the jersey????? I will never understand, because they look ridiculous.

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