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Uni Watch News Ticker for March 8, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: Some bobblehead news, lots of hockey news, and more.



  • The MLB Network broadcaster who called the Cubs/Rangers game yesterday talked a bit about how both teams went blue vs. blue. (From @weirdsportsmerch)
  • The new Mets scoreboard is huge! (From Mike Chamernik)
  • After six former Phillies died of brain cancer, a group of scientists recently tested turf samples of Veterans Field, the team’s former home. They got the samples from eBay listings. Turns out the samples contain lots of dangerous chemicals. (From Kurt Esposito)
  • A Baltimore area-based sports brand is selling an Orioles/Oreos-themed crossover shirt. (From Andrew Cosentino)


  • The Triple-A affiliate Syracuse Mets are doing a C Francisco Alvarez bobblehead giveaway. In the bobblehead, home plate is facing the wrong direction and poorly proportioned. (From Steve Kriske)




  • Following up on a Ticker item from last week: The Broncos are expected to have a throwback or alternate helmet next season. (From Kary Klismet)
  • New turf for Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, the venue used for the league’s Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. (From Bill Walker)
  • There’s some really good-looking color vs. color action in this Nov. 14, 1943, Detroit/Washington game at Griffith Stadium. Sensational footage! (From William Moss)


  • Ohio State QB Devin Brown will wear No. 33 to honor Sammy Baugh, the first quarterback to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. (From multiple readers)
  • Texas A&M has unveiled a statue of its live collie mascot, Reveille, outside its stadium. (From Kary Klismet)


  • Looks like the Stampeders might be changing their facemask color from black to white. (From multiple readers)


  • Following up on a ticker item from last week: The Hurricanes were back in their red helmets on the road last night after wearing their white helmets in Vegas and Arizona. (From Gabe Cornwall)
  • A U.S. District judge from Virginia has dismissed a lawsuit against Adidas. A fan had sued, arguing that the company’s line of “authentic” jerseys didn’t match the ones that NHL players wear.
  • The Kraken are doing a bobblehead giveaway featuring F Brandon Tanev. The sweater on Tanev’s bobblehead includes a Starbucks ad, which only appears on the team’s practice sweaters. At least they nailed Tanev’s facial expression. (From Ted Taylor)
  • New mask for Kraken G Philipp Grubauer. (From Wade Heidt)





  • Spain: Barcelona has unveiled its own Pantone color – a shade of purple called “Lila Barça.” (From Kary Klismet)
  • Uruguay: New home shirts for Defensor Sporting. (Also from Kary)
  • Japan: Here are the kit suppliers for every J. League club. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • Hawai’i has a FIFA-unrecognized national team, and it just released its new crest.
  • England: For the first time ever, the FC United women’s team will have its own away kit. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • England: West Ham United’s men’s team marked International Women’s Day by wearing training jackets with their numbers and the NOB of a “special” (the club’s word) woman in their lives. A lot of them apparently picked their mothers. Striker Michail Antonio picked Serena Williams (with FNOB). (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
Grab Bag
  • Former Syracuse men’s lacrosse player Mike Powell will have his number retired by the school on Saturday. (From multiple readers)
  • There’s a world record for everything, isn’t there? Two Idaho men have broken the Guinness World Record for the fastest jersey swap.
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer is asking readers to design a new flag for Philadelphia. (From Greg Szczepanek)
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    Worth mentioning imo, The Lakers gifted Pau Gasol a framed jersey using their current design, one that he never even came close to wearing, during his number retirement last night.

    Switch of facemask from black to white for the Calgary Stampeders was not unexpected to me. We can see changes need to come. When the Stamps started wearing the red and white throwback-inspired alternates as the primary home uniform last year, it created an inconsistent look for them. The road uniform still had a lot of black trim and was different from the new home unis. The black mask/trim on the helmet logo didn’t work well with the strictly red and white home uniforms.

    Are we getting a more consistent look between home and road unis that is just red and white? A new road uniform? Stampeders need to get rid of the black helmet bumpers if switching to a white facemask.

    We can only hope so. Ideally I’d like to see black completely eliminated as a colour of theirs. If they are going to use something other than red and white, I’d much much prefer the return of the grey pants from many decades ago.

    Leave the red/white/black (and ideally more plaid) to Ottawa.

    Speaking of Ottawa. We need to see an upgrade to their uniforms. I loved the alternate helmet they brought in last year. A nod to the past look yet still present-day with the current R. The Redblacks need to make this the primary helmet with a redesigned, more traditional uniform that is a nod to the old Rough Riders. Can still work the plaid in somehow as that is part of the identity now.


    I would probably get in trouble if I went to Tollgate high school in Maryland because I like to walk around the home plate of baseball fields in a circle with a 649 foot radius when I’m watching a baseball game and if I did so while I was there I would get in trouble for going on the field while the game was happening

    Wait no I meant Tollgate high school in Rhodesia Island this would not be a problem in Maryland I’m sorry

    Probably a safe bet the Broncos won´t be bringing back the brown : (
    Would love to the the orange helmets/gone too soon jerseys from ´66 reappear:

    “The sweater on Tanev’s bobblehead includes a Starbucks ad, which only appears on the team’s practice sweaters. At least they nailed Tanev’s facial expression”

    I don’t understand the jab here. The jersey used for the bobblehead IS the practice sweater.

    I noticed yesterday while scrolling through team USA’s WBC uniforms on MLB shop that the numbering on the back of the uniforms looks very similar if not identical to the Washington Nationals numbering.

    Good catch! Almost the same. The Nats have little wedges before some of their serifs, as on the 2 or 3, whereas the WBC numbers lack those cut-outs. But otherwise, very similar, and different from the regular, non-serif block numbers team USA has mostly used in the past.

    If The Vet was responsible for causing cancer in former Phillies, would there not also be an unusual number of cases found in former Eagles and Temple Owls?

    And umpires, grounds crew, security, the Phillie Phanatic, managers, GMs, other Phillies executives, Eastern Division rivals who played there 8+ times a year. The list goes on and on.

    How exactly were the players supposed to have contracted the cancer. If it’s in the article I apologize – it was under a paywall an I’m not going to pay just to read one article.

    The article says it was prolonged exposure to heat that may have released the chemicals, hence why the Eagles would have been unaffected: cold weather did not promote chemical release like summer sun would.
    It should also be noted that the particular cancer in question is glioblastoma, which is like the crappiest number on the cancer roulette wheel. If you’re diagnosed with it, it’s pretty much terminal (it gets classified only as Stage IV).

    Phillies 81 games, Owls 5 or 6 games, Eagles maybe 10 or 12 games (counting preseason and possible playoffs). Also article mentions the heat, which obviously baseball is played in the summer and football in the fall.

    Regarding color vs. color football action, this 1939 Brooklyn Dodgers vs. Detroit Lions game footage is really great:


    Hi haven’t caught up on all the uni developments lately, so not sure if this was covered , but I notice that the WBC baseball teams all have different companies producing their jerseys. For example the Canada unis are made by UnderArmor and just noticed the Australian jerseys are New Balance. Why not all Nike since they have the MLB contract ?

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