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Uni Watch News Ticker for March 4, 2023

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In today’s ticker, we’ve got a mascot losing its uni number, lots of soccer items, and more!



  • You can find some excellent old Boston Braves/Bees photos on this website. (From Eric Travers)


  • The Brooklyn Cyclones, High-A affiliates of the Mets, are celebrating UFO Appreciation Night with some amazing “Cosmic Cyclones” jerseys that are actually just the Mercury Mets TATC unis! (From Elliot Teichman)


  • Bucs RB Rachaad White has switched from No. 29 to No. 1.
  • Could the Commanders return to RFK? A report says that Roger Goodell is supportive of the District of Columbia’s municipal government acquiring the stadium from the federal government, and that the league is supportive of moving the team back into the District.


  • New Oilers FW Nick Bjugstad will wear No. 72, an inversion from the 27 he wore in Arizona. This will leave Oilers mascot Hunter without a number, as Hunter wears 72 in honor of the team’s founding year. (From a reader who wishes to remain anonymous)
  • The Capitals will be wearing Women in Hockey warmup sweaters on March 23. (From Bryan Martin Firvida and our own Jamie Rathjen)



  • Players in Sweden’s Damhockeyligan (Women’s Hockey League) will wear see-through helmets this week to symbolize the “glass ceiling” women face in sports and society. (From Wade Heidt)


  • New Thunder PG Jared Butler made his debut in a jersey without an ad patch. Here’s hoping this error isn’t rectified any time soon. (From @alexfinsfan)


  • New kits for Hartford Athletic of the USL Championship. (From Drew London)
  • Kary Klismet writes in: “Want a drone tour of MLS expansion team St. Louis City SC’s new stadium? Here you go.”


  • England: Manchester City have unveiled International Women’s Day kits, which the women’s team will be wearing the kits for their match tomorrow, while the men’s team will wear them as warm-up kits for their match today. The colors are inspired by the rosettes British suffragettes wore during the fight for the vote in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Germany: Borussia Dortmund’s video board operator protests against RB Leipzig (a club owned and operated by Red Bull, in violation in spirit if not in letter of the Bundesliga’s 50+1 rule) by adopting a retro scoreboard design that fully spells out RB Leipzig’s full name “RasenBallsport Leipzig”. The name is basically nonsense in German, translating directly to “lawn ball sport”. Here’s a clearer picture from 2017. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • Russia: New kits for Zenit St. Petersburg. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • Scotland: Apparently, a new Celtic fourth kit has been leaked. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous, however it will evidently be worn at home against Hibernian, which may be the first time Celtic haven’t worn their famous hoops at Celtic Park (From Ed Zelaski)
  • Scotland: Sticking with the Bhoys, the excellent blog Museum of Jerseys has a retrospective on Adidas’s partnership with Celtic. I think the kits Adidas has produced for Celtic are among the best in the club’s (illustrious) uni history. Long may it last.
  • England: Crystal Palace marked World Wildlife Day by posting an image of their logo without the eagle on it, as part of the World Wildlife Foundation’s “World Without Nature” initiative. (From Jeff Israel and our own Alex Hider)
  • England: Brentford are considering ending their kit advertising deal with HollywoodBets as ST Ivan Toney is investigated for betting on games.


Grab Bag
  • Dr. Who, the iconic BBC sci-fi series, has unveiled a 60th anniversary logo. (From John Cerone)
  • Jamestown (N.Y.) High School is dropping “Red Raiders” as its team name after having previously retired the Native American imagery associated with it. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Toblerone has been barred from using an image of the Matterhorn on its packaging.
  • Utah’s state legislature has passed a law adopting a new state flag. The law is awaiting Gov. Spencer Cox’s signature, and he has indicated he will sign it.
  • A 60th anniversary logo has been unveiled for the Assembly Hall at Illinois. (From @mrmichael21)
Comments (12)

    You can find some excellent old Boston Braves/Bees photos on this website. (From Eric Travers)

    Thanks for ruining my productivity for the rest of the day, Eric! ;^)

    which may be the first time Celtic haven’t worn their famous hoops at Celtic Park

    Based on previous photo research I’ve done, the home team in Scotland changed for color clashes until the 1980-81 season, so it actually won’t be the first time, but it may be the first time for the men’s team in a while.

    So no more bear on the Toblerone package? Great, one less hidden image in packaging. Unless “that guy” is still on the Camel smokes pack.

    I couldn’t read the article regarding the Matterhorn/Toblerone issue. At first glance it seemed striking to me that a mountain could be intellectual property. My best guess after reading through what I could is that the Swiss government is regulating it. Still a bit of a foreign concept to me that (pun intended) the likeness of nature is regulated. I suppose different laws in different parts of the world.

    Yeah, it’s basically that Swiss law prohibits the use of national symbols on products which aren’t made in Switzerland or which don’t use primarily Swiss ingredients.

    If the NFL ok’s the use of 0 for players, we could see more mascots losing their uni number.

    I don’t see the Commies ever returning to DC, and can’t imagine that in this day and age of billion dollar stadiums with all their new-fangled functionality that RFK would suit the ‘needs’ of all parties involved…even with a substantial renovation.

    It would have to be a temp home, like the Coliseum for the returning Rams. But Byrd Stadium would be in better shape for that. People don’t realize you can take DC Metro to the University of Maryland.

    Wealth says that Northern Virginia should be the site of a new stadium. Virginia’s legislators told Snyder he couldn’t have any of their money, but with Snyder gone, who knows?

    I’ve long been struck by how Washington teams that can’t find buildings in DC end up in Maryland, while Northern Virginia has nothing bigger than small college facilities.


    Tottenham Hotspur are wearing their third kits today against Wolves.

    The Cincinnati Cyclones will play as the Cincinnati Hippos tonight, as they honor the Zoo’s Fiona the hippo, who got a jersey:


    The Commies are going to ‘need’/want a new stadium, not a retreaded RFK.
    I really don’t see them returning to the District anyway-even if DC incentivized them to do so.

    At the bottom of my screen, this had to rank among the most disappointing scroll-downs ever:

    “Players in Sweden’s Damhockeyligan (Women’s Hockey League) will wear see-through…”

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