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Uni Watch News Ticker for March 29, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: MLB gets ready for Opening Day, lots of college basketball news, and more.




  • The Charleston Dirty Birds of the independent Atlantic League will play a one-off game this summer as the Pepperoni Rolls, a popular West Virginia delicacy. (From Kary Klismet)
  • The Pensacola Blue Wahoos, the Marlins’ Double-A affiliate, have unveiled their rings for winning last season’s Southern League championship. (Also from Kary)


  • New uniforms for Olmecas de Tabasco of the Mexican League. (From Kary Klismet)



  • Georgia DB Javon Bullard’s hard hit on Ohio State WR Marvin Harrison Jr. during last year’s Peach Bowl has inspired a local bakery to make a cookie dough named after Bullard. (From Max Weintraub)


  • The Predators last night wore decals with the logo of the Covenant School, which was the site of this week’s mass shootin. The Bruins also participated. (From our own Alex Hider)
  • With Earth Day approaching, the Kraken will wear green pregame jerseys on April 6. (From Wade Heidt)


  • Cincinnati is redoing its floor in anticipation of joining the Big 12 next season. (This, and the next four items, are from Kary Klismet)
  • Here’s a time-lapse video and photos of the basketball floor for last weekend’s NCAA Division I Men’s South Regional being installed at the arena in Louisville, Ky.
  • Here’s another time-lapse for the men’s Final Four floor in Houston.
  • Low-top sneakers are apparently surging in popularity in the men’s college game.
  • The New York Times has a piece on the significance of Madison Square Garden as a college basketball venue.
  • One of the score displays at last night’s men’s NIT game between Wisconsin and North Texas had the schools’ logos switched to the incorrect spots. (From @BrachTalk84)


  • FIBA will use an LED court for the upcoming U-19 Women’s Basketball World Cup in Spani. (From Kary Klismet)


  • Two German players, center-back Matthias Ginter and midfielder Leon Goretzka, reached 50 caps for the men’s national team yesterday. The custom for both national teams is to give patches to reachers of cap milestones. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Also from Jamie: Poland’s men’s national team wore warm-up jerseys with the NOBs of players from Poland’s women’s national team. It looks like they wore the name of the player with the same number based on the most recent squad Jamie could find.
  • Hong Kong’s Olympic Committee has ordered all sports bodies in the region to add “China” to their names or lose funding. That’s caused some Hong Kong soccer fans to rush to buy the region’s current soccer shirts before “China” gets added to them. (From Timothy McLaughlin)
  • Bolivia: New kits for Club Bolívar of the Primera División. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Hong Kong’s Olympic Committee has ordered all sports bodies in the region to add “China” to their names or lose funding. The requirement has caused Hong Kong’s rugby team to change its crest. (From Timothy McLaughlin)
  • Here’s the logo that Carroll, Iowa, will use as a host city for this year’s annual RAGBRAI tour. (From Kary Klismet)
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    Regarding the photo used in that article about the cookie dough inspired by Bullard, it’s interesting to note that Marvin Harrison Jr was wearing cleats from way back in *I believe* 2007, during the Peach Bowl. Not sure if anyone’s brought this to attention here or not, but those are one of the first iterations, if not the original Nike Superbad. He probably had to do some digging to find those.

    Very interesting article about the Yankee hat in Brazil. I’m one of the few Brazilians that like baseball, sadly they didn’t interview me! Being a Red Sox fan, it’s hard to rep my team colors over here, products are simply too expensive. I had a hat that got old, a David Ortiz home white jersey that also got old and a road gray jersey – with the lettering in blue, no number on back.

    When I moved to Amsterdam in 2003, I discovered that Yankees caps were almost ubiquitous. Huge fashion trend at the time, and not just in the Netherlands but across the non-French northwestern bit of Europe. I arrived just as the protests against the looming US invasion of Iraq were at their peak, and all weekend public spaces around the American consulate would be mobbed with tens of thousands of young people chanting anti-war, and anti-US slogans, with most of the men wearing Yankees caps and camouflage pants.

    I’ve never been a Red Sox fan – though Nomar Garciaparra was my favorite player at the time – but I bought a Red Sox hat and wore it when I lived in Amsterdam. I figured that locals wouldn’t get the connection with, and contrast from, a Yankees cap, and that fellow Americans would recognize me as an expat. I hoped a Red Sox cap would help me blend in with the locals while being visible to other Americans, and I was right on both counts. Locals seemed to read it as a fashion mistake, like I meant to buy a NY cap but got a cheap knockoff instead, poor idiot me, and I was frequently greeted by American travelers and expats who saw my cap and assumed I must not be a local. And then the Sox won the Series while I was over there, and the winter of ’04-05 I had several strangers buy me drinks because they were so happy so see someone wearing a Red Sox cap in some random cafe in Amsterdam.

    Yankees caps… I’m retired and a Mets fan now living in Portugal and I can tell you that Yankees caps are everywhere here. I see dozens everyday in Lisbon, but it’s purely a fashion thing. The sports clothing and department stores here all stock Yankees caps. You also see, but not nearly as much, Dodgers caps. The attraction is simply NY or LA on a cap. I doubt many know the association of the cap they’re wearing. And yeah, they wear them with the stickers on the bill. There are lots of Brazilians here of course – maybe it’s spread to Brazil that way. When I wear my Mets cap in the city I often get a “Let’s Go Mets!” from an American tourist. No phony Mets fans here.

    Bingo. I lived in London and they’re everywhere. I still watch a lot of foreign sport and you see a lot of 47brand MLB caps at cricket & rugby matches in New Zealand. Usually Yankees, Red Sox or Dodgers.

    Adidas, seriously?

    I understand that companies have to protect their trademarks and logos and such, but this is ridiculous.

    BTW, a Navy Commander’s uniform features three stripes. You gonna go after them too?

    As soon as I saw that, I thought “What a ridiculous stretch!”

    As for your point, I’d argue that the Commander’s uniform is more of an infringement since it actually appears on an item of clothing. But of course, neither should be considered trademark issues.

    Anti-fascist activists have been using an angled three-stripes logo (“three arrows”) far longer than adidas has. Maybe antifa should challenge adidas’s trademark.


    The fan-crafted Seahawks fauxback jersey and helmet are rather good…but the pants make the set less retro.

    USFL’s Memphis Showboats debuted their new unis for season 2. IMO it looks like they copied the Pittsburgh Maulers homework with the top shoulder yellow-gold bar. Link: link

    I just came back from Brazil a few weeks ago, visiting 3 different states. Yankees hats are more common than Brazil jerseys right now (which is complicated politically these days).

    They were a common sight the last time I was there in 2021, but they’ve really blown up on the streets and on the beaches.

    My wife’s family and friends generally know it’s a baseball hat, but most cannot name the Yankees. Generic NY t-shirts are just about as common.

    Chicago Bulls stuff is also extremely common.

    There are New Era hat kiosks in airports that seem legitimate enough, but the hats are lower quality and a different fit. My best guess is New Era licenses the hats in Brazil, but are manufactured there due to Brazil’s high import taxes.

    Yankees caps have been ubiquitous in London for some time now, but seems like popularity has really surged recently. My sister-in-law is a London native and wears one a lot.

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