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Uni Watch News Ticker for March 27, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: Some items from the first weekend of the NWSL season, the story of how a company changed its colors once it became a Formula One team’s advertiser, and more.



  • Former Ticker-er Mike Chamernik has written an article for The Chicago Sun-Times ranking the best Cubs and White Sox primary uniforms.


  • Tulane revealed its rings for winning the American Athletic Conference championship last season. (From Kary Klismet)


  • Players at the CFL combine have new black/purple and white/purple jerseys. “Sorry, Paul, but it is true,” says Wade Heidt, “although you can take comfort in the fact that no CFL team wears purple.”


  • Here’s a piece on the Hurricanes’ and Whalers’ longtime equipment manager Skip Cunningham, who retired in 2020. (From Al Hood)
  • Speaking of, the Canes wore their Whalers throwbacks yesterday, although their pants had a slight inaccuracy.
  • The Coyotes arrived to yesterday’s game wearing T-shirts from the PHF saying “I am pro women’s hockey,” as the PHF’s championship was held as the second half of a doubleheader after the Coyotes’ game.



  • The AHL’s Rochester Americans wore uniforms based on the Buffalo Bills’ red Color Rush alternates yesterday. (We mentioned the masks the goalies wore in yesterday’s Ticker.) The game was color vs. color.  (From Wade Heidt)
  • The WHL’s Prince George Cougars wore throwbacks on Saturday. “Good attention to detail wearing their black helmets with the white uniforms as the Cougars did back when this was their old uniform,” says Wade Heidt.
  • The WHL’s Kelowna Rockets wore a one-off jersey on Saturday that was then given away to fans. (From Wade Heidt)
  • Virtus Bologna of the men’s and women’s top tiers in Italy have plans for a new arena. (From Kary Klismet)


  • The first four items are from the NWSL. The North Carolina Courage wore warm-up shirts on Saturday with midfielder Emily Gray’s last name and No. 4 on the front. Gray suffered an ACL tear in preseason.
  • The Houston Dash gave away a mini stadium model.
  • Gotham FC revealed a new second shirt with little notice before their first game of the season yesterday.
  • Washington Spirit goalie Aubrey Kingsbury got a framed No. 100 shirt yesterday for reaching 100 NWSL regular season appearances.
  • D.C. United wore their new cherry blossom-themed second shirt at home on Saturday. This year’s peak bloom for D.C.’s cherry blossoms was last week on March 23.
  • Two high school boys’ teams got championship rings for winning last year’s state championships: West Virginia’s Greenbrier East and Illinois’s Peoria Notre Dame. (From Kary Klismet)


  • England: Here’s one more batch of Brentford’s crest incorporated into US state flags. (From Brandon Sparks)
  • Ireland: Even though the national teams recently switched outfitters to Castore from Umbro, the under-21 men’s team, at least, still had Umbro warm-up gear yesterday. (From Germán Cabrejo)
  • Latvia: New second shirt for the women’s national team.
Auto Racing
  • The shipping company DHL changed its colors from white and red to yellow and red once it became an advertiser for the Jordan Formula One team in 2002. Jordan’s contract with the team’s main ad required their cars to be yellow, and as the video points out there were several other white and red or black and white teams on the F1 grid at the time. The most direct current descendant of Jordan is Aston Martin, although it’s not technically the same team. (Thanks, Anthony)
  • Various cricket leagues award purple caps or yellow caps to the players with the most wickets in a season. (From John Muir)
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Comments (18)

    Peak bloom for the DC cherry blossoms is right now – started Thursday. Metro was packed, pedestrians were moving faster than motorists and bicyclists were moving faster than everyone.

    Well, with Quinnipiac and Michigan facing each other on April 6th, guessing one of them will have to bring along a non-gold/maize set of unis.

    Excellent article on the Chicago baseball unis, Mike. I agree with both rankings wholeheartedly.

    He did not mention the registered trademark on the Cubs’ current home uniform, which is an oddity that has always bugged me. Different sleeve patches were not mentioned for the 91-present Sox road and 78-81 Cubs road jerseys.

    from MLB: The Braves, Rangers, Mariners, Reds, Orioles and Pirates will all unveil new City Connects by late June, starting with Atlanta on April 8, joining 14 other clubs the 2023 season. Atlanta’s looks like the one that was shown Uni Watch months ago.

    I know nothing about hurling, but what the deal with these helmet designs? They look like hockey helmets from the 80s. They are both awesome and aweful all at once!

    I grew up in Connecticut. My last Whalers game was on my 11th birthday in December of 1996, still remember it like yesterday. I get why the Canes wear the uniforms, they want to sell nostalgia. But to those of us who actually grew up with the Whalers it’s just cruel. It’s taunting. Even now, as beautiful as those jerseys are, I refuse to reward the Carolina Hurricanes by buying one.

    When the Whalers left my family split between the Rangers & Bruins. I stopped watching hockey until my around 30. When I came back to hockey, I went with the Bruins (big Red Sox fan, just felt right). I wanted the Bruins to win 10-0 yesterday, was relieve they at least won in the S/O.

    I agree and support your decision. The Whalers’ move ranks right up with the Colts’, Browns’, and Sonics’ respective moves to Indy, Baltimore, and OKC in terms of choosing dollars over fan base.

    Tough as an old Vancouver Grizzlies fan. Lost our team and a big part of it over dollars. A big part of it was due to value of Canadian $ at the time compared to U.S. $ at the time.

    Hard watching recent Grizzlies highlights from Memphis with “Vancouver” written on the jersey when wearing the throwbacks.


    I feel the same about the Avalanche.

    Their RR 1.0 is great, but even though I’m an Avs fan now, I’ll never buy one.

    I know it’s a bit dumb, but losing the team over 25 years ago still kinda hurts…

    I dislike the Bills CR’s but they work re-imagined as hockey uniforms.
    The helmet striping and chest numbers are particularly good…wish more teams would adopt those.

    Full red jerseys/pants/socks trimmed with royal blue really underutilized in hockey. Teams will often have blue pants if have red jerseys/socks. This uniform reminded me of the old Oshawa Generals back in 1980s/1990s.


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