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Uni Watch News Ticker for March 25, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got some ideas for USA Baseball, a gorgeous color-on-color matchup, and more!



  • The Nationals will wear a memorial patch for late owner Ted Lerner this season. (From Tom Turner)
  • The Marlins have unveiled 1993 throwbacks for their 30th anniversary. They’ll be wearing them every Friday home game except for Lou Gehrig Day and Roberto Clemente Day. Bring them back full-time. (From multiple readers)
  • Here’s every uniform in this year’s edition of MLB The Show. Early in the video, we can discover that the Rangers’ already very popular powder blue uni has been removed — hopefully, this doesn’t mean the uni was axed due to the “4+1 rule.” (From @Uniformsguy)
  • MLB is trying to trademark the word “Boston.” (From Justin Hicks)
  • Here’s a good article on the dire need for a USA Baseball rebrand.
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders released some Cubs and White Sox-inspired posters ahead of his Chicago rally with mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson.


  • Dutchess Stadium, home of the Yankees’ High A affiliates the Hudson Valley Renegades, has a new corporate name. (From Rob Yasinsac)


  • China: The Rakuten Monkeys have sold the naming rights to their farm team, which will be known as “Haiwo HomeRun.” (From Jeremy Brahm)


  • The Denver Broncos have sent season ticket holders a survey asking their preferences for a potential new stadium. (From Kary Klismet)


  • New Nebraska coach Matt Ruhle is going to be handing out uni numbers 1 through 9 to the “toughest” players. How he determines that, I don’t know.


  • Leafs RW William Nylander spray paints his stick, and has done so for many years. Does any other NHLer do this? (From Jonathan Goupil)
  • Also from Jonathan, Leafs C Ryan O’Reilly changes his gloves every 5-10 minutes in-game.
  • In this article you can meet the designer of the Capitals’ Title IX warmup jerseys worn recently.
  • And in this article, you can meet the designer of the Devils’ gender equality warmup jerseys worn recently.





  • Russia: During the Indian Wells tournament last week, Anastasia Potapova, a Russian tennis player, was warned by WTA because she came on the court wearing a Spartak Moscow jersey, seen as support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  • Kosovo: New kits for the Kosovo national team. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • El Salvador: New kits for defending champions FAS. (From Ed Zelaski)
Grab Bag
  • Because of the new logo for the city unveiled earlier this week, Akron is considering an update for the city’s flag with a survey. (From K.C. Kless)
  • In 2017, someone uploaded an incorrect version of the Vatican City’s flag to Wikipedia. It was ultimately noticed in 2022. In that time, however, we can find which flag manufacturers who based their own Vatican productions off of the incorrect Wikipedia version. The incorrect version is even used on emojis and in Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • American Airlines is going to start cracking down on flight attendants who are deemed out-of-uniform.
Comments (25)

    The Fish got it right from the jump.
    I preferred the vests, but these will do nicely. Of course they’ll be donning green helmets too, right?

    Should they opt to return to these unis full-time (here’s hoping), they will have to tinker with the road suits, which will no longer say “Florida”.

    I say tinker away if they means they’ll stay!
    Nothing they have worn since the name change comes close to looking as good as these…though this will remain a sentimental favorite of mine:

    I like the better balance of teal* to black on the original set but the wordmark never looked right – the swash underneath print/non-cursive lettering and all. I liked the road set from this era but as was said, they would need to redesign it if they made it permanent. Could take the pinstripes or leave them and the NL East already has 2 pinstriped teams. If the Marlins unghosted the numbers, wordmarks and cap logo, the present set would be fine.

    American Airlines needs to focus on flying and on time departures, not uniform crackdowns. I haven’t flown them in over 20 years, mainly because their service is some of the worst in the industry.

    I can only hope that American Airlines inspires the NBA to crackdown on what their coaches wear. I’m sick and tired of seeing coaches in track suits on the sidelines during games. I’m not sure what the pandemic had to do with coaches not wearing a suit and tie, but that’s when this started and the pandemic is over. NBA coaches are still dressed like many AAU coaches and that is embarrassing for the league.

    Came here to say the same. Really hoping this was a wording error, as Taiwan is officially the Republic of China. Taiwan/ROC is a sovereign state. If it’s ever to be united with the mainland, it should be under the government of the ROC, not the PRC, which is an evil repressive regime that is currently committing genocide while it threatens global stability, and oppresses its own people.

    Please Denver fans choose Open Air ! Please! The NFL is slowly and disturbingly becoming a drab looking, inside sport…..the clear covers are not the same, look and feel weird! Open air is the way it should be and the way the game was meant to be played ! And I’m an open air eagles season ticket holder, so it’s not like my opinion is coming from someone who doesn’t sit in the elements !

    PS – another request ! Marlins please change the F to a M and go back to those beauties full time !

    Why would Denver need a new football stadium? Empower Field is only 22 years old! I have an email address that’s older than that.

    Re: the Rangers powder blues not being in MLB The Show 23 right now. I wouldn’t be too concerned about that. In past years the game has just launched with a few unis that don’t get added until a little later. I’ll admit it’s odd, but I’m 80% optimistic that the powder blues will still be worn by the real Rangers this year.

    The most egregious errors I saw were no Kelly Green A’s uniforms from the ’70s, and the Astros tequila sunrise pullovers were shown with plain belted pants.

    So it was MLB (specifically Major League Baseball Properties), not the Red Sox (or the Mariners and Astros, for that matter), who initiated the trademark filings, and it was John Henry who asked them to withdraw the “Boston” application. It certainly didn’t help that they went for a “Standard Character Claim”, meaning they’re not trying to trademark just the specific Tuscan-style rendering used on the Red Sox unis and wordmark, but *all* renderings of the word (presumably excluding existing trademarks such as owned by the Celtics, Bruins, or even the band Boston). It’s the “standard character” bit that comes off as an overreach.

    Team USA needs a uniform change systemically from their WBC All Stars down to U-12 teams. The concepts put out by Joe Petro have some merit. Probably stay away from the ones that the “S” looks much like a swastika. That look never goes well. Ask the Padres. Uni Watch did a rebranding call out recently and those ideas were fire.

    I loved the home plate-shaped USA monogram. That would be perfect because the cap logo we have right now is horrible.

    “New Nebraska coach Matt Ruhle is going to be handing out uni numbers 1 through 9 to the ‘toughest’ players”

    there are a lot of silly things in sports. many of those things are what keep sports entertaining. this is one of those things that makes me a little sad about how ridiculous sports really are sometimes, like when stephen a smith and mad dog russo spend a little too much time screaming at each other about 20 year old kids.

    I thought a lot of kids liked those numbers because “they look fast.” They might be disappointed if those numbers went to some tough defensive linemen.

    This made made me think about player number rules in football and I did a very shallow dive when I realized how absolutely baffling the nfl rules are and have been historically for player number assignments. Some fodder for a future post, perhaps.

    Idk whats worse, the fact that The Vatican flag was wrong for 5 years!?! Or the fact that people use wikipedia (a site where anyone can make changes) to look at for what an actual flag looks like….

    I hate that news regarding Dutchess Stadium, I grew up going to plenty of Renegades games (and high school graduations) there.

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