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Uni Watch News Ticker for March 22, 2023

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Today on the Ticker: Some backlash over the NHL’s new uni deal, some recapping the WBC, and more.





  • The pitcher for Japan’s BP session ahead of the World Baseball Classic Final last night was wearing No. 109. (From Martin Rivas)
  • The “L” on USA P Aaron Loup’s NOB appeared to be mispositioned last night. (From Kurt Rozek)
  • An interesting observation from reader Jon Axell: “[P] Kyle Freeland has to be the first and only player in WBC history with a NOB composed only of words from his country’s national anthem.”
  • The WBC trophy was being engraved during the game. (From Jonathan Goupil)
  • Sportswriter Noah Berger showed off his WBC pin last night.
  • Take a look at this WBC-themed handmade mini-display that reader Jeremy Brahm found.
  • Also from Jeremy: Take a look at these caricatures featuring the Japan national team in their club uniforms.


  • Alma High School in Michigan poaches the Jaguars’ logo, albeit in a different color, and without the spots. Alma’s teams, however, are called the Panthers, not the Jaguars. (From Alex Dewitt)


  • New helmets for the Pittsburgh Maulers of the USFL. (From Kary Klismet)


  • According to this Athletic article, some fans are “furious” about the league’s new manufacturing deal with Fanatics.
  • In a related item, ESPN’s Greg “Puck Daddy” Wyshynski did an FAQ about the new NHL/Fanatics deal.
  • The Capitals wore No. 8 warm-ups last night (with the players’ regular NOBs) to honor F Alex Ovechkin passing Gordie Howe to become the second all-time leading goal scorer. Ovechkin wears No. 8 for the team. (From multiple readers)
  • During the 1977-78 season, Cleveland Barons F J.P. Parisé went FNOB. (From Fred Teigen)


  • We’ve all seen the NBA’s proprietary font by now used for its logo and other properties, but have you ever seen an entire press release rendered in the tall font? (From Jeff Ash)


  • Here’s a story on how Houston men’s has used Jordan shoes.
  • Check out this cool 1941 footage of the City College of New York men’s basketball team. (From Jeff Wilk)


  • Atlanta United F Miguel Berry goes FNOB because he’s the only Berry left in his family. (From Michael Rich)
  • KC Current of the NWSL has unveiled renderings of the “Pitch Club” section of its new stadium. (From Kary Klismet)


  • Italy: Someone was spotted wearing a Lazio shirt with a No. 88 “Hitlerson” NOB at a recent match. An investigation into the fan is ongoing. (From our own Anthony Emerson)
  • England: Here’s a thread of every U.S. state flag rendered in the style of Premier League Brentford’s crest. (From Brandon Sparks)
  • Romania: New kits for the men’s national team. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • There’s been a lot of gimmicky soccer shirts from around the world. Here’s a thread of some of them. (From Steve Kriske)
Auto Racing
  • NASCAR truck series driver Hailie Deegan had a “Women in NASCAR” paint scheme for last weekend’s race in Atlanta, including the names of every woman working in NASCAR. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • New liveries for riders Miguel Oliveira and Raul Fernandez of the RNF Motorcycle Grand Prix team. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Texas’s Major League Cricket team will share its name and advertiser with the Chennai Super Kings of the Indian Premier League. (From Scott Rogers)
Grab Bag
  • Here’s a ranking of this season’s Premier Ultimate League and Women’s Ultimate League jerseys.
  • The mascot for this year’s Guernsey Island Games will be a character named Jet the Puffin. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Minisink Valley High School in New York will retire its Native American imagery but will continue to use its “Warriors” team name. (Also from Kary)
  • Interesting uniforms in this New York Times article about the Battle of the Oranges, a massive food fight involving oranges during the Carnival of Ivrea in Ivrea, Italy.
Comments (24)

    “Here’s a story on how Houston men’s has used Jordan shoes.” Missing a word? “Team” after “men’s”, or perhaps it should be “Houston’s men have”?

    Agreed, I see a lot of people calling them “scoreboards” but they’re really just fancy video ad boards that sometimes show you the score. These video boards are getting bigger mainly to show more ads and bigger ads during the game and during breaks.

    I forget if it was here or maybe Twitter but there seemed to have been a discussion on how some of these scoreboards don’t even do a good job showing you the score, at least the Mets will show you the scoring decisions for previous batters and at bats but I have been to some Yankees games where they don’t always have that info up there.

    Yep. I frequently attend Phillies games and I can tell you they are rarely actually showing replays of game action on there. What is on there is ads, fan cam, silly games, and promos for the team. And given the before and after of their new scoreboard, they replaced the space where the static ads were with more screen, I’ll bet you that the additional screen space will simply be used for rotating ads.
    Back when the Eagles upgraded their scoreboards, and made a big deal about it, there was no actual benefit to the fans, because the ratio size of the scoreboard changed, such that you actually weren’t making the size of the game feed bigger, but rather just adding space on the sides of the scoreboard for rotating ads.

    The Mariners took a similar approach to their newer video board installed a few years ago. There was a video board flanked by static ads but now it’s a wide screen—the score is still centered but the sides are now different ads that give way to full screen graphics for home runs or other things during the game.

    Re: the Super Kings thing in MLC, that’s basically how it is now. The IPL owners are basically “colonizing,” every franchise T20 league like they’re Red Bull or something. LA will also be the Los Angeles Knight Riders, joining the Trinabago Knight Riders in the CPL, and the original Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL. The worst one is MI New York, joining MI Cape Town and MI Emirates, all named after and owned by Mumbai Indians but pronounced “My New York, My Cape Town etc”

    Another reason why I hate franchise cricket, and T20 hit & giggle cricket in general. I get it, I get the need to have a very short version of the game. I can only watch 5 day cricket because I work from home. I still don’t like it though just in the way that it’s taking over the whole game. Wish it were spun off into its own separate sport, which it really is.

    In the most roundabout way, North American sports have found the way to keep “Indians” as a viable nickname. I thought it was going to take naming teams after oceans.

    Quick, find the Rockies’ scoreboard in that graphic! Despite its distinctive shape, that graphic is incomplete. The baseball flying out of the mountain should be included in that shape. While it looks like an analog clock like the old board, it’s digital and becomes part of the video board when needed. Also missing, the arched Rockies wordmark (the only place they use that version) is part of the display, though it looks like a neon sign most of the time. The old real neon version was moved to the back of the scoreboard to bathe the neighboring lofts in soft purple lighting at night.




    The size of the Phillies scoreboard is misleading IMO. What will end up happening is the extra space will just end up as being digital ad space for the ad signs they are replacing.

    The Eagles did the same thing at the Linc. A few years back they installed huge new wide view scoreboards that could enhance the visitors exerience.

    This is how the Eagles show advertise what their scoreboard looks like:


    This is what the scoreboard actually looks like:


    While those scoreboards are impressive in size, they are just extra light polution rather than traditional signage. It’s a shame.

    “According to this Athletic article, some fans are “furious” about the league’s new manufacturing deal with Fanatics.”

    That’s an understatement, based on the reactions I’ve seen.

    A more accurate description would be “Brentford’s crest rendered in the style of every US state flag”.

    While I’ll miss the orange and purple Maulers, I do like that they synced up with the other Pittsburgh teams (that actually play in Pittsburgh) and have switched to black and yellow. Keeping the facemask color makes me wonder if they will be sticking with steel/gray pants…in their case, I hope that is the case.
    I suppose that the Denver Gold won’t be revived ; )

    When I sent it in I was thinking the same thing…I didn’t really know what to call it. However, he was way more well known as JP Parise than as Jean-Paul Parise (or Jean Parise) so I guess JP Parise is in a way a FNOB.

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