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Uni Watch News Ticker for March 2, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: More NFL alternate helmets reportedly on the way, a new NHL anniversary logo, and a NWSL team may be getting a new name.



  • As you know, I hate today’s mishmash of baseball’s pant/hosiery styles. But it’s worth remembering that the old stirrup-clad days weren’t exactly a bastion of uniform uniformity either. (From Kevin Walsh)
  • Cubs pitching prospect Michael McAvene wore No. 0 on the mound yesterday. (From Steve Sher)
  • The Reds raised some eyebrows three months ago by tweeting a rear-view photo of prospect Christian Encarnacion-Strand’s prodigious NOB. But he’s going with just “Encarnacion” in spring training, not the full hyphenated surname. (From Ian Paul)


  • You’ve heard of the birds on the bat? Little Rock Southwest High in Arkansas, whose teams are called the Gryphons, have the gryphons on the bat. (From @charliehog)


  • Andrew Lind, who writes for a variety of media outlets, says his sources indicate that the Colts, Browns, and Broncos will all have alternate or throwback helmets this fall.
  • Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: George Toma, who’s been the groundskeeper for all 57 Super Bowls, says he’ll no longer work with the NFL because he’s upset with how the field was handled for last month’s Supe. (From Sean)
  • The Bills have released updated renderings of their proposed new stadium. (From Kary Klismet)


  • Oregon WR Traeshon Holden, who wore No. 11 with Alabama, will wear No. 5 now that he’s transferred to the Ducks.
  • New uni number assignments for NC State and Virginia Tech. (VT from Andrew Cosentino)





  • Belarus: Molodechno has a Macron-made shirt based on the widely panned Puma template where the club name was across the chest. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • Chile: New home kits for Universidad de Chile of the Primera División. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Colombia: New away kits for Atlético Nacional. (Also from Kary)
  • England: Tottenham midfielder Pedro Porro seems to have a few extra spaces in his NOB. (From David Kendrick)
  • England: Speaking of Tottenham, they have a new deal with Formula One to put an electric go-kart track beneath the team’s stadium. (Kary again)
  • England: Huddersfield Town of the second-tier English Football League Championship will wear alternate kits to support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance service. (Kary yet again)
  • Scotland: Hibernian’s women’s team wore their black third kit at home and black armbands (carried over from last weekend although you can’t see them well, obviously) as continuing memorial gestures for chairman Ron Gordon. (Thanks, Jamie)
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    Bad URL on the link to the Pedro Porro image. By the way they’re going to put the go-kart track in the space they originally designated for the trophy room.

    “One of the candidatess in this week’s Chicago mayoral election”

    – Is that the term for a female candidate?

    “Sout Bend (Wash.) High School has changed its team name from Indians to Bears.”

    – Sout Bend, home of the Fighting Iris.

    “Never use a backwards 2 to represent a 5.” Welp, the Preds just shot that out of the water. That fanged “25” is awesome.

    As a fan, the ranking of Star Trek uniforms was perfect. It seemed to be unbiased by rankings of the series themselves (fans usually rank the uniforms by their favourite series, not the uniforms themselves) so that was kind of perfect.

    Its funny that 5-6-7 are the same uniform, just reimagined by different designers for different media (7 was a cheap uniform made out of cheap fabric for low def TV, 6 is full of detail like little starfleet insignia all over it for big movie screens.

    I’d have rated the Discovery blues a bit higher and the movie maroons a bit lower, but it’s a good ranking.

    I liked Discovery uniforms fine but I didn’t like how they fit into the “continuity” of uniforms. Generations of red-blue-gold, and then this oddball blue track suit with silver or gold stripes. They were good uniforms but not for this team (to put it in sports terms).

    And I know I’m being inconsistent for ragging on Discovery for not fitting into the continuity while loving the movie maroons. I don’t have a good answer for that. Maybe because the movie maroons are so nautical and formal they seem to work, especially for stories where everyone’s a Captain or higher.

    I agree that the list is fairly spot-on, though they did kind of muddle up the Picard season 1 unis – the shot of Picard and Raffi are from a flashback in 2385, while the others (Commodore Oh and Captain Riker) are from the “present” of 2399, which is why the unis are different.

    It does kind of crack me up that the “monster maroons”, thanks to their frequent reuse on TNG, ended up being the longest-used design canonically, from as early as 2278 (TNG season 5, “Cause and Effect”) to as late as 2349 (TNG season 4, “Family”), albeit with gradual changes (TNG s6, “Tapestry”, showed by 2327 the trapunto-knitted turtleneck department undershirts had been replaced by crewnecks; s3’s “Yesterday’s Enterprise” showed that the undershirts had been done away with, along with the belts; and “Family” showed the ornate insignia had been replaced by the TNG-era combadge).

    As for the last-place The Motion Picture uniforms, that one arguably falls at the feet of the late director Robert Wise. When Star Trek: Phase II was in development, the plan was to use the same uniform designs as the original series, just with updated fabrics and some new variations, but when they shifted to a theatrical production, Wise didn’t want to use those costumes. Robert Fletcher was instructed to use toned-down colors because he wanted the audience to focus more on the actors’ faces. Unfortunate, then, that TMP ended up being the least emotive of all of the films; Shatner is stiff as a board as Kirk, Kelley is much less excitable as McCoy, and arguably the actors that show the most emotion are Stephen Collins as Decker, and Leonard Nimoy – at least after Spock’s spacewalk epiphany. (Oh, and that one woman who was a transporter accident victim.)

    Really interesting to see the Washington Spirit want to shed their troubled past by going black/white while contemplating a rebrand. I think this is a good move on their part and the new owner seems fully committed to change for the good.

    Joe Montana’s SB XIX/XXIII jersey just fetched $1.2M at auction. Because the Niners changed fonts in 1986, Montana’s NOB did not match the rest of the team during SB XXIII.


    At first, I misreadyour post. I read ”…jersey fetched just $1.2M”. I was like : ”Seems like a decent amount to me…” I’m dying from laughter over here!!!!

    I don’t know what I would accept as a browns alternate helmet. Their look (to me) should always remain old fashioned and somewhat generic. They are actually unique in their blandness and therefore interesting. I think brownie the elf would make a fine helmet logo for their look but only on an orange header which they already have. I’d be ok with a brown helmet but I don’t think brownie would pop off the helmet like he would on an orange shell. I guess maybe a brown helmet with an orange wordmark or the bulldog if their still officially using that logo.

    Since it’s part of the history, I suppose I’d have to accept it. But for some reason white helmets white helmets don’t appeal to me outside of the ones that already exist.

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