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Uni Watch News Ticker for March 13, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: The Penguins wear warm-up jerseys for a different Pittsburgh team, a men’s Belgian Pro League soccer game becomes a slight uni-disaster, and more.




  • The Korea Baseball Organization’s Lotte Giants got a new logo and uniforms yesterday. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • Nicaragua apparently has two different “N” logos at the WBC. Players’ caps and batting helmets have a plain block N, while manager Sander Guido’s cap and some pullovers have a “fancier” N. The caps also differ as to whether the flag is outlined in white. (From Peter Fahey)
  • Akron baseball added front numbers to its blue jerseys. (From Jacob Farrar)
  • Mark Rosa DIY’d himself a Czech Republic WBC cap by using a 1910 Cubs throwback cap and adding some white packing tape to create the diacritical.
  • In the XFL, San Antonio Brahmas P Brad Wing wears No. 0, so that makes at least two players in the league who do so. (From L.J. Sparvero)


  • Somehow ESPN used the logo of NAIA Faulkner University instead of Florida Atlantic’s logo for a graphic of teams qualifying for the Division I men’s tournament. (From @jvl_thefourth)
  • Meanwhile, a Sling TV graphic for yesterday’s men’s SEC championship represented Texas A&M with the logo of new Division I member Texas A&M-Commerce. (From @NinteNFL)


  • The Penguins wore warm-up jerseys “inspired” by (their words) the Pittsburgh Pennies, the same ’70s-era pro women’s team that the PHF’s Connecticut Whale also paid tribute to earlier this year. (From Jonathan Goupil)
  • Ref Marc Joannette recently worked his 1,500th game, so Canadiens coach Martin St. Louis and Rangers coach Gerard Gallant presented him with No. 1500 Habs and Rangers jerseys prior to last Thursday’s game between the two teams. (From our own Jerry Wolper)


  • The WHL’s Victoria Royals wore their winner of the CHL’s Your Team Your Jersey contest on Saturday. (From Wade Heidt)
  • The WHL’s Calgary Hitmen raised a banner for pro wrestler Bret Hart on Saturday. Hart is from Calgary, was a founding owner of the team, and his nickname provided the inspiration for the team name. (From Wade Heidt)


  • The PHF’s championship game is to be hosted by Mullett Arena, the Arizona State/Coyotes arena in Tempe. The event has a new logo for this year, primarily because it’s less location-specific than last year’s logo.
  • Here’s a thread of every Canadian prime minister as an ice hockey player from the ’70s, as drawn by Midjourney, one of several programs that uses AI to draw images from text prompts. (From Michael Sullivan)


  • MLS’s Charlotte FC and Atlanta United memorialized center-back Anton Walkes, who played for both teams, on Saturday by wearing AW5 warm-up shirts and keeping an empty seat on both benches.
  • MLS’s rarely-seen orange ball appeared at a snow game in Minnesota on Saturday.
  • The return of the Utah Royals to the NWSL next year was formalized on Saturday. The team has a different logo than the first incarnation, but with the same basic idea. MLS’s Real Salt Lake also gave away yellow rally towels to mark the occasion at their game on Saturday, players arrived wearing Royals merch, and they wore their Royals-like yellow/blue/yellow second kit at home.
  • The NWSL is adding video review (VAR) this season. Like other leagues, it’s made its own logo for the technology.
  • Two new shirts for the USL Championship’s San Antonio FC. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Here’s a roundup of the new USL Championship kits. (From John Flory)


  • Argentina: New second shirt for CA Talleres of the men’s top tier. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Argentina: Two new shirts for Quilmes of the men’s second tier. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Belgium: RFC Seraing changed from their first to their second shirt at halftime of their men’s Belgian Pro League game on Saturday, apparently because they had trouble telling their players apart from Royal Antwerp’s. Both share red and black colors. Seraing didn’t seem to have shirts ready for every player because some had numbers Sharpied on. Antwerp goalie Jean Hutez then had to change to a blue shirt because it looks like he was originally wearing white — but the blue shirt wasn’t even his, it belonged to injured backup Davino Verhulst. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • Canada: The Canadian Premier League’s Winnipeg Valour released two new shirts. (From Wade Heidt)
  • Denmark: New third shirt for FC Copenhagen of the men’s top tier. (From Kary Klismet)
  • England: Fulham center-back Tim Ream became the latest player to wear noise-canceling headphones to match the mascot he was walking out with before yesterday’s Premier League game.
  • England: In another Premier League game on Saturday, Manchester City goalie Ederson had to wear opponents Crystal Palace’s second-kit socks. Here’s a thread of other men’s teams that have had to wear some part of an opponent’s uniform in the past, some of which have featured on the site in one way or another before. (From John Flory)
  • England: Here’s more on the FC United of Manchester women’s team’s second kit. We mentioned its release last week on International Women’s Day and it contains references to the suffragette movement in the UK. (From Germán Cabrejo and Kary Klismet)
  • France: PSG is hoping to acquire France’s largest stadium.
  • Italy: Inter Milan have a book on their shirt history coming out. More info here. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Peru: New third shirt for Club Universitario de Deportes of the men’s top tier. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Scotland: New shirt for the men’s national team. (From our own Anthony Emerson)
  • Sweden: New third shirt for Djurgårdens IF of the men’s and women’s top tiers. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Here’s a piece on mascots in soccer, both of the costumed variety and what the term usually means in the sport, which is the little kids who walk out with the players before the match (as in the first England item in this section). (From Kary Klismet)
  • Japanese men’s and women’s pro teams celebrate wins by posing with the shirt of the player whose number matches the number of the win, or two players who together create the number. The Toray Arrows men’s team did that for win No. 21 this weekend, but only after that was it publicly announced that its wearer, Naonobu Fujii, had died of cancer. (From Jeremy Brahm)
Grab Bag
  • A Premier Lacrosse League all-star team played a game against Japan’s men’s team yesterday and both wore white. (From Jared Buccola)
  • Australia’s Super Netball’s Melbourne Vixens recently revealed a statue of their first captain, Sharelle McMahon, outside their arena.
  • Portales (N.M.) HS’s teams were apparently known as the Yams in the 1920s because sweet potatoes were a big crop in the area. But the current Rams name appears to date from 1926, not long after the evidence for the earlier name. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Men’s shoe manufacturers are coming up with new ways of formatting the shoelaces. (From Tom Turner)
Comments (19)

    “PSG is hoping to build what would be France’s largest stadium.”

    According to the link, it’s actually hoping to buy the already-built Stade de France. Hosted the 1998 World Cup, among other events.

    I’m not sure Jesse has this 100% correct. I’m about 99.4% sure that a team can have an additional jersey if it’s worn five or less times — which wouldn’t count against the “4 + 1” quota. I’d be interested to see how many times the Pads intend to wear either the tan camo or green camo. If either of those is five or less, then it’s not “grandfathered” (we really need to find another word for that, too). link

    I wondered aloud to friends if there were a word to take the place of “I____n Giver”; I settled upon “degifter.”

    “Somehow ESPN used the logo of NAIA Faulkner University instead of Florida Atlantic’s logo for a graphic of teams qualifying for the Division I men’s tournament. (From @jvl_thefourth)”

    Guessing someone in their graphics department typed “FAU” into a search bar, expecting the first result to be the school using that initialism rather than a school whose name started with those three letters.

    OK this might just be the lighting… Regarding the white on white unis lacrosse picture, am I the only one who thinks the guy wearing #3 doesn’t look like much of an athlete?

    I think it’s just the way the shirt is sitting, with the front hanging down and the sides either tucked in or just bunched up.

    Curious to know what PSG buying the Stade de France could mean for the national soccer and rugby teams which are both the de facto main tenants currently. Prior to 1998 and the construction of the Stade de France, all three simultaneously used the Parc des Prince, so maybe that could work again. I do just worry that French rugby would be the big losers in all that. They regularly sell out all 80,000 tickets for match days, so it would be an absolute travesty if they had to downsize and use Parc des Princes again.

    While similar, there are more than enough differences between the two logos to not be considered anywhere near a copy.

    Agreed, not much ground to stand on here…

    Plus, it’s not easy coming with something new when it comes to a sport logo featuring a lion…

    Watch the XFL while you can. At the rate their ratings are caving, they’ll be insolvent in 2 weeks.

    Boston College announces Patriots Day uniforms. The 21 Mile sleeve patch references the location BC on the Marathon’s route


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