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Uni Watch News Ticker for March 12, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got lots and lots of World Baseball Classic news, a hockey Pride jersey worn for a full game and much more!




  • The Hillsboro Hops will wear some interesting 10th Anniversary uniforms, and they will debut on April 11. (From Tyler Chaudhary)







  • With some NHL teams scrapping their “Pride” pre-game warmup jerseys, here’s the Metropolitan Riveters (a professional women’s ice hockey team based in East Rutherford, New Jersey) wearing pride jerseys for an entire game.  At the 2:00 mark of the linked video, Madison Packer discusses the importance of these jerseys. (From JS)





Auto Racing
  • “I’ve been a NASCAR fan since 1990, and I’ve never seen two different manufacturers’ light decals on one car, which is also missing the front grill manufacturers’ logo decal for some reason,” writes David Firestone.
  • John Hunter Nemechek suffered damage prior to the Xfinity Series Race, and, after putting tape on the front, someone wrote Supra on the tape in silver sharpie. (Also from David Firestone)
  • Motorcycle helmet manufacturer Bell has released a special design modeled after actor and motorsports icon Steve McQueen’s helmet from the 1964 International Six Days Trial. (From Kary Klismet)
  • New unis (and BFBS to boot) for BYU volleyball. (From Jimmer Vilk)
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    Errata on the Ticker entry for high school football state championship rings: the ring for McKenzie is shown, but not Independence. Here’s the link for Independence’s ring:


    Actually, now the Independence ring is linked, but the McKenzie ring no longer is. Here’s the McKenzie link again:


    Interestingly enough, since one of the themes of today’s Ticker seems to be high schools poaching logos, Independence’s ring provides another prime example of that. I wonder if they got the New England Patriots’ permission before using that logo. I’m guessing probably not…

    A lot of people are gonna pronounce that high school’s teams “Aeronauts.” Also, could USA’s WBC look be any worse? The color palette is somehow drab, the logos are 20 years out of date and the ads are so tawdry.

    It’s weirdly embarrassing when I see schools with blatant ripped off logos.
    Even my high school ended up using Ohio Bobcat’s logo for the Athens Wildcats in PA. I think someone just thought “Ohio U is in Athens, OH. We are in Athens, PA. The logo is ours now”

    I actually like the font on Columbia’s WBC uniforms. I do not like the C patch on their hat and pant leg as it doesn’t match the uni font. I don’t know what was up with the cap designers for this WBC but they’re all pretty terrible, at least those using letters vs symbols.

    Sorry you seem so offended by the Russian hockey players not wanting to wear “Pride” jerseys. Maybe you should learn to respect their right to not wear something that is not a part of their culture.

    It’s fair to wonder if the NHL’s “Hockey is for Everyone” initiative actually means anything.

    Despite what the Russians would have you believe, there are gay Russians; they just throw theirs in jail.

    False equivalency on so many levels, Tom. It’s not like Irish St. Patrick’s Day commemorations are part of the Russian players’ “culture,” either.

    What you’re really seeing is an imposed political ideology in action, selectively choosing elements of “tradition” to fetishize while ignoring other traditions not useful to the ruling cabal.

    Anti-semitism wasn’t really an important part of Germany’s culture before the Nazis. Around 1900 people would rightly have argued that France, Austria and Russia were the anti-semitic parts of Europe. The militarist culture of the German Empire was strengthened by middle-class reserve officers, many Jewish, and a dueling cult which the Pope opposed, creating a problem for Catholic officers. It was when the Army failed in 1918 that its apologists doubled down on anti-semitism as a scapegoat.

    Similarly, the “bushido tradition” of the Japanese Empire was bullshit, the product of decades of Japanese intellectuals trying to create an aggressive national identity disregarding the peasant reality of life for ordinary Japanese.

    Notably, the right-wing Putin regime has erased his Soviet predecessors’ emphasis on gender equality, and declared war on LGBTQ as part of his cynical partnership with the national Orthodox Church in restoring a Czarist culture. If it were 1989, would Russian hockey players have been offended by those same jerseys? Tradition can be turned on and off like a switch.

    “Tradition” cannot be turned on and off like a switch. It is a process that develops over time in a dialectical fashion.

    For the game, the Pens went with the Winter Classic jerseys. The gold bucket did look sharp with those warmups!

    While it doesn’t explain the nose decal oddities, ARCA…though under the NASCAR umbrella…has a different set of rules/guidelines/accepted practices than the truck and car series that run under the NASCAR banner. Manufacturers are less influential, and the cars are mostly purchased second hand too. I think that particular team runs 2 different makes, so there’s that.
    I remember when Robby Gordon got pinched at Daytona for running an unapproved nose on his Dodge, but that was at least a manufacturer-issued part, not one from a rival (though he had switched makes ftom one to another).

    Seems weird for the Rays to put a memorial patch on their batting helmets rather than jerseys. Pitchers and coaches (except I guess maybe base coaches) aren’t able to memorialize Wills too?

    The article on the Dodger’s history has strange mistakes in almost every paragraph. Like it’s been run thru Google Translate a few times.

    And the “1952” picture is from 1956, because Sal Maglie is second from right, and he didn’t join the Dodgers until then.

    I was shocked when I saw the Swoosh on Great Britain’s uniforms. Guess Nike was too busy trying to ruin the Detroit Lions and Houston Texans next set.

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