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Uni Watch News Ticker for March 11, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got some excellent 1973 throwbacks for a minor league team, the launch of a gorgeous fourth kit for a Scottish giant, and more!



  • It may just be a rendering error, but it appears every team except the Yankees will wear the No. 42 in Dodger blue on Jackie Robinson Day. (From David Fisher)
  • When Atlanta retired Hank Aaron’s number in 1977, the team gave him that year’s jersey, which of course he had never worn. (From Austin Gillis)
  • Yesterday’s episode of the podcast The Lead was about the theft of MLB jerseys from clubhouses in 2020. (From Andrew Cosentino)


  • The Omaha Storm Chasers, Triple-A affiliates of the Royals, will wear some amazing 1973 throwbacks on Aug. 24. (From Alex Seder)
  • The Hillsboro Hops, the High-A affiliate of the Diamondbacks, have announced plans for a new stadium. (From Kary Klismet)


  • If you can survive the atrocious website, The Liverpool Echo has some nice pictures from the 1938 amateur baseball tournament played between the US and UK in Liverpool — which the British won! (From Dan Budny)
  • Japan C Kensuke Kondo vents his jersey in the armpits. (From @MBDChicago)


  • A Baltimore ice cream shop has made their feelings about the Ravens’ QB situation very clear with their newest flavor, Pay Lamar. (From Andrew Cosentino)





  • Here’s a look at what every Canadian NHL club is doing to mark Indigenous heritage.
  • The Athletic has revealed that recent NHL Pride Night kerfuffles has originated from a handful of Russian players.


  • The Milwaukee Admirals, AHL affiliates of the Predators, will wear these jerseys on St. Patrick’s Day. Paul is gonna love that color scheme. (From Wade Heidt)
  • Cross-posted from Football: The WHL’s Winnipeg Ice wore Winnipeg Blue Bombers-inspired jerseys last night. (From Wade Heidt)


  • Did you know that Nairobi, Kenya has a Celtics-themed bus? And that the Celtics-themed bus has a depiction of Marilyn Monroe in a Larry Bird jersey on it? Don’t show Joe DiMaggio. (From Steve Kriske)


  • Our own Jamie Rathjen writes in: “Virginia men’s G Reece Beekman sometimes wears a T-shirt under his uniform and sometimes doesn’t. The author of this article tried to see if wearing or not wearing a T-shirt made him better this season. The short answer is that not wearing a shirt makes him better at shooting 3s, but otherwise not much difference.”


  • New kits for FC Tulsa and Memphis 901 FC of the USL Championship, as well as new third kits for fellow Championship side Charleston Battery. Really, really digging Tulsa’s look. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Nashville SC reports on Twitter CF Montréal is having a manufacturing glitch with its home kit, forcing L’Impact to wear their road grey kit, and forcing Nashville to wear its “Man in Black” kit to avoid a light-on-light kit clash. (From Moe Khan)


  • Brazil: New home kits for São Paulo FC. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Scotland: Celtic have formally launched their previously-leaked fourth kit. I absolutely adore it. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • New kits for Wolfdogs Nagoya of V1 Men’s Volleyball League in Japan. (From Jeremy Brahm)
Grab Bag
  • A concrete company in Texas has poached both the Atlanta baseball team’s “A” logo, and the Cavaliers’ “C” logo! (From Austin Gillis)
  • Wichita North High School in Kansas has revealed the logo to accompany its new “RedHawks” team name that it adopted after dropping its previous Native American-themed name and imagery. (From Kary Klismet)
  • President Biden has signed off on a new livery for Air Force One, an update on the classic white and light blue. Former President Trump’s attempted redesign to a darker blue, white and red color scheme had been rejected by the Air Force for technical and logistical reasons.
  • The red carpet at the Oscars this year won’t be red — it’ll be champagne-colored, and it’s part of a growing trend of red carpets being, um, not red.
Comments (14)

    The 1977 Braves jersey has got to be the one of the worst ever worn in the MLB. It looks like something a Little League team would wear.

    When I was 17, so a little after Little League, I played for a team in summer ball that had a jersey that looked like that, I hated it. Also, ironically, our hat was a Braves hat. LOL

    Gifting him with the 1972-74 jersey would’ve been far more meaningful because he actually had a say in its design; the roads were going to be solid RED until Hank made his preference for blue known!

    They inspired the Yakult Swallows’ home uniforms of the next decade:


    And those led directly to what they wear now:


    …so that old Braves uniform design has lasted a long time. The Swallows have changed the three-layer numbers into shadowed numbers, but the red pinstripes and blue lettering are still there.

    When the Browns inducted Clay Matthews into the Ring of Honor, they presented him with one of those godawful 2015-19 jerseys that they were wearing at the time. I imagine he thew it in the garbage when he got home.

    Or gave it to his little brother ; )

    Also, those Winnipeg Blue Bombers sweaters are light years ahead of what the Ice usually wears!

    The Blue Bombers’ royal blue with metallic gold trim is a great-looking colour scheme. For some reason not a commonly used colour scheme. This hockey uniform inspired by the alternate 3rd uniform for the Bombers.


    The big question surrounding the Winnipeg Ice. Are they likely to be the Winnipeg Ice much longer or could this team be on the move again due to the arena issue?


    The Blue Bombers jersey looks great on the Ice but terrible on the Blue Bombers. It’s a hockey jersey!

    Last night’s Big East Tournament game UConn vs. Marquette was color vs. color. I didn’t grab a screenshot but it looked very nice!

    I’m going to wager that when the Storm Chasers actually wear that throwback, it will be sublimated with ads on the sleeves and worn with white home pants.

    Is anyone really surprised it’s the Russians causing issues with the pride night jerseys? At the same time though, why didn’t any of these hockey teams run pride jerseys as a concept past the team rosters first? I have no issue with doing a pride night, even if at same my cynical brain might see it as pride-washed marketing. Maybe just don’t announce warm-up jerseys when it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to know half your team is going to have qualms about it. Just make some rainbow logo merch to sell, or maybe do a rainbow logo t-shirt giveaway at the gate, and let the players do as much or little as they want during warmups.

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