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Uni Watch News Ticker for March 10, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got the first rebrand of the Irish national soccer teams in two decades, how one of Europe’s most iconic clubs is celebrating its 115th anniversary, and more!



  • The Giants/Brewers game yesterday had perhaps the single worst score bug I’ve ever seen. (From Steve Kriske)


  • Some rather nice new alternate jerseys for Iowa. Love that script. (From Kary Klismet)


  • The Canadiens wore NickNOB warm-up sweaters before last night’s game. (From @mrbh204)
  • If you have 20 minutes, Icethetics has a nice video on the history of NHL uni suppliers, and what might happen when the Adidas deal expires after next season. (From Jonathan Goupil)


  • NBA 2K and the Dallas Mavericks put out a joint Instagram post depicting PG Kyrie Irving wearing No. 11, which he wore in Boston and Brooklyn, not the No. 2 he wears for the Mavs. (From Patrick Neligan)


  • Syracuse’s 1983 letterhead was excellent. I’ve never seen that “Go Big Orange” logo before — was that in common use in the 80s? (From @PhillyPartTwo)
  • Here’s some info on why Patrick Ewing wore a T-shirt under his jersey at Georgetown. (From Bryan Martin Firvida)
  • Paul’s worst nightmare: Kansas State’s and TCU’s men’s teams went purple vs. purple-trimmed last night. (From Kenny Kaplan)


  • Ireland: The Football Association of Ireland and the Irish national teams each have new logos. It’s a major upgrade on the old one, which was in use for over 20 years. Launch video here. (From multiple readers)
  • Italy: Inter Milan is celebrating its 115th anniversary with a really unique anniversary logo, which will be worn as a sleeve patch for this weekend’s match against Spezia. The club also posted a video highlighting some iconic jerseys in the club’s history. More info here.
  • Canada: Canadian Premier League side Halifax Wanderers have unveiled their new kits for this season. (From Wade Heidt)
  • The Classic Football Shirts Twitter account has a good thread on teams in recent history who have made color changes to their home uniforms, something rather rare in soccer. (From John Flory)
Grab Bag
  • Reader Beau Shea has created a website where you can switch between 20 classic sports card template designs across various sports. Beau also threw in classic video game covers, magazine covers and poster templates as well. Definitely worth checking out.
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    Obviously not uniform related, but I’m sure you guys’ll get a kick out of this.

    Apparently stores have found a clever way to keep people in check :


    The Washington Capitals will be honoring Alex Ovechkin for passing Gordie Howe in career goals scored.

    The’re gonna have a seet photo op available to fans and they will hand out these :

    I just love the counter at the bottom! Guess it’s so you can keep up until he breaks (if he does) Gretzky’s record.

    Never minded the t shirt under the jersey but the rule of it having to be the same color has gone by the wayside.

    The Classic card template website in the grab bag is coming up as a suspended domain for me.
    Not sure what happened there.

    Iowa baseball script looks off-center. It’s a 4-letter word and they tried to lengthen it with an extra-loopy flourish at the end. They could have truncated it and moved everything to the right a hair. But bonus points for poaching the Texans’ number font.

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