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Uni Watch News Ticker for June 8, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: All of the NFL’s new heroes of zero, the latest Spurs home kit, and more.









  • The Tiger-Cats will wearing their grey “Made in the Hammer” alternates in the Labour Day Classic on Sept. 4. (From Wade Heidt)


  • Here’s a good piece on the legacy of No. 7 for the Rangers. (From Alan Kreit)


  • New 50th-anniversary logo for WMU. (From Brandon Weir)


  • Denmark: The men’s national team’s 1986 kit is returning as a throwback. (From Steve Kriske)
  • England: New home shirt for Tottenham Hotspur. (From Ed Zelaski and our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • The Netherlands: New home kit for Groningen. (From Ed Zelaski)
Grab Bag
  • Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo is facing a potential $1.7 million ethics penalty for wearing his sheriff’s uniform in campaign commercials.
  • The Maine House of Representatives has approved a new state flag design, although it still has to be voted on in the Senate and signed by the governor. (Thanks, Anthony)
  • The latest episode of my friend Avery Trufelman’s great clothing/fashion podcast, Articles of Interest, is about prison uniforms. Really interesting stuff. Among other things, I learned that many prisons order their uniforms from this company (which, despite its name, is not related to the Price Is Right host).
  • Updated logo and colors for Case Western Reserve University. (From Mark Dziak)
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    In the same fashion from 50 years ago that Major League Baseball/NFL/Multipurpose stadiums looked like ashtrays. Everything old is new again.

    Well, we have a new champion in the Worst Bowl Name competition: The Reliaquest Bowl.

    To make if doubly bad, it’s a New Year’s Day game. If anything, garbage like this belongs on a Tuesday night in mid-December.

    I cannot imagine that anyone gives a flying fig what Reliaquest is. Nor can I picture anyone rushing out and buying a Reliaquest product or service or whatever because they saw the name on a bowl game.

    If all goes well, this stupid bowl name will sink back into oblivion after Jan. 1, never to be inflicted on sports fans again.

    Most of them are dumb. I remember the “Beef O’Brady’s Bowl”. That is a chain of restaurants that isn’t even nationwide, isn’t in the northeast population centers and not in California. So they paid how much to advertise their product to the 5% of the country’s population that is close to one of their locations and the 2% of that 5% subset who would be watching East Carolina v. Nevada…? I’m sure it makes sense to someone, just not me.

    That Denmark throwback kit is interesting, if for no other reason than proper throwbacks are just not much of a thing in soccer. We certainly see plenty of fauxbacks or “inspired by…” designs around (Arsenal’s resurrection of the bruised banana for instance). A lot of it has to do with uni ads I suppose and not being able to properly recreate a kit with the logo of a company that went bankrupt 30 years ago emblazoned on it, but it should be more of a thing in the international scene considering they’re ad free.

    Clubs actually release remake kits all the time, though they are very rarely worn on the pitch. Some of them are quite decent, especially when the kit provider is the same now as it was when the original was released.

    We knew we would see the alternate unis from the Tiger-Cats at some point. Have to wait until Labour Day game. Their regular alternate third is like City Connect uniform. Dark grey works in this case for Hamilton as blue collar, steel city. No tigers but lots of hammers. I enjoy the use of the negative space in the “H” logo on the helmet.

    Watching the Guardians/Red Sox game and noticed the Sox have dumped the “hanging sox” patch on the sleeves. Not a Sox fan but that logo was very cool. They should do as the Guardians and put the patch on opposite sleeves for right and left handed hitters.

    Devin Bush, with the Seahawks, looks to be also another player that will wear the number “0” this season.

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