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Uni Watch News Ticker for June 7, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: The return of an MLB Mother’s Day jersey, some interesting uni changes in field hockey, and more.



  • Here’s one writer’s ranking on the Padres’ current uniforms. (From our own Phil Hecken)
  • Cubs P Hayden Wesneski wore the club’s Mother’s Day jersey last night. (From Bill Herron)
  • Speaking of the Cubs, they will wear their City Connect unis at home on June 16 against the Orioles. It will be their first time this season wearing the CCs. (From Phil Santos)
  • Bit of a switcheroo in the Bronx last night: Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton, who usually goes high-cuffed, went with the pajama look, while teammate Anthony Rizzo, who usually goes with the pajama look, went high-cuffed. (From @Batbeat2)
  • No confirmation on this yet, but David Maynard says he’s heard from Stance that there are no Father’s Day socks this year. If true, that would be surprising, especially since MLB players wore Mother’s Day socks last month.


  • The Worcester Bravehearts of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League wore neon green uniforms on Friday and even had neon green bases in the infield. (From @viceforever88)


  • New numbers for some UNC women’s players. (From James Gilbert)


  • England: New away shirt for Peterborough United of League One. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • Portugal: New home shirt for Porto. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • Saudi Arabia: F Karim Benzema has signed with Al Ittihad. He was presented with a No. 2026 shirt for a photo op. (From our own Anthony Emerson)
  • The CONCACAF men’s Champions League is reverting back to its old name of the Champions Cup (which it had until it was renamed the Champions League in 2008) and has a new logo. Says our own Jamie Rathjen: “I think it’s stupid that before this change every confederation (AFC, CAF, the aforementioned CONCACAF, OFC, and UEFA) except South America (CONMEBOL) had named its top men’s club competition the ‘_____ Champions League’ after the European one, so this is welcome.”
  • England: Leicestershire County Cricket Club went mono-green in their match yesterday — or as reader R. Scott Rogers calls it, “watermelon.”
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Comments (11)

    Rizzo going high-cuffed is particularly unusual this season as I don’t think he has gone with that look since last season, or even the season before that. He had occasionally gone with it on Sunday day games but I have not seen that.

    I think Stanton had gone back to the low-cuffed look maybe a couple weeks ago for a game or two before going on the Injured List. Also a bit jarring as he had switched to high-cuffed for several seasons, possibly beginning in 2019.

    IIRC, when he was with the Cubs, Rizzo would sometimes go high-cuffed when he was trying to get out of a slump (and he appears to be in one right now).

    I think you should be disqualified from ranking baseball uniforms if you have a bizarre quirk such as disliking white baseball pants. He doesn’t come out and say it, but implies he wants camo pants with the camo jerseys, brown pants with brown jerseys, etc. He can’t put it into words for some reason.

    He further irritates by referring to the brown jersey as the “brown uniform”.

    I’ve never read a uniform ranking that didn’t rankle me, come to think of it. I need to get out more.

    Oh! One last thing and I’ll forget the guy forever: he thinks white clashes with other colors. It’s neutral, you ninny.

    I think he’s just ignorant when it comes to colours. He called their sand uniforms “gray-ish”.

    Having read your comment before I checked out the article, I thought you were exaggerating. But his obsession (or anti-obsession?) with white pants is plain weird. I don’t know why he even though to bring it up when discussing the away uniforms, since no major league team ever pairs a grey (or close to grey) jersey with white pants (excluding the Nationals CC, which is obviously a different colour entirely).

    I probably should have finished his article before I commented here…

    The guy is definitely missing something when it comes to colour. He described San Diego’s CC uniform as white with “red and green” ………………..

    I see Porto has gone for fewer/wider stripes vs last year lol I should go back and look at the pattern over the years

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