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Uni Watch News Ticker for June 5, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: The NWSL starts Pride month, a PLL team gets an alternate jersey, and more.



  • In part one of fans’ jerseys at games making the news this weekend, an Athletics fan has a jersey with “Traded” as the NOB and No. 0, which is one way to solve the problem of not knowing whose jersey to get. (Thanks, Phil)
  • White Sox 3B Yoán Moncada’s helmet decal was askew yesterday. (From Mike Chamernik and Erik Brown)
  • This might be more common than it used to be, but reader William DiMarco points out that this weekend’s Mets/Blue Jays series had both teams wear different jerseys for each game: black vs. grey on Friday, pinstripes vs. dark blue on Saturday, and blue vs. light blue yesterday.


  • On the occasion of the women’s College World Series, here’s why some Oklahoma players chose their numbers. (From Sam McKinley)


  • The Pioneer League’s Great Falls Voyagers played the first inning of their game yesterday wearing shorts for unclear reasons. (From Michael Harris)
  • Reading, Pa.’s World War II weekend had some period Marines jerseys and caps. (From Joe Mays)




  • NWSL teams did a lot for Pride this weekend, starting with a new version of the league’s rainbow number font. The numbers are no longer fully rainbow but are white or black with rainbow swirls inside. However, not every team wore them this weekend or is even holding a Pride game this month.
  • The Washington Spirit gave away full-size Progress Pride flags and used rainbow corner flags on Saturday. Winger Trinity Rodman also got a framed No. 50 shirt for reaching 50 NWSL appearances.
  • Racing Louisville did not wear the rainbow numbers but did have a rainbow captain’s armband.
  • Retired former Gotham FC goalie Ashlyn Harris designed some of the team’s Pride merch and also the captain’s armband for her wife, Gotham center-back Ali Krieger, which includes their wedding date.
  • The San Diego Wave also wore orange gun violence-awareness warm-up shirts both yesterday and last Thursday.
  • In MLS, Minnesota United also wore rainbow numbers on Saturday.
  • Meanwhile, Minnesota United’s stadium features one red seat, which is given for each game to a veteran or other military personnel.
  • The trophy for the Leagues Cup, a new competition between the teams in MLS and the men’s Liga MX this summer, is reversible depending on which league wins.


  • Argentina: A game in the men’s second tier between Independiente Rivadavia and Deportivo Maipú on Saturday caused a mix of consternation and wonder online when Rivadavia fans started setting off celebratory fireworks before the game was actually over and in fact while Maipú had a good chance to equalize.
  • England: In part two of fans’ jerseys at games making the news this weekend, a Manchester United fan was arrested at Saturday’s men’s FA Cup final for wearing a frankly horrid custom shirt with the number and NOB referencing the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, which killed 97 Liverpool fans.
  • England: New first shirt for Doncaster Rovers.
  • Italy: Napoli striker Victor Osimhen has been wearing a face mask for over a year after suffering a facial injury in November 2021. At Napoli’s last men’s Serie A game of the season yesterday, his kid had a matching mask. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • Scotland: Dundee United will now be outfitted by Errea. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • Turkey: New first shirt for Galatasaray.
  • Golfers and fans at the PGA Tour’s Memorial Tournament wore yellow ribbons, or even yellow shirts, yesterday to support fundraising for children’s hospitals. This appears to be a regular tradition based on tournament founder Jack Nicklaus’s habit of wearing yellow shirts in final rounds. (From Jason Hillyer)
Grab Bag
  • Here’s an overview as of Friday of which teams in almost all top-tier North American pro leagues changed their logos on social media to rainbow versions. The WNBA and PHF had 100% participation, while the NWSL, CFL, and MLS also had majorities. Six of the leagues’ own accounts also participated, although that includes MLB, who switched back after one day.
  • “Waterdogs Lacrosse Club wore black alternates, which have gold accents to commemorate winning the championship last year,” says Jared Buccola. “They are just the second PLL team with front numbers on their new jerseys.”
  • At the bottom of this picture about the NLL’s Buffalo Bandits’ championship parade is an “NLL Cup Champs” logo for their title. (From Michael Hochman)
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    theres no need to say “mens” liga mx. mens sport is the implied. if its women say women, there’s no need to say mens

    There are people around the WNBA who would say “MNBA,” yes. The logic is that you should qualify both or neither, never just one.

    I understand the equality push, but in most cases an older league or entity is called by its familiar name and any newer league denotes itself. That’s why the leagues are known as what they are. Adding “men’s” is fine, just very unnecessary as it is not part of the League name. This is a silly argument and while I applaud your push for equality – if you believe calling the NBA Finals the “Men’s NBA Finals” in the ticker makes a difference – then it’s the right thing to do. But it feels odd when you are the only outlet doing it. Especially when the leagues themselves don’t do it. If you choose to do this please go all-in and always denote you mean Men’s sports. Like the “Men’s Stanley Cup Final”. If it’s about equality use your terms consistently. It caused discussion and thought so that’s the point, right?… Interesting.

    I feel like we’re going to get pounded over the head with soccer Pride uniforms/gear for the next month. I love football, but I absolutely hated everything that was worn for Pinktober and G.I. Jovember. I just wanted to see regular uniforms. I’m curious if any soccer fans, who are big Pride supporters, have yet grown tired of all the rainbow visuals, etc. and just want to see teams in their traditional kits?

    Most of the time special kits/numbers are for one week only. By and large though soccer fans are very supportive of Pride and LGBT+ causes. Prideraiser is huge in the soccer community.

    I’m a fan of how my local team, Forward Madison FC, handles Pride: Athletes wear a special Pride warmup/training shirt before the game and on the sidelines. Team does a ton of Pride events (and merch sales!) around the games this month too. But in the game itself, it’s regular home or away kit for everybody. Plus a rainbow captain’s armband.

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