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Uni Watch News Ticker for June 4, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got some possible spectacular uniforms for the upcoming NHL outdoor games, a fantastic Bengals logo redesign, and more!



  • Friday Night’s Baltimore Orioles/San Francisco Giants game had some serious Hallowe’en vibes. They liked it so much they did it again last night, only this time with the colors reversed! (From Andrew Cosentino). Here’s a side-by-side. (From John)
  • Reader John Taxin sat front row at Friday night’s Philadelphia Phillies/Washington Nationals game and noticed that Josh Harrison was wearing a different belt than the rest of the team. It was particularly “shiny.” It appears as though he’s worn this before.
  • Great framed poster of the 1983 ASG played at Comiskey Park, a Goodwill find. (From Borgsmiller)
  • The Boston Red Sox’ Masataka Yoshida appears to have an Asian character stitched onto his belt. (From Nick Proto)
  • The Washington Nationals wear their Cherry Blossom City Connect unis on Saturdays, and they dress the Racing Presidents in them as well. (From BryanWDC)
  • It doesn’t appear as though MLB is letting Tony Oliva (or the company he’s signing for) use the Twins jersey and cap logos for a HOF induction weekend autograph signing. (From Jimmy Lonetti)
  • Here is the inaugural edition of the 2023 Miami Marlins Uniform Tracker! (From Noah Berger)


  • The Hudson Valley Renegades played as the “Cider Donuts” and had some pretty cool caps (and I would assume also jerseys) to denote the occasion. (From Keith Doll)
  • The Lexington Legends name may be a relic of the past now, but the Legend still lives on in some parts of the park. Submitter Josh Claywell adds, “And I can always appreciate a stadium without a corporate name.”
  • Mono blue vs mono black last night in the Northwoods League. (From Patrick Murphy)


  • This post seriously argues that the Miami Dolphins “need” a black uniform: It goes on to add, “The Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Francisco 49ers have all had black alternate uniforms. Why not the Miami Dolphins? Granted black absorbs heat and wearing them at home would be a terrible idea.” FFS.
  • Check out this awesome set of 1960s NFL coasters that were recently matted and framed. (From Kurt Rozek)
  • Ooooh. This Cincinnati Bengals logo redesign is incredible. (From Jason Diebold)


  • Arena League: The Jacksonville Sharks and West Texas Warbirds went color vs. color. West Texas in red, Jacksonville in black (From MikeyLew47)


  • Here are some predictions for uniforms to be worn at the NHL’s upcoming outdoor games (Stadium Series, Winter Classic, Heritage Classic). Some of these would be absolutely spectacular.
  • Speaking of the Flyers/Devils SS game, here’s a look at MetLife Stadium with Flyers/Devils endzones. (From Mike Lipinski)
  • The Stanley Cup Patch next to the Captain’s “C” looks very crowded on the Florida Panthers’ sweater. (From Massbark)




  • Scotland: Celtic won a record eight “domestic trebles” and they came up with a very cool logo to celebrate it. (From Shawn Hairston)
  • Italy: After the Digitalbits sponsor fiasco, Inter Milan agreed a new one with Paramount+ for the season finale (let’s see if UEFA approves it in time for the Champions League final). (From Germán Cabrejo)
  • England: Manchester United used some “pointy faux serifs” on their NOBs in the FA Cup final to add “extra devilishness.” (From Ben Jay)
Grab Bag
  • The United States Marines have released specs for their high-tech next-gen combat utility uniform. (From Tom Turner)
  • How do you put ads on a uniform when your participants don’t wear shirts? This is how. (From Scott Stanek)
Comments (12)

    That Manchester United font has been their non-Premier League font for I think two or three seasons, so that detail with the NOB font is nothing new (for me, at least). It may have been the last time we’ll see it — some leaked image of their 2023-24 home kit seemed to reveal an updated number font, not sure how the names will look.

    Funny about Lexington’s ballpark, considering that the stadium was named for an advertiser from its opening in 2001 through the 2020 season. Presumably now that the professional team is no longer in the MiLB ranks, it’s harder to get that corporate money for the stadium name.

    The team is in a “partner” league with MLB and hasn’t lost the minor league distinction. It just doesn’t have a parent team at the moment.

    Playmobil also issued a Martin Luther figure ahead of the 500th anniversary of Luther starting the Reformation in 1517. Lutherans are numerous in Wisconsin, so the Luther bobblehead makes some sense for the Admirals.


    If the Stadium Series games are being held in a football stadium, I highly doubt they use baseball as inspiration for any of the 4 teams involved.

    If anything, the Dolphins need ANY dark uniform, make it a navy blue one since it is nominally a part of their color scheme.

    And all those teams listed should never had had black alts either.
    No mention of the Commies BFBS uniform? Best forgotten anyway!

    The Dolphins don’t need a dark uni.
    Full stop.
    Aqua and orange. That’s it.

    Referring to the outdoor hockey game jersey article, how can you not do a gambling reference in your Vegas jerseys? Being a Millennial, the rise of sports gambling kinda grosses me out, but to not reference gambling in a Vegas sports uniform is absurd.

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