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Uni Watch News Ticker for June 3, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got a deep dive on some eye-catching NPB unis, a covered-up makers mark, and more!



  • Check out some rare footage of the 1998 Braves/Brewers game where both teams wore Braves throwbacks. More details about the game courtesy of Bill Henderson’s Game Worn Guide here. (From Allen Willis)


  • Fast Company has a great piece on those crazy Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters unis designed by manager Tsuyoshi Shinjo. Highly recommended. (Thanks, Phil)


  • France: Reader Graham Clayton sends along the bizarre 1972-73 Paris FC kits (not to be confused with Paris Saint-Germain, the more famous and successful Parisian club), with a hugely prominent ad and American football-style front numbers.
  • Poland: Last week, second-tier side GKS Katowice wore fauxbacks celebrating their 1993 Polish Cup title, the last time the club won the Polish Cup. Original kits here. (From Ed Zelaski)
  • The Poland national rugby team have a new logo. (From Sy Hart and Ed Zelaski)
Grab Bag
  • Here’s a fun Twitter thread about athletes in the “wrong” uniforms.
  • The Maine State Legislature is moving forward with a plan to redesign the state’s iconic chickadee license plates with a simpler design based on the state’s original flag. Now if only they adopted the flag officially.
Comments (10)

    Thank goodness Bud Selig sold the Brewers so we fans no longer have to indulge his fantasy of a never-ending childhood where the Braves are still in Milwaukee.

    Yeah, what the hell was that, the Boston Braves vs. the Milwaukee Braves and one of the teams is really the Braves and one is pretending and my head hurts.

    And yet we are led to believe ‘everyone’ would love to have the Houston Texans transform into the Oilers ; )
    Ad a one-off story/telling opportunity, the look of that game was OK, but I don’t recall anyone clamoring for the Braves identity to be returned permanently to Milwaukee.

    An even odder thing about the Braves mash-up game is that Atlanta scored 9 runs on 12 hits while Milwaukee scored 0 runs on 12 hits.

    Here’s a fun Twitter thread about athletes in the “wrong” uniforms

    Al Oliver in anything other than a Pirates uniform is wrong.
    Forty-six years later and I’m still not over that trade.

    I’m an Al Oliver fan because he is a part of that elite group to me. Players who have suited up for both the Expos and Blue Jays.

    As a young child, I was thrilled Al Oliver was traded to the Rangers. A pure hitting machine and a pleasure to watch for a few years until the Rangers foolishly shipped him to the Expos for Larry Parrish (a poor fielder with low average and occasional streaky power).

    I always preferred the term “uni-cameo”.
    There’s a lot of NASCAR ‘wrongs’ I could list, but Tony Stewart in the #14 ranks up there on my annoyance list. And I kinda like the prototype #20 more than what Coach Gibbs went with:

    I just looked it up. Pirates got Bert Blyleven and John Milner and another World Championship in short order from that trade. I’m a Cubs fan. When you give up Lou Brock for Ernie Broglio, THAT’S when you weep.

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