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Uni Watch News Ticker for June 21, 2023

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Today on the Ticker: More Field of Dreams news, an extreme NFL helmet mockup, and more.



  • Last night was Marlins P Eury Pérez’s first start wearing the club’s home whites. Perez has already worn all the club’s other uniforms.
  • Paul reported last week that the Giants and Cardinals would play in next year’s Field of Dreams game, and that it would probably be at Rickwood Field in Birmingham. Yesterday, MLB made that official.
  • The ban on the shift has resulted in less wear and tear on MLB grass. That article is full of interesting groundskeeping info.
  • Here’s the story about how Lizard Skins, an equipment company, came to dominate the bat grip world. (From John Flory)
  • The Rangers are the only MLB team that doesn’t have a Pride Night promotion, and quite a few team employees aren’t happy about that.
  • Monday’s Ticker noted that the Giants would be adding a “Humm Baby!” sign on their outfield wall as a memorial to former manager Roger Craig. Here’s how it looks. (From @Frankie__Doodle)



  • Apparently, only the front two eyelets of the University of Tennessee’s caps are stitched in orange, while the rest of the eyelets are not. (From @HawkeyeOnAir)
  • Here are the NPB All-Star Game balls for the Nagoya (blue) and Hiroshima (red) games. “Yes, Japan does two games in two different stadiums,” explains Jeremy Brahm.


  • A German graphic designer mocked up a helmet with logos from all nine of the teams QB Ryan Fitzpatrick played for in his career. (From @MDMambo)


  • Here’s a first look at Houston’s home unis and home field with the Big 12 logo. Houston will officially leave its current conference, the American Athletic Conference, to join the Big 12 next month. (From Ignacio Salazar)
  • Reader Steve Curry found a collection of 1928-30 Stanford football tickets in his grandmother’s scrapbook. There’s also a ticket from a Veterans Day 1930 Army/Navy game that says it was played at the home of Cal. According to records, though, the 1930 game was played in New York in December. Why the discrepancy? According to @FoFStrife, this California-based 1930 Army/Navy game involved active duty servicemen stationed on the West Coast.
  • New uniforms for Western Kentucky. (Thanks, Phil)


  • The Rangers introduced new head coach Peter Laviolette with a No. 39 sweater — the number he wore during his playing career with the team. (From @fullgrownnut)


  • England: Arsenal has suspended sales of its 2023/24 shirt due to a design error by Adidas. (From Antonio Losada)
Comments (12)

    I wonder if those might be awful looking ankle braces on top of stirrups for the Charlotte Knights.

    Thought so too, but no. If you check out this video, he’s wearing a shinguard on his left leg, but not on the right, and those are definitely some kind of effed-up socks. link

    Here’s a screen grab from the :43 second mark…


    “3B Yolbert Sanchez of the Charlotte Knights, affiliate of the White Sox, wore some awful-looking fake stirrups last night.”

    Those are one of the team issued Stance socks options for the White Sox unfortunately:


    The article on ballpark grass is a good one. Wish I knew it was a NYT as a heads up, but no regrets. Memory fog means I don’t remember when or why the ticker stopped including that kind of info.
    It was helpful, and it also felt kind of neat to know some background, like where a rookie NFL player went to college.

    Memory fog means I don’t remember when or why the ticker stopped including that kind of info.

    So much of what we link to these days is either paywalled or soft-paywalled — too much to keep track of (unlike the old days when it was just NYT and WaPo). So we just provide the links and let the chips fall where they may.

    They should have one of those 90’s dancing babies, it would be fitting with all the tech companies there.

    Wonder why Houston is going with that jersey cut on the Vapor Elites? No strange stripes or anything?

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